So we got another person to interview, and this time it is someone from the music industry!  This will only be our second interview with someone, and we are sure to make it as good as possible.  The thing that is great about Charles Hamilton is that he is so nice and easy to work with.  He also got back at us so quickly and agreed to do an interview with us.  We are hopefully going to do the interview after New Years day, seeing as I assume that he will busy all day tomorrow and I know that both ICECrush and I will be busy tomorrow.  We will post up the interview when we are done having the interview with him.  I am telling you all, be on the lookout for this guy in 09', and check out his mixtapes on DatPiff.

I Hope You All Check Out The Interview When It Is Posted Up, And Leave Some Comments For It!


Well the ball drops tonight, and we will be ringing in the new year!  It's funny, 2008 went by with a complete blur and it was so fast!  I mean this past year ha d a ton going on.  The economy took a huge hit (around the world), Americans elected their first black president, Soulja Boy beefed with Ice T and Charles Hamilton and then tried to go platinum in the first week of his album being released (he ended up only selling 46,000 units).  Then we had the Kanye West album drop and it featured him "singing" rather than his usual rap.  We saw T.I. top the record charts while also facing gun charges, and we saw the marriage of Rap and R&B All-Stars Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Yea, a ton has happened in 08', but what do we have in store for us in 2009!?  Let's take a look!
  • The rise of some new young musicians
  • Albums from Bruce Springsteen, Ciara, Mos Def, Missy Elliot, The-Dream, Joe Budden, J. Holiday, Jay-Z, Keri Hilson, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Plies, Usher, The Fray, Coldplay, The Black Eyed Peas, Matisyahu, and many other musicians.
  • We can look forward to more stupid remarks by Soulja Boy and see what other stupid stuff he does
  • More interviews on the blog hopefully!
  • America will see how much "Change" Barack Obama can really bring.
  • Another Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup
  • The Lions going 0-16 a second time in a row (first team to get to 0-32)
  • The Boston Celtics lose to the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals
Anyways, check back here tomorrow for the Top 10 Albums of 2008!!!  I am sure there will be those out there fighting me on a few things.


Well it would appear that things have turned around for Pistons fans.  Recently, the Stones have been on a role, with four straight wins (matching the 4-0 start to the season).  Today they look to extend that streak playing the Nets today at 3:00 P.M.  In other sports news, the Celtics have lost three of their last four games (I think they have been on the road, but regardless) with losses to the LA Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and Portland Trail Blazers.  Now LA is a reasonable loss... BUT GOLDEN STATE, no real explanation there.  Anyway, more sports stuff coming up in the coming weeks!  Leave us an e-mail if you have a solid sports story to tell.

We'll Be Back... PEACE


Wow, I can't wait for Scrubs to come back.  The first episode airs on January 6th, 2009 (it is weird typing 2009, I am so used to 2008!).  It is for sure going to be great, and there are some sneak previews and spoilers for it below.  If you are a fan of Scrubs, I am sure you are pretty excited as well.  Now that it has moved to ABC, it will be airing on Tuesdays (if I am correct) and I don't really know the time slot yet.  Anyway, post up what you think about Scrubs and it moving to ABC and all.  Check out some sneak peaks below and let us know what you think!

My Jerks 
Airs January 6, 2009 at 9/8c on ABC 


My Last Words 
Airs January 6, 2009 at 9.30/8.30c on ABC 

Season 8 ABC Promo:

ABC Sneak Peak At Season 8 (Introducing Courtney Cox):

Another ABC Sneak Peak For Season 8:

SPOILER TV SNEAK PEAK (4 Parts, Don't Watch If You Don't Want The Spoiler):

MySpace Exclusive:
Scrubs - Janitor's Truce


This is Random Crap Post #2!!!  This guy is freaking hilarious, I don't even know why!  Maybe it is because it is like 1:15 A.M. over here, who knows, but I couldn't stop laughing.  I want someone to call that number, and let me know what happens, the dude has his own site, I checked it out after it flashed up on the video.  Check it out, I hope you all get a chuckle out of it, and hit us up with any random crap that you want us to post up.  We do special requests as well!

More To Come, Get Ready For A 28+ Post Week, So Stay Tuned!!!


LOSSES, I mean come on!  If you are playing in the "N"FL then you should be playing better.  This isn't a college sports league, or a high school sports team were talking about here... IT'S ON THE FREAKING NATIONAL LEVEL.  How can Ford go to sleep at night knowing that he threw together a crappy team and hired Millen to run his team.  If I owned the Lions, I would not be sleeping easy at this point, or at any point throughout this past season.  The team itself was not the disgrace, rather it is the ownership and the leadership on the team that truly disgraces me, the Detroit Lions fan base (or what is left of it), the NFL, the whole sport of football, and anything else.  I am just steaming right now!  How can someone let this happen!  How can a team go 4-0 in the preseason, and 0-16 in the regular season.  I have to clear one thing though.  The Lions are not to blame for this.  That's right, the players are not to blame (entirely).  Sure they may not be the best players in the world, but the mere fact that Ford put together a team (yes, Ford is at fault here due to his poor decision making) that truly could not compete with the other teams in the league.

