Well, incase you all have not heard, Nas is now naming his upcoming ninth album something other than the N-Word.  He has said that while he does not want to change the album title, it doesn't really matter.  He knows that all his fans will know the true album title, and that the name does not really matter.  Above is what the album art could be for the upcoming album.  Regardless from what the album art makes you think, from what I have heard, the album is going to be killer.  Supposedly better then any of his past ones.  If that is the case, then I don't think fans should be too upset about the name change.  

My simple view on the name change is that it is totally ridiculous.  This is America, and if Nas wants to name his ninth studio album using the N-Word, then that is his choice.  I personally think that people need to pick and choose there battles.  Does it really matter what the title of the album is?  I mean have you seen the titles of the confirmed tracks yet!?  Those out there who complain about things such as an album title change are people who are against Rap and Hip-Hop.  Nas should be allowed to do what he wants, and if using the N-Word really was such a bad thing, then why aren't those same people that are forcing the name change of the album, also trying to change the name of the tracks, and the amount of times the N-Word is used in Rap and Hip-Hop today.  No offense to them (those who are trying to get it to change), but who are they to say what is allowed and not allowed.  This is America, and you have to respect everyones rights.  If I want to do something, I can do it, so long as I am not breaking the law.  I can name a book that I write whatever I choose to.  If that is the case, then I am pretty sure Nas can make an album, and name it whatever he wants.  All in all, I personally think the name change is dumb, and that Nas really should have held his ground on the title, but that is just me.  The album that is due out July 1st, 2008 will for sure be killer, and as Nas said, we all really do know the real name of the album anyways.


Alright, so the past couple of weeks have sure been rough on both my friend and I, but we finally have gotten to read all of our e-mails, and we will now be ready to put out some new names and faces.  Expect to start seeing some more new artists pop up on here, and be sure to give them a listen, and let us know what you think of them.  We have had Nyasha Shani, J. Dollaz, June the Dutch, and Rebbeca.  We are ready to introduce a new lineup to the blog.  A lineup filled with talent, and tons of new music.  So, if you are ready for some major promotional posts, they are going to be going up in the near future!  Be sure to check them out, and let us know what's up!  We would also like to continue getting e-mails from people.  If you want the blog to start producing you, drop us a line on our new Up and Coming Artist E-Mail Account.  We will check it daily, and will be sure to post up what you send us!


"As life goes on I'm starting to learn more and more about responsibility, I realize everything I do is affecting the people around me, So I want to take this time out and apologize for things I have done, And things that have not occurred yet..." I'm sorry for not updating the blog, I was busy doing work alone. I'm sorry for the times that I did not report, I'm sorry for the lack of reviews I did... So you can put the blame on me.  So yeah, I am sorry for not updating the blog in the past week and a half.


So what's the new "hip" thing to do on your free time...?  Ok, so maybe it is not so "hip" but there are tons of people on the web taking album artwork, and, "zooming out."  By the term "zooming out," I am saying that they are taking the initial album art that was made by someone, and then adding more on to it.  For instance, check out the Simon and Garfunkel one below.  Now that actually looks like it could have happened!  Many people have done much more than just the one shown below, so if you keep scrolling down, you can see the many more that people have made!

This one was made by knockear and if you want to check out his profile, simply Click Here!

This one was by maninthespoon, and you can check out his works by Clicking Here!

This one was by xandmi, and you can see his profile by Clicking Here!

You can check out more of these types of things by going to http://b3ta.com and if you make your own, please be sure to not only add it there, but also send it to us, and we will be sure to host it on the blog!  Some of the ones on there are really funny and good, the three above are the top three that I enjoyed the most!


So not much has happened with T.I.'s album, but here is a low down on what we know so far.  As of right now, the album (Paper Trail) has six confirmed tracks.  On May 6th, 2008, the first single for the album dropped entitled, "No Matter What." The second and up and coming single off the album is entitled, "What's Up, What's Happening."  As right now, that is the only single information we have.  From what I have heard, T.I. has set up recordings for over fifty songs, and so far, only a few of the tracks have been confirmed to be on the album.  If that is the case, then you can expect there to be tons of leaks and unconfirmed tracks off his upcoming album.  In my opinion, and from what I have heard from the first single, this album is going to be hot, and every track will posses the ability to be hit.

