Well young Ash does it again!  This time with a killer music video folks!  The kid really knows how to put on a show, whether it is just by him making music in the studio, performing live, doing an interview, or making a music video.  The video below is pretty solid quality, and I would hit you all up with a link to download it because it is plain sick narsty, but that would be illegal, and that is not what we are about here at TGLR.  So yea, check out the music video below, leave a comment, and let us know what you think about the Asher Roth album, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, and the gnarly music video below.

"Be By Myself (Feat. Cee-Lo)" - Asher Roth [MUSIC VIDEO]:

Also, Check Out Asher Roth Being Interviewed On Billboard (NARSTY INTERVIEW):

More Asher Roth, Gnarls Barkley, Cee-Lo, and Music News/Interviews/Reviews Coming Your Way Real Soon!!!


It would appear as though Canada will be producing some big name musicians in the coming years.  Normally you don't get a lot of news or fame from the bordering country, but it seems that there are a lot of nice gems that have started making some big noise in the music industry.  Like Drake, Colin Munroe has recently gained a ton of publicity and has recently been featured on a very solid track off of Izza Kizza's most recent mixtape entitled, "Connect the Dots".  Munroe has gotten a lot of rep and popularity via his take on Kanye Wests' hit song, "Flashing Lights".  His music video and version of the song have gotten a ton of play time on many sites, television shows, and has been passed along by word of mouth.  It is truly impressive how some young musicians get their start, it seems almost like every young musician now a day gets into the music game in a different way.

Colin Munroe, unlike many of the young musicians in this group, has a sound that is truly unique and special.  I don't think I have ever heard music such as his, it combines a lot of "Pop" sounds and all the while has some Rock, R&B, and Hip-Hop thrown in there with it.  It is a very unique mix, and his voice is well suited for it.  I mean if I had to sum up his genre and style, it would be Pop with a mix of Hip-Hop.  He is a very versatile musician, mainly because he has the ability to sing, rap, and his lyrical flow is very solid.  A little while back, he put out a mixtape entitled, Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero.  I had never heard of this young musician before, and a friend of mine turned me on to his mixtape.  Dudes got talent, enough said... Well I guess it is not, "enough said," because I got a whole lot more to say about this guy!

Now I don't know what this dudes plans are for his future musical career, but the track listing on his mixtape is just plain crazy!  The mixtape features some big name musicians, and is something that at the time I got it, was bumpin' on my car radio on a regular basis (now I put it on every now and then, depends on what type of mood I am in!).  On the tape, Munroe features some solid musicians such as, Joell Ortiz, up and comer Mickey Factz, fellow Canadian native Drake, Izza Kizza, MIMS, and up and comer Novel (who is the man!).  Anyway, you can tell that this young guy has the makings of becoming someone great, and I promise you that if you give the guys music a listen, you'll fall in love with it!  

Colin Munroe is someone you all should be keeping an eye on as '09 rolls on.  I don't really know if he is putting out an LP this year, but from what I have gathered, he is planning on releasing another mixtape.  If you haven't heard of Colin Munroe yet, then you better get on the train and go along for the ride, because this young man has a very great musical career that will for sure be filled with hit tunes and solid tracks for many years to come.  If Colin Munroe ever reads this, then hit us up with an e-mail, we would love to do an inteview with you, and cover some more of your work... You can reach us by our E-MAIL, and we hope to hear from you soon!  If you are a Munroe fan, or have given this guys music a listen, then drop a comment and let us know what you think about it, I doubt you will find many haters out there, the guy has pure talent, and I wouldn't be surprised if he gets wrapped up in a label deal real soon!

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Well I guess it doesn't matter if the Lions have the first pick, or the last pick in the draft, because either way you look at it, they will mess it up.  Now I am not saying that drafting the top QB in this years draft was bad, but there are so many other holes that needed to be filled, other than the QB situation.  Here is my take on the whole scenario for the Lions.  They are in desperate need for an Offensive Line.  They could have either traded down their #1 pick to get two lower picks in the draft and take two solid defensive players.  This would have allowed them to get the most young talent defensively, something they really need.