I personally stopped being a Lions fan a long time ago, and I moved on to my favorite team for the past six years, the New York Giants (Super Bowl Contenders YET AGAIN!)  Here is what I propose the Lion fans should do.  Rally or protest Ford being in charge of the team.  I mean get the owner out of there and start anew.  Lets get someone who actually cares about the team, a Illitch or Davidson, someone like those two, who wants and wills to get a championship just as much as his players do.  Only then will "change" come.  Just because you elected Barack Obama does not mean the Lions will all of a sudden "CHANGE" and become better.  A sign of change would be a new owner of the team.  Anyway, I am done wasting my time and your time on a dead point.  It should be interesting to see what they do in the offseason, a major makeover is needed!

What Is Needed The Most (Ideas Of How To Draft):
  1. Defensive Line
  2. Offensive Line
  3. Young Players Looking To Play And Not Mess Around (i.e. NOT SOMEONE LIKE Charles Rogers/Mike Williams)
  1. A Wide Reciever (They have CJ and Furrey/McDonald plus some young guys that can play, no need to draft another wide out)
  2. A Running Back (Kevin Smith has proven he can run the ball, we are solid there)
  3. A QB (They have Stanton/Cullpepper/Orlovsky, all can be decent to throw the ball and Orlovsky/Stanton will develop into a nice duo combo once they get rid of Cullpepper)
I'm so sick of hearing about the Lions sucking it up on the field every Sunday.  Americans and Michiganders voted for change this last November, and it is about time that we saw it.  In the economy, in the foreclosure crisis, and in the DETROIT LIONS.  I hope you all leave your opinions on the matter below, would love to hear what some of the fans have to say on the subject.


I like this one, and I think you all will to.  Then again, I have been wrong in the past, so I won't go out on a limb and say everyone will enjoy this weeks Remix of the Week.  Last week was a record breaking week, with 28 posts, it was the most ever in a single week, and I intend on breaking that record by the end of the week, so this week will be filled with some Random Crap posts (adding to the newly started "Random Crap Post" section), some reviews, possibly an interview, and for sure some things to be on the lookout for in 09'.  Anyway, this weeks remix is brought to you by Lostbeatz, and you can check out his other ones featured on his YouTube page by CLICKING HERE!  The video has only gotten 2,956 views but it warrants way more attention than that!  Check it out below, and if you want to holler at the guy who made it, just leave a message on the video!  

Check Back Here For Future Remixes of the Week!


Big Sean is part three to the Incoming Class of 09' installment already started on the blog.  He is gonna do it big, and if you think we are kidding, then check out his mixtape and see it for yourself.  The guy truly has talent, and Kanye West has a great eye for spotting young up and coming rappers.  Big Sean hails from Detroit, Michigan, and while that may be the case, you cannot start comparing him to other rappers from the Detroit area because he truly is nothing like them.  He possess a fresh look at the music game, and has a lot to bring to the music industry.  He seems to be a motivated young rapper who plans on being successful in this harsh music industry.  Do I think he has what it takes?  Yes, just look at the review I did on his mixtape (CLICK HERE TO READ IT!!!).

Big Sean is a fresh face to the game, and he has a lot to offer fans.  If you are a huge fan of Kanye West, then I think you will enjoy some of Big Sean's work.  Now I am by no means saying that Big Sean is anything like Ye', but in a way, they have similar rhyming schemes and creative ways with music.  The song, "Get Em'" featured on his Finally Famous Mixtape, you really can get a sense of a College Dropout feel to the song.  He rhyming scheme and beat presence sort of features that Kanye feel to it, and I think that while they are two completely different musicians, each share small similarities.  Big Sean is going to take the music industry but utter surprise, G.O.O.D. Music has two studs that will be taking over the music industry in the coming years.  Both Big Sean and KiD CuDi (who we have yet to cover) will end up being two of the more successful musicians of 09'.  I hope I can see Big Sean live before he puts out a record, but I doubt I will be able to!  He possess something really special, so if you haven't heard of his music yet, I would advise you download his free mixtape and give it a listen, I promise you that you won't regret it.

So I stumbled upon a track on YouTube that will supposedly be featured on his Finally Famous album, and the video is below.  It is tight!  He freestyled it at Def Jam offices, and it is word for word the same, and is straight fire.  I will post both of them up, he is gonna do it big in 09' so be sure to check back here for more Big Sean updates and news!!!

(MC Serch) Serchlite TV Freestyle - Big Sean:

Supa Dupa (Rumored Track For Finally Famous - The Album):

Supa Dupa Freestyle:

Big Sean & Pharrell In The Studio:


You all know that I am a huge fan of the Pistons, and it is not just because they are a solid team, but also because of their players.  They are great people, and they do great things.  Check out the Christmas video they did below, it is probably one of my favorite holiday videos of them al.. Rasheed just jumps right in there, and does his thing, it is just an overall great rendition of "Jingle Bells" and I would advise everyone to go check it out ASAP.  I know the holidays are technically over, so check it out anyway, and I hope you all had a great holiday!

More Sports Updates When Stuff Happens!


Well ICECrush is going to be ticked off, especially when he gets home from his convention and finds out his Celtics sweet old 19 Win run was shut down by the LA Lakers on Christmas day.  I guess it was a sweat present for the LA Laker fans, and an even sweater one for people who truly hate the Celtics.  I don't hate them, but I love my Pistons, so any loss they get is a huge plus for my Bad Boys.  I hope Stuckey keeps playing like an all-star, I am hoping my stones don't mess it up this year, and I am for sure hoping they end up winning the championship over the Celtics (I am allowed to have dreams, right?)

