When will it end...?  Chris Brown just keeps crankin' them out.  Single, after single, after single.  Hit after hit, after hit, this young superstar really does have what it takes to be a successful R&B artist.  This single is off his up and coming re-release of the ever so popular hit album entitled, Exclusive.

So what made this a good track?  I truly don't know.  It is really upbeat, like most of the album is, and really is just different from what yo are used to from CB.  The track itself has so much more going on then in any of the other ones.  In my opinion, this single has way too much going on.  While that may be the case, I still do like the track.  Also, the beat which this single has is fast, unlike his other tracks on the album which are slower paced and moving song.  Overall, this was a pretty solid single from Chris Brown, and the music video is already floating around on the web, can be seen on MTV and BET from what I understand.  You can check out the music video by Clicking Here, or checking down below.

"Forever" Music Video:

As you are all aware, there are lots of people who have been speculating that Chris Brown and Rihanna are dating, but here is an interview with both CB and R&B/Hip-Hop star Rihanna.  So don't listen to the tabloids, and stop wasting your money on magazines that make up crap.  You can check out what the two of them have to say about the speculations, for free, on YouTube.  So there you have it, there is no CB/Rihanna relationship!

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