Defense wins championships, but offense definitely helps a lot as well.  I really like Stafford, and I think he has a rather fantastic arm for a young kid, but when you look at the Lions offensive side of the spectrum, your left with some huge holes.  There is no Offensive Line left.  If the Lions had Tom Brady throwing the ball last season, they still would have been awful.  Your QB needs to be safe at all times, and in order to run the ball successfully in the NFL, you need a strong O-Line creating holes for your RB to run through!  I mean I guess the Lions are awful at drafting (which we have known for years), and they stink at trading as well!  Oh well, I say sell the franchise to Europe... or better yet, GET A NEW OWNER!!! It all starts with the owner of the team, and how badly he wants to win!  Mike Illitch of the Detroit Red Wings/Detroit Tigers is not satisfied with a bad team, so he makes sure that those he puts in charge are going to help his teams succeed.

Anyway, onward to my evaluation of the actual pick itself.  Matt Stafford is young, and fresh out of his Junior year in college.  This being said, there is a ton of upside to signing a young kid like this with a lot of promise.  He will be learning from one of the great NFL QB's to ever play the game in Cullpepper, and after Cullpepper is done in Detroit, it will be Stafford's offense to take over and run.  He has a heck of an arm for a person his age, so getting the ball downfield and to recievers should not be a huge problem.  The Stafford/Calvin Johnson connection should be a dominant force once they establish a strong relationship (we hope) and that will hopefully help jump start the Lion offense.

The Lions could have waited to draft a solid QB next year in the draft because there are like four or five coming out of college next year (that we know of).  They could have gone full out on defense/o-line, gotten that stuff straightened out, and have a somewhat decent record which would allow them to have a solid draft pick the following year.  Then they pick up a fantastic young QB who can be protected by a solid o-line and backed up by a strong defense.  It will be interesting to see how this pick plays out, only time will tell Lions fans... Only time will tell.  Who knows, you could be looking at the team that goes 0-32 for the first time (two straight seasons of 0-16, I wouldn't put it past them to do that!)

Pick Choice: C+/B-

Rest of the Draft Picks (First Round Only):
2. St. Louis Rams: Jason Smith (OT) 
3. KC Chiefs: Tyson Jackson (DE)
4. Seattle Seahawks: Aaron Curry (OLB)
5. NY Jets: Mark Sanchez (QB)
6. Cincinnati Bangles: Andre Smith (OT)
7. Oakland Raiders: Darius Haywood-Bey (WR)
8. Jacksonville Jaguars: Eugene Monroe (OT)
9. Green Bay Packers: B.J. Raji (DT)
10. SF 49'ers: Michael Crabtree (WR)
11. Buffalo Bills: Aaron Maybin (DE)
12. Denver Broncos: Knowshon Moreno (RB)
13. Washington Redskins: Brian Orakpo (DE)
14. New Orleans Saints: Malcolm Jenkins (CB)
15. Texas Texans: Brian Cushing (OLB)
16. San Diego Chargers: Larry English (DE)
17. TB Buccaneers: Josh Freeman (QB)
18. Denver Broncos: Robert Ayers (LB)
19. Philadelphia Eagles: Jeremy Maclin (WR)
20. Detroit Lions: Brandon Pettigrew (TE)
21. Cleveland Browns: Alex Mack (C)
22. Minnesota Vikings: Percy Harvin (WR)
23. Baltimore Ravens: Michael Oher (OT)
24. Atlanta Falcons: Peria Jerry (DT)
25. Miami Dolphins: Vontae Davis (CB)
26. Green Bay Packers: Clay Matthews (OLB)
27. Indianapolis Colts: Donald Brown (RB)
28. Buffalo Bills: Eric Wood (C)
29. NY Giants: Hakeem Nicks (WR)
30. Tennessee Titans: Kenny Britt (WR)
31. Arizona Cardinals: Chris Wells (RB)
32. Pittsburgh Steelers: Evander Hood (DT)

Matt Stafford On Being Drafted By The Lions & Being The #1 Overall Pick:

Feel Free To Comment On The Rounds That Followed The First, And Which Teams You Thought Benefited From The Draft... Will The Lions Find Success With Matt Stafford?