Anyway, more updates will be coming in the near future, be sure to check it up and let us know what's up!


Check out this live performance the dynamic duo did at the Gibson Amphitheater.  It will be featured on their new album, and I am sure anyone going to a show on the "I Am Music" tour will get a chance to give a listen to this song and probly some other ones as well.  Be on the lookout for more performances and new songs by the super star duo.  We will keep you all updated on it!

More T-Wayne News Coming In The Near Future!!!


No more swearing... No more inappropriate concepts or themes... WOW, well that is one step in the right direction for Mr. Boy.  I am not in favor of supporting him, but hey, if he decides to clean up his act, this is one small step for him getting into my good book.  I don't see it happening though!  I mean it is a nice idea, and something that I think most rappers should do.  Chamillionaire has already done this, so I am not too impressed.  But heck, even if Soulja Boy starts it, I would hope other musicians would do it and follow suit.  I am still very much Anti-Soulja, but this is one point in the good book for him.  Maybe he just said it so Santa wouldn't leave him a lump of cole due to his poor musical talent and inability to rap, and for his killing of hip-hop.



Check out this up and coming R&B singers track entitled, "Sidekick."  It will be featured off her upcoming album Natasha Is Here which is due out at some point in 2009.  She is definitely one of those musicians that will come in with a bang, and make her presence felt as a new musician on the scene.  I guarantee you that her album will be hot, and when it hits racks, I would advise you all to get it!  Alright, I gotta run, check out the music video below!



I know I had not even started covering Freeway's 30 tracks in 30 days, and I guess I might as well post up some of the tracks, so if you are a Freeway fan, then check out the tracks below, I hope you enjoy them!  Anyway, I will keep up with the upcoming tracks (or what is left of the upcoming tracks that is) and seeing that I didn't do Young Chris' 30 tracks in 30 days, I will see what I can do to get my hands on them and post them up.  Hope you all enjoy the tracks!

Props To Young Kingz Daily For The Links


So we added a small new feature to the blog, nothing really big.  If you read the blog often, or just enjoy what we do, then hit up the "Follower" section located to the far right in the sidebar of the blog.  We would love to get a nice group of followers on here, and I know that we really don't get a ton of viewers or as many as we wish to due to our not having any download links like other blogs.  We do opinionated stuff, and we review music, and I would hope that there is some level of appreciation for what we do.  We have been around for about a year now, and our Blog stats have been up big time from what they were in 07' when we first broke into this thing, and we are hoping that our blog will grow more and more each year!  So help us keep growing, pass the blog on to all your friends, family and music fans around the world!  Vote for us in the sidebar, and leave comments under posts!  We love to get feedback and have discussion on stuff, so it would be awesome if you guys posted comments on things!  Also, we were thinking of starting a forum, and we don't know if that would feature downloads or not, but we'll see, we really want to extend our community and make it more user friendly!  Anyway, we'll be back later, if the guy who used to run Ain't Got No Music is reading this, please e-mail me at sickwitityo@gmail.com, I really got to get in touch with ya!


Charles Hamilton is the man, nuff' said.  Well, hold up, there is a ton more to say, so I take that back.  Charles possesses this amazing ability to just spit lyrics, have a nice flow to his songs, and just have the ability to do his thing.  I am telling you that he is going to be one of the key artists to be on the lookout for in 09' and you can check out what I had to say about him by CLICKING HERE!  Anyway, I forgot to post up this music video when it first came out, and me being a Soulja Boy "hater" and a huge fan of hip-hop and rap, I got to show you all this (if you haven't seen it yet).  I mean Charles really brought it on this diss track, I mean you hear 50 and Lil' Wayne go at it, and Fiddy and Kanye go at it, and The Game and Mr. Cent go at it, and Young Jeezy and Fifty Cent go at it, and then you have Ja Rule and Fiddy Cent who went at it (wait a minute, this wasn't a post to hate on 50... right? Oh well!), and then you give the Hamilton diss track a listen, and dang, he brought it!  Anyway, check out the diss track below, and his hit single, "Brooklyn Girls,"  I'm telling ya, he is gonna go big in 09' so be on the lookout!

"Brooklyn Girls" Music Video:

"Word? Aight" - Charles Hamilton Disses Soulja Boy:


P.S. I am with The Mixtape Monster on this one...  If you buy a Soulja Boy album or any of his music, don't even bother coming to this blog anymore, I truly am getting sick and tired of Soulja Stupid.


So we are starting a random crap post.  It is pretty much us just posting whatever we want whenever we want.  Can be funny, stupid, who knows... I mean we are posting a freaking bus race below... it just of whatever the heck we feel like posting up.  If you got some random video or something that you want to show us, have us post up on your behalf, or gosh darn knows what, then send us an e-mail at sickwitityo@gmail.com.  But for now, just kick back, relax, and enjoy a good ole' fashioned bus race!