The first single off Paper Trail was entitled, "No Matter What."  The single was pretty awesome, and definitely sounds like your good ole' T.I.  He really did an excellent job on the track, and while some say it is a diss track towards Shawty Lo, T.I. has commented to the press that this has nothing to do with Shawty Lo, rather the track is a response to all of those people out there who had taken shots at him when he was down.  He did a great job with the track, and if this is any sign as to what the album will be sounding like, then we are all in for a very entertaining album.  While the single is only peaking at #43 on the charts as of right now, it will pick up much more when radios play it more, and the track gets passed around.  The song truly shows T.I.'s opinions on what happened to him, and it is a true and honest song.  I am not saying that his past songs are not "true," but you can really feel how serious T.I. truly is.  The music and beat for the track is pretty good, and the lyrics are the real thing.  Be sure to check out the song by either Clicking Here or buying it off of iTunes or Amazon!

Confirmed Tracks (Thus Far):
  • "What's Up, What's Happening"
  • "No Matter What"
  • "Let My Beat Pound"
  • "Collect Call"
  • "You Ain't Missing Nothing"
  • "Top of the World (Feat. B.O.B. & Kanye West)"
When we hear more about the album, we will be sure to let you all know about it, so far this is all that we, or anybody else knows, so be sure to check out that single, and let us know what you think of it!


Well as I had told you earlier, Death Cab for Cutie released their newest album entitled, Narrow Stairs on May 13th, 2008.  The album was an ultimate success, and in my humble opinion, the best one made by the band.  While their release before Narrow Stairs was amazing, the new album is just as good if not better.  The album does have some similar comparisons to the release before (Plans).  

The first, and lone single off the most recent album by Death Cab for Cutie was alright.  Not the best song on the album, I can tell you guys that much.  The song is featured at number two on the track listing, but while that may be the case, the single itself is very long.  The radio edit is much shorter, and pleasing to the senses, but if you are listening to the album edition of this song, then you can get lost.  I personally did not like the extended album version due to the length, and how long it took to get to the actual song.  While the instruments playing until the singing begins is pretty good, you tend to lose focus on what you are listening to, and sort of get lost in the song (and I don't mean lost in a good way).  All in all, the single was pretty good, and it really does reflect the way the album sounds in a whole.  In fact, now that I think of it, I ended up buying the album in hopes of it sounding similar to the first and only single thus far to be released.  If you have not hear of DCFC, or have not given their new stuff a listen, go out and listen to the single, and if you like it, then pick up the album ASAP!

Track Listing:
"Bixby Canyon Bridge"
"I Will Possess Your Heart"
"No Sunlight"
"Talking Bird"
"You Can Do Better Than Me"
"Grapevine Fires"
"Your New Twin Sized Bed"
"Long Division"
"Pity and Fear"
"The Ice Is Getting Thinner"


I know we got some J. Dollaz fans out there, so here is the long anticipated second release from our sponsored MC.  As of right now, he is working on a Vol. 3, and hopefully we will be getting more updates on that in the near future!  Below is the download link for the album, so be sure to check it out, and let us know what you think!

Track Listing:
1.) Dey Know (Remix)
2.) I Won't Tell (Remix)
3.) The Boss (Remix) Ft. S Tha Mogul
4.) Girl U Know (Remix)
5.) I Know (Remix)
6.) Flashing Lights (Remix)
7.) Love Me No More (Remix)
8.) Ching-A-Ling (Remix)
9.) Sexy Can I (Remix)
10.) Last Time (Remix)
11.) Got Me Going (Remix)
12.) She's Got It (Remix)
13.) There's Nothin' (Remix)
14.) Go On Girl (Remix)
15.) Almost (Remix) - Done
16.) Touch My Body (Remix)
17.) Love In This Club (Remix)
18.) Boyfriend, Girlfriend (Remix)
19.) Never Stop Luvin U Ft. S Tha Mogul & DS (Bonus Track)

While you are all checking out the mixtape, we would like to put it out there that if you are an up and coming artist, we would love to host you on the blog.  Just hit us up on our e-mail, and let us know what's up!  We have gotten some more from a few artists, and due to our being so busy, we have been working on getting to them!  Expect some more reviews this coming week, and in the future!  If you are an up and coming artist, hit us up on the e-mail by Clicking Here!


Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of posts by me these days but school is tough. Anyway, this is a really special remix of the week. Adagio for Strings or Agnus Dei (Vocal) by Samuel Barber is probably one of the saddest, but most beautiful songs ever written, so Tiesto thought he'd put his twist on it. The song has been featured in many movies including EPlatoon, The Elephant Man, S1m0ne, Lorenzo's Oil, El Norte (1984), The Scarlet Letter, and Amélie. If you love the original, unremixed, you may not like the remix due to the tempo change and beat remixing; don't worry though, it is really cool nonetheless. All in all, Tiesto is quite a machine. Enjoy!!! And check out the original on strings and voice, it is sure to amaze.