Click On Picture Above To View Bigger Version Of Em's Cover Spot On Vibe Magazine

Now unless you have been living under a rock for the majority of your life, then I am sure you have heard of the 8-Mile rapper that goes by the stage name of Eminem.  Now in recent news, he is dropping his sixth album entitled, Relapse.  The album comes after a hiatus from the music scene that began after his LP, Encore, released back in 2004.  The Michigan native has had a pretty impressive music career thus far, and he looks to impress those who have hated him in the past with his upcoming album, and you know how Slim Shady roles... So this album won't feature any Auto-Tune/808's on it... The album is for sure one of the more anticipated albums of 2009, and many music fans around the world have been wondering when the day that Marshall Mathers would release another LP.  I guess these fans questions have been answered, seeing as the Relapse album is set to be released on May 15th, 2009.

In recent news, Eminem has come under some crazy scrutiny for his music video for the hit single, "We Made You". Why you might ask...?  Well the song and video took some shots at a lot of the celebrities that you and I all love to poke fun at.  The video features some jabs at former VP candidate Sara Palin, along with some remarks about Jessica Simpson, Amy Winehouse, and the ever so good looking, Kim Kardashian.  While the music video may have taken some unneeded jabs and remarks about people, it definitely shows that Eminem is bringing it hard, and is for sure back in the game.  Some people took the song better then others.  Kim Kardashian took a liking to being mentioned in the Eminem song, and stated that she was honored to be brought up by the Detroiter.  Jessica Simpson on the other hand seemed to be pretty displeased with the comments made about her (oh well, why don't you and Tony Homo go do something about it!?).  Anyway, I was glad to see the music video, really showed me that Em is back for good, and it sure was great to see some positive controversy go down in the music industry!

SInce Em has been out of the game, there have been a ton of new musicians and changes to the game.  For one thing, Kanye West is doing his thing and since Em left, has put out three albums and seemed to have taken over the music industry in his absence.  But like any good sports team, the young end up replacing the old in some way or another.  It is hard to do such a thing in the music industry, and by no means has Asher Roth replaced Eminem in anyway or form.  I know Asher hates being compared to Eminem, so I won't even mention the comparison on here, mainly because I agree with him.  They are similar, but for the most part, they are extremely different types of musicians.  Eminem was recently asked what he thought about the young up and comer that has taken the music industry by storm, and Eminem replied with a great response.  He told the media outlets and the world that he really digs Asher and what he does!  That is great, I would hate to see there be conflict with the two of them, they both seem real chill and I love each of their music respectively!  Eminem said the following on the up and coming musician Asher Roth:
"Asher Roth, I haven’t had a chance to, like, really get into everything, like, really get into what he’s about, because I’ve only hear a couple songs. There was talk about people saying he sounded like me, and he was doing this and that and, you know, trying to take what I do and do it. You know, shit like that. I’ve heard things. But the stuff that I’ve heard from him honestly, which certainly isn’t enough for me to make my own opinion and say, ‘Yeah, he does sound like me’ or ‘No, he doesn’t.’ But the couple of songs I’ve head, I don’t really think he does. You know what I mean? He’s doing his own thing. I can respect it, too, because at the end of the day, I think he’s dope."
Like all of Em's past albums, the album artwork seems quintessential to the albums theme, and his expression for the album.  If you look at past LP's you will see that they are showing some sort of aspect of his life.  This album artwork features a mosaic of Eminems face made out of perscription pills.  In case you all don't know, Em fell into a relapse when he lost one of his good friends to gun violence.  He didn't leave his house and was out of the public eye for a long time, and seems to have regained control of his life!  He will be putting out the long anticipate Eminem album that so many people have been talking about for so long (actually only like two years, talks of the Eminem album started in 2007 when 50 Cent and the one time Shady Records musician Stat Quo said Em was in the studio doing some recordings)!  Anyway, without a further a do, I present to you, the FINALIZED track listing for Eminem's upcoming LP release entitled, Relapse.