I don't know why MTV ever saw anything in 50 Cent running his own reality show, but I guess they came to their senses and decided to cut the show.  Smart call, I doubt that too many people were tuned in to watch it!  After only a month, the show was cut from MTV's list of shows... So I guess they will need another show to replace his (or more re-runs).
President Brian Gradenthe stated that the network's desire is to find shows that better "reflect Generation 'Why Not?'—living, working and playing on their own terms, 'adventure capitalists' if you will, pursuing a variety of thrill-seeking, 2.0, express-yourself enterprises."

I don't blame him.  Nothing like having a show called, The Money and the Power being aired and having teens watch it.  Just the thing that MTV really needs to be broadcasting to teens, adults, and younger children who watch the network around the world!  You know how much I dislike Fiddy, and this just adds to it!  He must think he has the ability to do anything he wants, make a movie, start beef with any artist he wants, and I guess start his own TV show!  Well he was really into this reality show, maybe he should wake up and face reality, he isn't as good at everything and as he thinks!

On the other hand, 50 has also released a comment about Lil' Wayne's diss track off of his The Drought Is Over 6 (The Reincarnation) and said that he does not plan on responding quit yet, and he is waiting for the right time to strike back.
 Lil' Wayne had stated in the track, "‘All about a dollar, fuck two quarters/Bitch I’ll pour syrup in that vitamin water/I hope you die ugly, and tonight will be gorgeous."

Some have speculated that the track was old, and was not anything important when it had first leaked onto the web, but we now know for a fact that this is not the case.  Considering the track was featured on the recent mixtape I doubt that is was just a leftover old diss track.  
50 Cent said in an interview, "Think about it, no one from his camp said it was a leak. We could assume it was leak but he’s a celebrity. If it was a leak, he would come out and say something... It doesn’t matter if it’s old or not. Now I know how you feel. I’ll leave it like it is right now and wait till I’m comfortable and then I’ll do what I do.”

Anyway, More 50 Cent Failure News Coming At You When He Does Something Stupid


I hate being the guy who gets to say, "I told ya so," but since I was right, a message to Soulja Boy: "I TOLD YA SO!!!"  Man, come on, why did you think that in a week your album would go Platinum...?  It didn't even break #43 on the charts, which is one of the crapiest positions to be in for someone who was so sure that he could go platinum in one single week.  Who do you think you are man?  Sure you made a dance that refers to the amazing super hero that is Superman, but heck, you are far from it.  Selling 46,000 CD's is no where close to going platinum, last I checked at least.  You can crank whatever you want, and walk like a bird for all I care, but you need to learn that your ego and your mouth is far bigger than your talent and your skill.  Weezy sold A Milli in a freaking day man, what made you think you could go platinum in a week.  Did you think that by making ridiculous videos and posting them on YouTube would help accomplish this goal!?  That is just a ludicrous thought man.

Listen Soulja, I am still up for an interview and discussion with you.  Then again, I doubt you have ever read my blog, nor would you care to even converse with a young teenager whose thoughts and ideas don't even matter, but I promise you that I would support you if you would clear some stuff up with me.  Heck an interview with me, or anyone else for that matter may make your image better, maybe explaining some things to the public will help with your public image.  I am no publicist, but getting into beef with Charles Hamilton and other musicians really is not your strong point.  You don't have much credibility, except for your hit song "Crank That" which is now getting old and no air time on the radio or internet.  I think that there is a side to you that is smart, but then again, at that same time, I see a baboon who does not know how to act his age.  I would hope that as you grow up, you mature and become more of an adult, but if not, that's a-ok with me, considering I will just have more stuff to comment on.

Anyway, to sum up this post, I would like to congratulate you on not achieving your goal.  It is just rather great to see you go out their and tell the world that your goal is to go platinum, and then you put out a crappy album with no hits that come close to your "Crank That" single.  I think it is great that you have such confidence in yourself, but dang, you need a reality check.  The only reason your iSouljaboytellem album did so well was because of your only solid hit.  You didn't have a breakout hit on this album and your sales reflect your skill and ability.  46,000 copies, I promise you that the Gucci trash can you own will eventually have to be put on eBay because you won't put out another album that will come anywhere close to the "Crank That" single.  So looks like this is what you should get used to for the rest of your musical career.



There are a bunch of fantastic movies being released tomorrow, so I highly suggest that if you do not have anything planned for you Christmas day, that you go out and check these movies!  Enjoy the list and let us know if you see any of the movies, I myself may go out and see one tomorrow, who knows!

Bedtime Stories

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Marley & Me

The Spirit


Last Chance Harvey

So I saw the pre-show of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and let me tell you, it was an utterly amazing movie!  If you are not busy tomorrow, I would suggest you go out and watch this movie!  If you want a family oriented film to see, then the Sandler movie is a for sure see.  If you are looking for drama, then check out Valkyrie, and if you want like comics and super heroes, then The Spirit would be great for you!  If you feel like getting a bit mushy this holiday season, then Marley & Me is a fantastic thing to go out and see.  Anyway, that's your holiday movie update, I will post up my top 10 albums of 08' as soon as I get around to it, and maybe my top 10 movies of 08'!!!


So my friends over at Black Music First 2 (or well they are now known as "The BMF Leak") are counting down the top 100 songs of 2008.  Check it out, and take a gander at what was released in 08'!  Also, they are a top notch blog, and they were for sure on top of their game all year long, so shout out to them and I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!  Both the BMF and Young Kingz each are top notch sources for music, and you should all check them out!  Happy Holidays to everyone, and be sure to check out their great work! 