Video (Live Version):


Well, we have been updating, adding, and advancing our Music 101 section on the blog.  As of right now, we have added a ton more graphics to the PhotoBucket, all about album art, wallpapers, and a ton of other stuff.

On top of that, we have been colab'ing with Ain't Got No Music's forum, so be sure to check that out, he has been doing a great job, and as said before, he is currently helping us with the progression of the blog.  Just like we had once told you, we are still trying to set up interviews and we plan on getting some done soon!  We really look forward to the people who we have contacted to respond, and we will keep you all updated as soon as possible!

There really is not much else to mention, we want your inputs, and we have not really gotten many comments on the blog.  We wish that people would start talking more instead of reading the blog, and just moving on to the next site.  Please leave a comment on a post, tell us what you think, and let us know what we can do to advance the blog.  We did not make the blog to just talk to no one, we wanted to hear different views out there.  If you got an opinion on a subject we are writing on, please feel free to drop us a comment.

Thats all for now!  Keep checking back here for more info and hopefully more reviews!


Whether you knew this or not, but the Blog plans on having some new stuff featured on it, and we got some reminders for all of you readers out there.  I personally love to mash songs up, remix songs, and what not, so I decided I would release my own Mixtape with the remixes/mashups that I make, and the download link for the mixtape would be hosted on the blog.  The title of the mixtape will be, Goin Through The Mixes (Vol. 1).  The remixes on there will be of various artists, and of different beats and tunes, so be sure to check that out and let me know what you think of it!

On top of that, I plan on sort of putting out a compilation mixtape of my favorite mashups and remixes made by people.  They will all be hot tracks, and be a sure download!  I plan on calling that mixtape/compilation: Cracka Music (Vol. 1).  Who knows if I will pursue this, and make more of each mixtape, but for now, they will just have volumes due to my not knowing!  If you know of a good mashup/remix that someone made, be sure to send it to us, and if we think it is worthy of being on our mixtape, we will post it up!

Thats pretty much it for now.  Just a quick notification to ya'll, the blog will be going through some changes in the coming time.  So the lack of posts is due to myself and Ain't Got No Music working on a new layout and look for the blog.  The new situation for our blog will be sick narsty, and will more than likely be more organized then what we have right now.  I was thinking of doing something like this...  Have the front page be like where I can post Remix of the Week, blog updates, and other junk.  Then, there would be tabs in the header which will allow users to go to other sections of the blog (i.e. Album Reviews, Single/Remix Reviews, Mixtape Reviews, Interviews, Affiliates, Promoted Artists, Mixtape Downloads.)

Each section will obviously have its own thing going on, and unlike this blog layout, it will be way more organized.  I would still like to keep a search bar somewhere on the blog, so this way people can find specific things that they want, as opposed to having to search everywhere for it.  We also would like some User-Input, but we never really get that, so if not, the layout will just be changed to what we want.

Thats pretty much all we got for ya, stay tuned for more updates, ideas, and news!


Well this remix is the official remix for the second single off of Nelly's upcoming album entitled, Brass Knuckles.  The single is pretty solid, and the remix is also very solid.  The track has that extra umph that really does help the track progress.

Normally we don't do this, but you are pretty lucky!  Unlike other "Remixes of the Week" this one will feature a single review as well.   So why was Nelly's single so good?  Mainly because the beat that was dropped on this track was truly sick.  The track, whether you knew this or not, was not supposed to be featured on Brass Knuckles, rather, it was supposed to be on Fergie's album, The Dutchess.  The track was decided to be too un-Fergie like, and too, "street" for Fergie.  In a way, I agree with the producers on this one, Fergie does not fit the beat well being the lead singer.  However, she does an excellent job being a featured guest on this song.  If this, and "Wadsyaname" are examples of what is to be on Nelly's upcoming album, then I am extremely excited.  While the album has been pushed back so many times, the wait is for sure worth it considering how good these past two tracks have been!  I am excited to give Brass Knuckles a listen upon it's release, and I am sure it is going to be a great production for Nelly.

Check Out, "Party People (Feat. Fergie & O'Neill)" Below!


Well, the first single off Viva La Vida is for sure a great song.  It's got everything going for it, and really complements what Coldplay does in a very nice manner.  The single itself is soothing to the senses, and is definitely going to be up there on the single charts.  A while back, there was a one week promotional of free downloads of the single off the Coldplay homepage.  I had not known this, and missed out on a great opportunity.  However, if you missed this promo, today, May 7th, 2008, if you pick up a copy of N.W.E. UK Magazine, they are including a promo CD for the album.  So be sure to check that out.