So in case ya'll were wondering, I am really amped for the King Mathers album to drop on May 15th.  If you are a Detroiter, someone who digs true Rap/Hip-Hop, or someone who is looking to get into some new music that they haven't heard before, then this album will for sure be for you!  I haven't heard much off the album yet, they have been real good about keeping the leakage to a minimum, which is really great!  The album looks like it is going to be killer, and I am sure that Eminem is going to be doing it big in his first LP release since 2004.  Anyway, be sure to cop the album on May 15th, and check back over here for more Relapse information in the near future.

Relapse Track Listing:
  1. Dr. West (Skit)
  2. 3am
  3. My Mom
  4. Insane
  5. Bagpipes From Baghdad
  6. Hello
  7. Tonya (Skit)
  8. Same Song & Dance
  9. We Made You
  10. Medicine Ball
  11. Paul (Skit)
  12. Stay Wide Awake
  13. Old Time’s Sake (Feat. Dr. Dre)
  14. Must Be The Ganja
  15. Mr. Mathers
  16. Deja Vu
  17. Beautiful
  18. Crack A Bottle (Feat. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent)
  19. Steve Berman (Skit)
  20. Underground/Ken Kaniff
Asher Roth On Comparisons Between Him & Eminem:

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Now some say that the video below is disrespectful to MLK, the things he stood for, and the whole freedom movement.  To all those who make a comment like this, I must point out that music, unlike words, speeches, and writing is something that crosses all barriers, and is something that truly expresses us as people, and can influence us.  I am sorry if people disagree with me, and find the video below disrespectful, but music comes from the heart and the soul.  How can someone say that the creativity and catchiness of the song is something that is disrespectful.  The song was made not to be against MLK or what he stood for, rather to pay tribute and to use another way to express his wise words of wisdom and to convey his message a new way.  What do you all think about the song, controversy?  Feel free to add your opinion on the subject matter and let us know what you think about it!


Ya'll need to watch this, make sure you are safe, and get checked out if you fit the symptoms.  Normally I don't really fret about these outbreaks, but this stuff seems real, and dangerous, so be on the lookout for some of the causes.  I am not a big fan of panicking, but I definitely don't want to be the guy who has swine flu!!! So be careful, be safe, and LIVE LIFE!!!  Hope everyone who does have the swine flu virus is doing okay, and that hopefully there will be a cure for it in the foreseeable future!


So I have noticed that this live performance with Big Sean and Mike Posner has been making its rounds on the internet, and not to conform to society or anything like that, I am going to post it up.  The only real reason why this video is getting some post-time on the blog is because it really does explain everything I talked about when I did that post about Mike Posner.  The guy lives, breathes, and loves music!  The video is great, and it proves to me that this guy is definitely ready to explode!  Anyway, check the video below of Mr. Posner and Big Sean doin' it big LIVE at Duke University... Hip-Hop world, looks like we found our saviors!

Bonus Video... Mike Posner x Big Sean x 9th Wonder In The Studio:

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Also, Be On The Lookout For Our Interview With Mike Posner, COMING SOON!!!


I really hope you guys have seen this video before, and if not you're in for a treat. This short video titled, "David at the Dentist" recaps a child's euphoria in the car on the way home from a Novocaine shot at the dentist. Let's just say David gets a bit loopy and has no clue what's going on. A remix was recently born and adds excitement to the events occurring on screen.


It has been a long while since I introduced some new musicians to all of ya'll, so I figured that I should probably get back on that and start throwing out some more musicians names to keep an eye on this upcoming year.  We have been over the most popular so far, KiD CuDi, Asher Roth, Big Sean, Charles Hamilton... but now it is time to give you all a taste of some of the other people who will be making some noise in '09 and will for sure be putting out some stellar stuff.  We have already covered some reviews for some of the musicians above, but who cares, there is way more to a musician than just his or her music, it is all about their personality and dedication to music itself.