So whether you have heard the Sandler trilogy of Chanukah songs, or will be hearing it for the first time, it is something that for sure gives some variety for the holiday season.  Every time I turn on the radio, I hear the same songs, the same Christmas songs, the same old same... and while that may not be a terrible thing, it is good to know that there are some Chanukah songs that can be played.  Then again, they don't really get much air time on the radio, internet, or on the TV.  What I would like to see is MTV take the time and place a video of Sandler singing it during some of the commercials, and even on some of their 'Holiday Playlists'.  So check out the song below, let us know what you think about it, it definitely provides some variety for this Chanukah/X-Mas/Kwanzaa season!


Ring in Christmas with four solid tracks from Nina Sky!  Simply click the download link below, throw the tracks into your iTunes, and there you have it, four new tracks for your already star studded Christmas playlist!  Enjoy the download below and let us know what you think of it!

Track Listing:
"Love and Family"
"Winter Wonderland" 
"Felix Navidad"
"This Christmas 2008"


Props To Young Kingz

He also gives a shout out to all the holidays that are coming around this time, and a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to all, he has a strong point of mentioning that each holiday should be addressed and not just a "happy holidays" which is a solid point.  One small note, I had to do a research project on the actual birth of Jesus, and I found a source stating that his birthday really was not on X-Mas, so you can check it out, just saying in response to Diddy's mentioning that X-Mas is the birth of Jesus.  If anyone knows why the birth of Jesus is associated with his birthday, please leave a comment, I would love to know!

Check Back For A Few More Holiday Posts Coming In The Near Future!!!


Well we told you that we would have more X-Mas specials on the blog, and this is one out of some of the few that we have posted up.  Below is a download link for Keyshia Cole's rendition of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and we wish for all of our viewers out there to have a great holiday season, whether you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or any other religion!  Check back here for more music updates coming to you in the near future!  We will be blogging on X-Mas so be sure to check back here for some reviews and updates!


Well I am excited to say that I have been asked to feature some of the Walmart Soundcheck material on the blog.  Every time they release something on their, I get an e-mail from this rather nice fellow over at m80 by the name of Eric Hansen.  Shout Out To Eric, he is the one who told me about it a long while back, and I am finally getting around to it.  Sorry that it took this long budd.  We will be posting up the Jennifer Hudson Soundcheck along with the most recent Beyonce one, so be sure to check back here for more as they role on through.  So yea, be on the lookout, and check back here in the very near future!


Check out the new Plies music video, and feel free to leave a comment.  It is off is most recent album called Da Realist which is in stores now!  Be sure to cop that and to check out the new music video below.  We will cover some more Plies when we hear about, so be sure to check back here, but for now, just check the video below!


So this can be a big week for a lot of teams... (excluding the Detroit Lions).

Baltimore needs a home win over the Jaguars to clinch the second wild card slot in the AFC, and a loss by the Ravens would allow the Jets to at the least claim a wild card slot.

New York now needs to beat Miami and hope for a Baltimore loss to get a wild card bid.  A loss earlier in the day by New England at Buffalo would give the Jets a chance to capture the AFC East with a victory over the Dolphins.

Miami needs to beat the Jets to capture the AFC East.  The Patriots can win the AFC East with a victory over the Bills, along with a Miami loss.  New England can also get a wild card spot with a win over Buffalo and a Miami win over the Jets coupled with a Baltimore loss.

Dallas can earn a wild card spot in the NFC playoffs with a victory over Philadelphia. The Eagles are still alive, but need a loss by Chicago in one of its last two games: Monday night against Green Bay or next Sunday at Houston.  Also, a loss by Tampa Bay at home against Oakland will make the game against the Cowboys playoff-relevant for them.

Tampa Bay still has playoff hopes, they need a win against Oakland, a loss by Chicago and a Dallas loss against Philadelphia.

We will see how this week turns out.  The Lions are for sure out of the bid, and the few turn around teams that have been a surprise are for sure going to be making big strides for a playoff bid this upcoming week, so be sure to check out the upcoming games this week.

P.S. Check out the thing that SF team is doing... They are pulling off the stache for their historic game against Washington.  It should be fun to watch the game, one guy who is for sure rocking the stache is the QB Shaun Hill.  So be sure to check that out!


Flo Rida is going to come back with an album in 09' entitled, R.O.O.T.S.  I am surprised by the title, then again, Mail on Sundays didn't make munch sense, and there would seem to be a more meaningful definition to the whole Roots idea.  He clearly isn't expressing his love for the clothing company, or maybe it is the roots of his hometown Florida... or maybe his family Roots, but I have a feeling that R.O.O.T.S has a meaning far more greater than any listed above.  I assume each letter represents something different, kind of like B.O.B (Bombs Over Baghdad for all you OutKast fans out there!).  Anyway, that's all the Flo Rida news we have right now.  I recently heard two tracks that have leaked onto the web, I have no idea if they are really going to be on the upcoming album, but you can hear them for yourselves by scouring the internet for them!

