I hate being the guy who gets to say, "I told ya so," but since I was right, a message to Soulja Boy: "I TOLD YA SO!!!"  Man, come on, why did you think that in a week your album would go Platinum...?  It didn't even break #43 on the charts, which is one of the crapiest positions to be in for someone who was so sure that he could go platinum in one single week.  Who do you think you are man?  Sure you made a dance that refers to the amazing super hero that is Superman, but heck, you are far from it.  Selling 46,000 CD's is no where close to going platinum, last I checked at least.  You can crank whatever you want, and walk like a bird for all I care, but you need to learn that your ego and your mouth is far bigger than your talent and your skill.  Weezy sold A Milli in a freaking day man, what made you think you could go platinum in a week.  Did you think that by making ridiculous videos and posting them on YouTube would help accomplish this goal!?  That is just a ludicrous thought man.

Listen Soulja, I am still up for an interview and discussion with you.  Then again, I doubt you have ever read my blog, nor would you care to even converse with a young teenager whose thoughts and ideas don't even matter, but I promise you that I would support you if you would clear some stuff up with me.  Heck an interview with me, or anyone else for that matter may make your image better, maybe explaining some things to the public will help with your public image.  I am no publicist, but getting into beef with Charles Hamilton and other musicians really is not your strong point.  You don't have much credibility, except for your hit song "Crank That" which is now getting old and no air time on the radio or internet.  I think that there is a side to you that is smart, but then again, at that same time, I see a baboon who does not know how to act his age.  I would hope that as you grow up, you mature and become more of an adult, but if not, that's a-ok with me, considering I will just have more stuff to comment on.

Anyway, to sum up this post, I would like to congratulate you on not achieving your goal.  It is just rather great to see you go out their and tell the world that your goal is to go platinum, and then you put out a crappy album with no hits that come close to your "Crank That" single.  I think it is great that you have such confidence in yourself, but dang, you need a reality check.  The only reason your iSouljaboytellem album did so well was because of your only solid hit.  You didn't have a breakout hit on this album and your sales reflect your skill and ability.  46,000 copies, I promise you that the Gucci trash can you own will eventually have to be put on eBay because you won't put out another album that will come anywhere close to the "Crank That" single.  So looks like this is what you should get used to for the rest of your musical career.


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