Today we are going to cover one of my favorite musicians who has recently started making some noise with his most recent mixtape, A Matter of Time.  The musician I am talking about (in case you have not figured it out yet...), is Mike Posner.  He is a young musician who has already accomplished so many feats in his musical career.  The truly amazing thing is that this young musician is able to juggle his studies as a college student at the University of Duke all the while making great music and doing very well in school.  In an article I found on the Duke web-site, it states that not only is he a serious musician, but he is also a serious student as well.  It seems a though everything that Mr. Posner does, he does with a sense of seriousness and devotion.  Something that truly is not seen in many musicians in the music industry today.  He is living proof that Hip-Hop may not be "dead" and maybe it was merely just in a coma from when Soulja Boy released his first album.  Looks like Asher Roth won't be the only white-jewish musician trying to make it big in the music industry, seeing as Mike Posner (who fits the same profile as Asher Roth) is making some progress in trying to get a record deal and is also working on releasing his first album with The Brain Trust.  In case you all don't know, The Brain Trust consists of two other Duke musicians, a Senior by the name of Eric Holljes, and Duke sophomore Jeff Oh.

A Matter of Time is for sure one of my Top 10 Mixtapes, and the tape itself has really been his segway into the music industry.  Now that is not to say his first mixtape, Reflections of a Teen was not good, I have only heard one track off that tape entitled, "Summertime" and I truly love it.  If anyone out there has his first mixtape, can you upload it to a site online and post it in the comments, I have been trying to get my hands on it for such a long time!  Another great part about Mike Posner is that he gives back to his roots.  He has a lot of love for both his hometown in California, and where he grew up, here in Michigan.  His music has an influence of Cali/Detroit sound to it, and I think that that's one of the reasons why I like it so much.  His music is so great because it isn't something you hear on a regular basis.  The lyrical flow and music he produces is just so unique and hard to imitate, it makes his music that much better, and that much more interesting.  He has had many associated acts as he has risen to the current stage he is at in his musical career.  Some musicians who you could pair him up with is Big Sean, Pat Piff, Pharrell/N.E.R.D., and from what I understand off this article on the Duke web-site, Asher Roth...

I can tell that Mr. Posner is going to have a very long and very successful career in the music industry not just because of his unique sound and great feel for music, but for his relationship with his fans and other musicians in the music industry.  When I saw him live, he put on a heck of a show.  Him and Big Sean (and N.E.R.D. too, but they aren't from Michigan) got the hometown fans moving, I have never really seen anything like that at a Hip-Hop concert before.  Another example of Posner being very in-touch with his fans is when he was handing out free, signed mixtapes at a shoe/clothing shop in Birmingham, Michigan.  He was at a shop called, "Revive" and I had never been there before (but it would appear that I will be making my way back there at some point seeing as it was a pretty sick shop).  I decided that as a fan, a music blogger, and as a music geek, it was my job... NO, MY DUTY to go down to this unknown shop, and pick up my free signed mixtape.  I ended up getting a whole lot more than that!  I got to the store, and ended up waiting in a line for an hour and half.  So many people showed up to meet Mike Posner and to get his autograph, it was something crazy!  I mean he is loved by Michiganders and all who listen to his music.  The true thing that will make him successful is his relationship with his fans.  I walked into that shop, after waiting so long in a line, and when it is my turn to meet him, I am greeted by a chill guy, who is by far the most friendly celebrity I have ever met!  It is something that is rarely seen by many musicians out there, it is something that up and coming musicians should really take notes on, and something that musicians who have already made it big should try to do more of.  Be more giving to your fans, and you will succeed much more!  

For only being a Junior at the University of Duke, Mike Posner has a very mature and very confident personality.  His love for music, school, and his fans is something that will lead him to succeed in his future endeavors, whether they be in music or some other profession.  He has this deep love for music which seems to be rooted in his personality, which is why he is so close with his fans and with his music making team.  There really isn't much more to tell you about Mr. Posner, I think I have covered it all... He is a great guy, a great musician, and a great student... What more can I say?  Anyway, be sure to check back here later for out exclusive interview with Mike Posner, and be sure to check back here for more Mixtape/Album News coming your way when we hear more about it.  The title of his first album will be called The New Deal, and you can expect a mixtape from him around September this year (just in time for all those college students to get back to work!).