Just Recently Figured Out What R.O.O.T.S stands for: Routes of Overcoming the Struggle. The album could be released as soon as Spring of 2009 and that he is currently working with J Rock, Doctor Luke and DJ Montay on producing the album. DJ Montay helped him make and produced the hit single, "Low" so it's definitely great to hear him working with that DJ again. The first single, which still has no name is planning to be released in January of 2009!

Unconfirmed Tracks:
On & On
Right Round'
Touch Me

More Flo Rida News In The Near Future, So Be Sure To Check Back Here!


Well we don't know what Kanye is up to, seeing as he really hasn't given the public a huge notion on his future in the music industry.  So I posted this video up a while a back, and if Ye' is going to follow his school career album path, then Good Ass Job would for sure be the next in the series (as he hinted to before doing 808's & Heartbreak).  If that's the case, this could for sure pass as the first single off the album, considering it is titled, "Good Ass Jobs (Feat. Rhymefest & Mikkey Halsted)"  Check out the track below, and I am sure you won't be displeased, if this was recorded before 808's, then he may scratch this track and try to do something else for the album, or scratch the whole Good Ass Job idea overall.  We will see what happens, but check the track out below!


Asher Roth may be new to the game, but he won't be for very long.  He has shown the world that a "white boy" can make it in the Rap industry, and some have compared him to the likes of Eminem.  Not only due to the fact that he is Caucasian, but for his lyrical scheme and rap style.  He is going to bring something interesting to the game, something that really has not been there before, and he really does have what it takes to make it big in the Rap industry.  If you were to check out his mixtape, Don Cannon and DJ Drama Present The GreenHouse Effect Vol., you will get a real strong feel for his style and beat flow.

The mixtape really features some outstanding work by the young Asher Roth, and it really releases some of the inner talent that is hiding under his young age and freshness to the game.  He will be coming out with an album or another mixtape in 09' so that is something to definitely look forward to.  He may not enjoy being compared to Eminem, but that will be something that will forever be connected with his career.  While that may be the case, he will be able to do far more than Eminem will have been able to do.  He has way more time, and has already established himself as a guy who can spit fire on a freestyle and remake any hit song to become his own work of art.  This guy is going to be big once he full on hits the scene and is for sure someone you want to keep an eye on.

Asher Roth is going to be huge, and 09' may just be the year that he full on erupts on in the music scene.  There are videos out there on YouTube where you can see him spitting lyrics from his days in high school, and the kid just has talent.  There are always musicians out there that you know are just going to make it big in the music industry, and Asher Roth is for sure one of those guys.  He is someone who knows how to bring it, and how to really kill a track.  Someone to look forward to seeing on featured tracks, and for his own personal tracks on his upcoming LP.  Anyway, check out his stuff below, and feel free to keep an eye on him in the coming year!!!  You can download his mixtape off of his site for free, I did, and you for sure should, it is for sure worth a look!

Asher Roth's Information:


Akon Meets Asher Roth:

Rico Wade Meets Asher Roth:

Cee-Lo Meets Asher Roth:


So we have the rest of December to reveal to everyone who to look out for in the coming 09' year.  Well you can chalk up Chester French as someone to keep an eye on for 2009.  Right now we have four artists going on in the rotation (Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, Big Sean and KiD CuDi), but following all those posts, we will have another four to keep an eye on for 2009!  So go ahead and check out this sick narsty song below, and we will get back at you with more information in the near future!


Happy holidays to all of you out there. We hope you all have a great holiday and that this won't be our last Chrismakwanzika on the blog.  We aren't really doing anything special for the holidays, so if you are, and want to share, feel free to leave a comment, or feel free to leave us your favorite Chrismakwanzika moment.

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T-Pain and Tim McGraw are supposedly teaming up together for a track.  I don't see this track being on Thr33 Ringz unless the track will be featured on a re-release of some sort...  It may be featured on a Tim McGraw album, or as a single that the two of them are just going to release.  McGraw is known for doing team ups with Rap musicians, especially when the hit song "Over and Over" and is currently featured on a track for Chris Brown's forthcoming album Graffiti entitled, "Human."  Should be interesting to see how that plays out along with T-Pain's collaboration.

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Well this weeks remix of the week features a hardcore rock song with the ever-so-popular rap hit, "Lean Wit It."  The track was mixed nicely, and I found it on YouTube.  The video was posted up by someone, and I decided I would let you all give it a listen.  If you know of any mashups or remixes out there, feel free to e-mail them to us at sickwitityo@gmail.com.

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There is just so much talent out there, and I think I have covered the primary four artists to be on the lookout for in 2009.  So I decided that I might as well just do a four post special to sum it all up and just throw the names out there for everyone.  Don't say I didn't warn you all about these guys, they are the ones to really keep an eye on in 09' considering they are all planning on dropping albums this upcoming year.

We are going to knock off the first of four on our "Incoming Class of 09'" list.  We are going to start off with Charles Hamilton.  I don't know if any of you have really heard about him lately, but if you have, it was probably linked to his current beef with the ever-so-hated Soulja Boy.  While that may be the case, he is still going to be a big time rapper in the music industry, and he possess a certain sound and vibe that makes people want to go and listen to him.  If you were to go onto YouTube and search up a freestyle by him, you would have to take a step back and try and figure out how in the good lords name he is sitting there spitting lyrics out of the blue!

