Here is some news about Jack Johnson that I thought you should all know about! As of right now, Jack Johnson plans to release a new album in February of 2008. It will be his 5th solo album released in his illustrious music career. The album will be entitled, "Sleeping Through The Static." Unlike all his past albums, he will not be recording his 2008 release in Hawaii, but instead in L.A.'s Solar Powered Plastic Plant. I am guessing the change in recording location will not effect his style of music, but it may, we won't know until singles start to be produced. I am pretty sure we will see the same Jack Johnson that we have in the past, mellow, accoustic, pop rock we are used to seeing from him. Thats all the news we have as of right now, check back here, and if any news surfaces, we will post it.

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Chuddej said... @ January 31, 2008 at 10:04 AM

I've been waiting for his new album for so long!!! ^^

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