Download A Matter of Time Here:

Stay Tuned For More Mike Posner Updates Coming To You In The Near Future!!!


Well if you are not from Michigan, then you probably are not familiar with the popular phrase "April in the D".  It really isn't a "Michigan" thing, and can be used in the context for all states that have three sports teams playing during April.  Anyway, I am going to cover some sports stuff, I just feel like there are certain things I need to get off my chest, and even though this is a MUSIC blog, I am sure we can all use a little change in topic every now and then...

Let's start off with the Stanley Cup chase that has currently been going on for the past couple of weeks.  The way things have been shaping up, this years winner is going to be a toss up (somewhat)!  I mean the underdog teams have been fighting hard, and they have been putting up a strong effort to overcome and be the top seeded teams playing in this years Cup tournament.  I would have to say that the most entertaining matchups thus far in the Stanley Cup chase would have to be the New Jersey Devils vs. The Carolina Hurricanes.  Why is this such a great series...?  I mean it has the makings of being great, it has been physical, intense, filled with tons of big hits and big scores!  The series as it stands is 2-2 which is a big surprise considering the Devils (in my opinion) are the significantly better team.  I guess every team is really on the same playing field once they hit the playoffs!  Another great series that is taking place is the New York Rangers vs. The Washington Capitals.  As that series stands, the Rangers have a 2-1 lead in games (and as the current game progresses, it would appear that they will be taking a 3-1 lead by the end of the night).  This is another surprise... Washington has built one of the more stabile and stronger teams in the league, and with Ovechkin, it is really hard to find and excuse for their lack of scoring.  Another great series that is taking place in the league is The Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks vs. The San Jose Sharks.  The Sharks are heavy favorites in this series, and in some sportscasters minds, are favorite to win the Cup this year.  

And onward to the series games that really have not been much of a surprise!  The Boston Bruins have not let down their fans, their towns, and their reputation thus far in the playoffs.  As it stands, they are winning their series against The Montreal Canadiens, 3-0.  There really is not much going on there, and it would appear that the Bruins will get the win tonight and advance in the playoffs (along with Vancouver, who beat the Blues in four straight... SAW THAT ONE COMING!).  In the other blowout matchups, you have the past Stanley Cup Champs, the Detroit Red Wings taking on The Columbus Blue Jackets.  The Wings are up in that series 3-0 as it stands tonight, with a big game in Columbus tomorrow night.  It will be a must win for the Jackets, as they are facing elimination from their first ever Stanley Cup bid.  The Wings seem to have everything on lockdown right now... The Jackets have scored two goals in the three games they have played, and have just been outplayed and out-skilled by the veteran Wings.  I have to give a hand to the Jackets though, they have been physical and given Detroit a taste of what is to come in the future rounds of the playoffs.  They are not a bad team, and I would expect them to make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs next year!  My predicted NHL Finals series is: Boston Bruins vs. The Detroit Red Wings, with the Playoff MVP Award going to Chris Osgood of the Detroit Red Wings (also meaning that I think the Wings will go back to back and win the Stanley Cup for two straight years).

Moving onto a lot of peoples favorite sport, Basketball.  Right now the playoffs are a bit crazy, with a lot of teams making some strides against the higher seeded teams.  The Chicago Bulls upset the Boston Celtics in the first game at MSG, but the Celts took back a game with a last second shot by Ray Allen.  This matchup looks to be a good one, and if I was a betting man (which I am not), I would be putting it on Derrick Rose and the young up and coming Chicago Bulls.  We'll see how the rest of that series plays out, sure should be fun to watch!  Denver has taken a 1-0 lead on New Orleans, which was a big surprise to me, then again I am a huge Chauncey Billups fan, and I know him and his team are probably going to make some damage this year in the playoffs!  I guess this could be the year of upsets in the NBA Playoffs!  I know I will be keeping an eye on that series as it develops, and if you are an avid basketball fan, you should too!  Philly took a 1-0 lead on the Magic, but as I watch the game on tonight, it would appear that the Magic know what they are doing and should regain control of this series real soon.  ATL, like many other teams out there, has stunned many basketball fans, and have taken a 1-0 lead on the High-Flying Heat.  Wade has been tearing it up as of late, and even though Iggy's shot won the game for them in Game 1, I think the Heat are just going to straight up dominate the rest of the series, for the most part.