Charles is the type of guy that brings a fierce and strong personality to the Rap game.  He is someone who has a lot to offer both fans, and a record company, seeing as I am sure his Freshman release will be selling many units.  He will be one of the key guys to focus on in 09' especially depending on how his beef with Soulja ends up turning out.  The fact that he has already had beef with someone as, "big" as Soulja is something special.  He has taken so many shots at the young rapper who believes he has become the new face of hip-hop.  The thing that I like about Charles is that he knows when to pick his fights, and he knows who to pick his fights with.  Soulja Boy was an excellent choice to battle, and on top of that, he has a reason to do so.  Soulja Boy is the biggest joke in Hip-Hop today.  He has done nothing but cause problems in the music industry, and screw things up.

Anyway, another great thing about Charles is that he is fearless.  The guy may have a little bit of what some would say, "a large ego" but his music game can back it up.  In a way, he is a bit like Kanye (with the whole ego thing), I think that because of his strong headed ego and his ability to back up his words with music, he should become a successful musician.  Unlike Soulja Boy who has a huge ego, and no game, Charles will be one of the few young musicians whose ego will help propel his music and ideas.  I am telling you all right now that he has a little bit of Kanye in him.  A little bit of fight, a little bit of, "I need to show the world something" and because of that, he will be a force in the 09' album list.  Charles Hamilton is just one out of the four up and coming musicians to keep an eye on in 09' and there are many more out there who we may not cover.  If you like what you heard about Charles Hamilton, check out his information below!

Charles Hamilton Information:


Charles Hamilton & Asher Roth (Part 2 of Incoming Class Series) Discuss Topic:


Mixtape Rating: A

Back to back mixtape reviews!?  WHOA!  Well if you have not heard of Big Sean, you ought to get to know him now.  He will for sure be a big player in the music industry in the coming years, and with an album dropping in 09' he will for sure be on the Top 10 Freshman Artists of 2009.  He will be joining the ranks of KiD CuDi, Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, and many other new hip-hopsters.  I decided to give his most recent mixtape a listen, and I am a huge Kanye fan, as you all know!  So I figured that after enjoying KiD CuDi's mixtape so much, that I would also enjoy Big Sean's as well.  I gave it a listen, and sure enough, I enjoyed it in its entirety.  The beats the guy has are unreal, and his lyrical scheme is just fantastic.  Think about it this way, we are currently ushering in a new group of "G.O.O.D." musicians that will be taking over the ranks of Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco, and T-Pain one day.  When all those famous rappers and musicians decide to hang up the mic, we will be listening to CuDi and Sean's stuff, and probably other artists who we would never have imagined listening to!  It is crazy to say that in the coming years there will be such a shake up in the music industry!  People will be expanding their favorite artist lists to the likes of the new additions to both G.O.O.D. music and many other labels out there.  

We are seeing more and more young rappers taking over the scene in music, and 09' looks to be a break out year for younger rappers.  It should be interesting to see how their albums come out, who they collaborate with on tracks, and what they do with their stardom.  I would truly hope that all these new artists don't follow the likes of Soulja Boy and act properly (although as of right now Charles Hamilton has beef with Soulja, which I am alright with, considering I truly dislike Soulja).  Anyway, I advise you all to cop this guys mixtape below, I am telling you, CuDi and Sean are the future for G.O.O.D. music, and they both will take over the music industry by storm in the coming years.  So be on the lookout for bother Big Sean and KiD CuDi in 09' with each of their albums set to drop at some point!

Track Listing:
1. Intro (Feat. Kanye West)
2. You
3. Get’cha Some
4. A Million Dollars
5. All Night (Feat. Mr. Bentley)
6. I Get Money Freestyle
7. Rolling In The Doe (Feat. DJ Mo Beatz)
8. Streetz On Lock (Feat. Big Shan)
9. Dreams
10. All My life
11. Call Me
12. Story To Tell
13. We Known
14. Good Sh..
15. Kickin’ It With Cool C
16. Never Forget
17. People Mover (Feat. Pat Piff)
18. Money Being Made
19. Won’t Be Long (Feat. Atone)
20. Studio Love
21. Mr. T
22. Smoke & Drive (Feat. Mike Posner & Pat Piff)
23. Get’em



Mixtape Rating: A

Mick Boogie returns with another smash hit Mixtape.  Following his unreal release of Viva La Hova, He comes back with 1988 a sort of 80's rap beat style compiled on the critically acclaimed tracks of the ever-so-popular Adele.  She has hit the scene just this year, and made a pretty big splash, and she is up for four Grammy's so she is clearly amazing to begin with!  Boogie's assembled team really do their thing on this one, and the mixtape turned out to be straight fire.  The album artwork is also pretty neat, and appeasing to the eyes.  I love how they got "1988" in with her name.  

The mixtape is one of the better ones that I have heard in which someone takes a hit album and mixes it to perfection.  Viva La Hova truly was unreal, and when I heard Mick Boogie was going to do the same with the grammy nominated Adele's 19, I had to get my hands on it.  The mashed up album features some interesting beats, some stuff I was not really expecting.  The stuff that Boogie does is just unreal.  His ability to place beats and lay over music onto rock and alternative tracks is just spectacular, something you won't see from many DJ's out there.  Boogie did an unreal job assembling a team to lay over beats for each of the tracks on the mixtape, and the remarkable thing about the mixtape is that each set of beats is fitting for each of the tracks.  I am truly dumbfounded as to how they do it, but they find a way to, and the tracks end up turning out amazing!  Check out 1988 created by Mick Boogie and his mashup mixing team!