For those of you out there who did not get the magazine, or download the track off the site, you can listen to it off of YouTube, and let us know what you think of it!  The single is just overall a hit in my opinion.  There is not a single complaint I have about the track, and if this is how the rest of the album is going to sound, then we are all in for a big treat.  Unlike Lil' Wayne, and his inability to put out a solid single, "Violet Hill" is a masterpiece.  And talking about masterpieces, from what I understand, the album is named after a painting by a French artist, if I recall correctly.  I will be sure to give you all the low down on the album later this week, and give you guys more information as to the status and progression of the album.  For now, just check out the single provided on this post, and let us know what you think of it!  I am sure you will be very satisfied with this track, I know I sure am!


Has Lil' Wayne lost it?  Well some of you right now must be thinking... "What is this guy smoking, Wayne is probably the hottest rapper out there."  Sad fact of the matter is, I am not joking one bit...

You see, every rapper is trying to get to that, "limelight" position in their careers.  Weezy has gotten there, but once you get there, there is a jump off point in which you can only go down.  Now I am not saying that Birdman Jr. is currently at that stage in his career, but I really want to know what's up with him.  The first two singles off the album have been crap.  And to be honest, if you are one of those people that found "Lollipop" a solid "Club Song," then you really need to find yourself a new place to hang on your Saturday nights.  If you are one of the people who thought that, "A Milli" was a solid, "Street Song," then you too should probably go out on the streets and give it a listen.  The first two singles to drop off of Wayne's up and coming Tha Carter III have been some of the worst display of Wayne tracks I have ever heard.  Generally, I am down with what Mr. Carter does, so long as it is a bit understandable, and has a good beat.  I will pretty much listen to any music, so long as it doesn't stink... These past two tracks off the album have utterly turned me off to Wayne's upcoming album.  I don't really know what it is!  Is it that he released the original album under the E.P. The Leak?  Or is it that he has just lost his touch?  The truth is, I really don't know.

Wayne has always been in that spotlight, loved by his fans, adored by many, and respected around the globe.  I am sure there are those out there who are the loyal Weezy fans, and thought his first two singles were hot stuff, mainly because it was new Lil' Wayne music, and you were eager to give it a listen.  To be honest with all of you who are like that, be honest with yourself, and with the song.  If you can give me, and point out any positives off his first two singles, maybe you could change my mind.  As of right now, the looks of me buying the Lil' Wayne album are looking slim to none, and Slim just left town.  The guy is really hyped up, not that I am saying he isn't a good musician, but in general, Lil' Wayne is one of the most hyped up artists in the music industry today.  So here is why I decided to write this post, and tell you all what I truly think about the first two singles off The Carter III.

So here is what truly caused this post...
  1. I am sick and tired of hearing radio stations play Lil' Wayne singles when they truly are terrible.  The only reason that these past two singles have been considered good is because the person singing them is, "Lil' Wayne."
  2. If I hear one more person tell me that Wayne's up and coming album is going to be the bomb-diggity, I am going to flip.  The guy says the same things over and over again, and he can't even be understood in any of his songs.  I generally am alright with his music, but none of these singles show any signs of the upcoming album being any good.
  3. My last and final reason is simply that there has not been one single sign of solid music coming out of Wayne in a while now.  If I was a big Wayne fan, I would be worried about this...
So there you have it, my reasons for not liking Mr. Carter's up and coming album, and why I think his singles are so bad, and also, why he should not be as hyped up as he is...


When will it end...?  Chris Brown just keeps crankin' them out.  Single, after single, after single.  Hit after hit, after hit, this young superstar really does have what it takes to be a successful R&B artist.  This single is off his up and coming re-release of the ever so popular hit album entitled, Exclusive.

So what made this a good track?  I truly don't know.  It is really upbeat, like most of the album is, and really is just different from what yo are used to from CB.  The track itself has so much more going on then in any of the other ones.  In my opinion, this single has way too much going on.  While that may be the case, I still do like the track.  Also, the beat which this single has is fast, unlike his other tracks on the album which are slower paced and moving song.  Overall, this was a pretty solid single from Chris Brown, and the music video is already floating around on the web, can be seen on MTV and BET from what I understand.  You can check out the music video by Clicking Here, or checking down below.

"Forever" Music Video:

As you are all aware, there are lots of people who have been speculating that Chris Brown and Rihanna are dating, but here is an interview with both CB and R&B/Hip-Hop star Rihanna.  So don't listen to the tabloids, and stop wasting your money on magazines that make up crap.  You can check out what the two of them have to say about the speculations, for free, on YouTube.  So there you have it, there is no CB/Rihanna relationship!