Now for the mismatches... LAL are up on the Jazz (can't say I didn't see that coming), and the Cavs are just destroying the Pistons and they are up in that series as well.  The San Antonio/Dallas series is going to be a heck of a series, and the Portland/Houston series will be another one to keep an eye on.  Otherwise, that sums up the first round of the playoffs thus far.  My predicted NBA Playoff Finals are: LA Lakers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, with the Lakers winning and Koby Bryant snagging the Playoffs MVP Award.

And onward we go!  I am not really going to get too involved with baseball, and it really is WAY to early to tell, but the Tigers are looking solid, I will cover more of their stuff as the season progresses, it is really too early to go in depth on any of that.

In other sports news...
  • The Detroit Lions Are Working On Signing Matt Stafford, looks like the covetted QB will end up being Detroits next star/fart... I hope he works out, I liked the way he played in the NCAA, and if Detroit signs him, I would be hopeful that they would win at least ONE game next season, and not be the first team in NFL history to go 0-32 in two seasons. (Source: ESPN)
  • Stafford has been heard saying the following about if he was drafted first overall by the Lions... I like the kid, I think things would work out well with him in Detroit, and I think he would be where the change will and should start from.  After they win a game... maybe they can add an offensive line, and if we get really lucky, maybe even a DEFENSIVE LINE!?  The Lions are in need of plenty of changes, but the fact that a young player coming out of college wants to play for an 0-16 team is amazing, kid has the right attitude, and I would much rather have him throwing to Calvin Johnson then the old timer Dante Cullpepper trying to bomb throws down the field.  ""That would be an honor to, obviously, be the No. 1 pick and be able to come to Detroit and hopefully turn it around and be a part of a regime that kind of brought [this organization] back to life," he also has stated that, "It would be a dream come true; it would be awesome for me, but if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. Wherever I end up going, it's football and you've got to make the best of it." - Matt Stafford
  • Looks like the Kansas Jayhawks will be the North Carolina Tar Heels of the tournament next year.  It is apparent that the Henry brothers have decided they want to go to Kansas instead of Memphis (due to the coaching change).  One brother was signed by the Yankees out of high school and won't have to worry about going to college there (at least money wise) because the Yanks are covering all the cost.  The other is going on some sort of scholarship I am sure.  As it stands, it seems that the Jayhawks will be the #1 team at the start of next season.  The two brothers are highly coveted ball players, should be interesting to see how they play in the Jayhawk system. (Source: ESPN)


Chester French Reactiones

TheSideNote is just on fire with reviews today. Here is another semi-highly anticipated album, but unfortunately the hype (mostly that we created) was a little too much for the actual album. Don't get me wrong, Chester French is going places, just not right now. Don't worry about it guys, good try!


1) Introduction: Powerful strings, foriegn language, cresendos and orchestration. This is going to be a wild ride.

2) C'mon (On My Own): Well thought out rock pop, catchy and driving hook. Exactly what I was expecting from the newcomers.

3) Bebe Buell: This is the first time I had to google a hook in a pop song. "This ain't groupie love, cause you mean so much to me/ You're my Bebe Buell, you're my Puerto Rican Pamala Lee." It may not seem be flattering give your girl the pet name of a Playmate heartbreaker, but when you're Chester French, maybe its not so bad. The rock star serenede drives with guitars, electronic beats, and lyrics worth reading.

4) String Interlude: It's exactly what you think it is. Can they play the violin and chello? Hmmmmmm, rockers with classical tendences. Rock me, Amadeus, indeed.

5) The Jimmy Choos: The combo of synth, oooOoOoOoos, and design shoe name dropping actually works. So far, no real stand out track. All are solid tracks, but who knows if they'll still be good the 10th spin around? B, so far.

6) Time to Unwind: More synth, more beats, more quirky pop.