Track Listing:
1. Chasing 1988: The Intro (Feat. 6th Sense)
2. Day Dreams (nVMe Remix)
3. Tired (6th Sense Remix)
4. First Love (Remot Remix Feat. Naledge)
5. My Same (Garbs Infinite Remix)
6. Melt My Heart To Stone (Kickdrums Remix Feat. Big Pooh)
7. Cold Shoulder (Garbs Infinite Remix)
8. Right As Rain (nVMe Remix)
9. Make You Feel My Love (Remot Remix)


Album Ranking: -A

Well I don't really know what I was expecting from Common on this one.  He definitely changed up the style and tempo on this album, and it features a much more upbeat and faster paced album, something that I am not too used to, coming from Common.  Don't get me wrong, he put out a great album, and he put it at a very unique price of 99 cents, so I really think that he did a great job with it.  All I was saying was that it is different, something I truly am not used to.  His hit single, "Universal Mind Control (UMC) (Feat. Pharrell)" is unreal, the hottest track on the album by far.  The second best track on the album has to be "Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo)."  This track is classic Common, and it definitely has that Gnarls Barkley feel to it.  I think Common and Gnarls Barkley would be a great combination.  I mean just give that one track a listen, and you will hear it for yourself.  If Common were to do a combo album with Gnarls Barkley, it would for sure be straight fire.  I know I am just a blogger, and I doubt any big time musician has ever really read the blog, so I doubt the idea would ever reach the two parties, but the track was straight fire!  Anyway, onward with the rest of the album!  It featured a more of a "dance" feel to it, and songs that you would hear in the clubs.  It was a different album coming out of Common, and it only featured eleven tracks (which is kind of normal for a Common album seeing as Finding Forever & Be were each twelve).  The album is out now, and I would advise you all to go out and get it, it is worth your 99 cents, trust me!

Track Listing:
"Intro/Universal Mind Control (UMC) (Feat. Pharrell)" (9.78 out of 10)
"Punch Drunk Love (Feat. Kanye West)" (9 out of 10)
"Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo Green)" (9.6 out of 10)
"Sex 4 Sugar" (8.8 out of 10)
"Announcement (Feat. Pharrell)" (9 out of 10)
"Gladiator" (9.3 out of 10)
"Changes (Feat. Muhsinah)" (8.78 out of 10)
"Inhale" (8.89 out of 10)
"What A World (Feat. Chester French)" (9.45 out of 10)
"Everywhere" (9.45 out of 10)
"Break My Heart (Live) (Bonus Track)" (9 out of 10)


Well Christmas is slowly approaching, and I am sure that some of our readers love themselves some Christmas music, so we are posting up some of the new Christmas tunes, enjoy them and download them while they are up!  Leave a comment and post up some of your own favorite christmas songs!  We want to make a Christmas Playlist for the blog, so E-Mail us your favorite X-Mas songs, and we will provide a list!  Enjoy the tracks below, there will be more to come in the near future!

Christmas Tracks:
This Christmas - Nina Sky (Props To Young Kingz)
No Christmas - Mikkey Halsted (Props To Young Kingz)

That's All We Got Right Now, Send Us Links And We Will Add To The List!!!


Your Remix of the Week is coming to you a bit later than usual, but OH WELL!!! This TK Remix is hot, and it features an interesting mashup.  I always love hearing songs that have the rock and rap put together into one, like last weeks mashup/remix.  So check this one out, it is pretty dope, and I am sure you will all enjoy it.  



Hey everyone, just popping in to let you all know that the Britney tickets are still up on eBay, and if you want a shot at them, then place your bid in.  There are only 15 days left, and the seats are great!  Check the tickets out off to the side of the blog in the eBay toolbar section.


So we all know that T.I. is going to prison, no questions going on there.  But while that may be the case, the Rap star has plans to be productive while he is in the pen.  The ATL native is going to go through the planning process and work on his stuff, and once he comes out, things will start rolling for guy.  He will be back, and he will be bringing his game bigger and better than ever.  We saw what he could do with Paper Trails, let's see what he does with some more time on the album.  I think it will end up being straight fire.  Check back here for more T.I. news when we hear about it.  I am rooting for the guy, he didn't really do much wrong, but when you break the law, there are consequences.

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Stomach flu gone, and we are back to blogging!  So we will post up the Remix of the Week pretty soon, same goes for the weekly, Hottest Track You Never Heard.  Anyway, I am doing better, able to stay awake, and I am not feeling so sick, so check back later for more updates and posts, seeing as I will be back on my "Grizzy"



I got the stomach flu yesterday, so I have not been posting for a bit.  I am hoping that I get better by tomorrow and then I can put up the Common review and some other stuff.  But right now, I have just been so weak and tired all the time that I can't stay awake long enough to really get into it.  I don't want to put up a crappy review for the Common album, so I will be sure to post that up as soon as my body will let me stay awake for more than an hour to an hour and a half.  Check back here for the Common and all those other December 9th releases.