7) Fingers: "You're so fresh, you're fresh to death / but you've turned your tricks, made such a mess" See, its ironic because there's a grand piano track under it! Oh, and there's the strings from Track 4, I thought they'd pop up again.

8) Country Interlude: There are only a few times where I've looked foward to a track less. And its 5+ minutes. And now I'm thouroughly confused. This is no country track. Kind of a creepy techno/acoustic mash-up. To top it all off is the xylophone. Just a disorienting track.

9) Beneath The Veil: Now THIS is the pop/rock country I was expecting before. Tap dance solo as an added bonus.

By this point in the listening, I was decently bored. I had high expectations coming into the album, and none of these songs were going to stick in my head for more than a few hours. I really stopped listening to the album, except for the supposed single She Loves Everybody. The track has a rather large replay value on MTV, so I figured I'd check it out. Really, the chorus stands out because its straight-up hooktastic. The rest is like the love for a promiscuous woman that they sing about: you know you shouldn't like it, but it just keeps growing on you. Until you get crabs. And then you have a problem. The music video is worth a look though. Nothing says artsy like black and white and ass-kicking.

For a duo who rocked As I Em w/ Asher Roth, they did not deliever. 2, 3, 5, and She Loves Everybody are worth a replay or two, but not much. I'm tagging Love the Future with a heartbreaking C+. They're 1/2 to a solid CD. They just gotta finish strong.

"You think we should finish our CD?" "Nah, let's lounge in this preppy room some more."

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We're confused too! Maybe we can put your confusion into perspective!

Our topic at hand today deals with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The government calls it as an act including federal tax relief, expansion of unemployment benefits and other social welfare provisions, and domestic spending in education, health care, and infrastructure. I call it the Help the Majority, Steal from the Minority, Pile on Debt Act of the Obama administration. While I am not completely against a stimulus package, and am mildly happy with the bailout of major financial institutions, I think that the size of this package and unfair redistribution of wealth away from the upper 5% of the country, which many of us are housed in, is out of control. While I do believe in Keynes’s Paradox of Thrift, and somewhat in his belief in government spending to raise aggregate demand, I can’t seem to agree with a tax the wealthy and deficit spend means of operation on such a large scale.

In addition to Obama’s deficit spending agenda, the Federal Reserve is printing money. With a federal funds rate near 0, it seems as if they will keep printing until they realize inflation. While their efforts to counteract deflation may be working in the short term, Socialistworld.net harps, “printing money today raises the specter of inflation tomorrow.” Hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into unemployment checks, rebates for individuals unable to pay their mortgage (let me note that this is the ONLY time that the government would ever hand you money to pay your bills), frivolous enterprises, bank bailouts, where half of the time the banks don’t even know where all the money is going, etc. I praise Obama on stepping in and trying to fix the mess that was left to him, but why so much money? $787 Billion is just too much.

The Guardian references billionaire investor George Soros stating, “…bailing out banks could turn them into "zombies" that suck the lifeblood of the American economy, which he predicted is in for a ‘lasting slowdown’”. While we have seen a great rally of the markets in the past 6 weeks, we must be careful in gauging the success of our economy. Citigroup posted stellar earnings, and Bank of America posted $.44 a share, 10x the predictions of most analysts, but both companies’ stocks were still down in the dumps on Monday afternoon. Cramer says there is a bull market in every bear market, while Fast Money has a segment called “Bull Market or BS?” We can’t be fooled by fake bull markets in bear markets, while at the same time we can’t panic after one bad day in a six week good day span.

Lastly, I am a bit annoyed (and by a bit I mean healthily enraged) with the Democratic House and Senate for passing $3.5 Trillion budgets with no Republican support. Yes, 0 Republican votes. I don’t care what bill is being passed, whether it is Democratic or Republican; a polarizing house or senate without some bipartisanship is a violation of the underlying democratic system. Senator Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada and majority leader, remarked, “This responsible budget will start cleaning up the mistakes of the past and make critical investments in our future.” Oh yeah, I thought Bush’s mistake was draining our surplus. I think firing you would be our first critical investment in our future. The brilliant Nancy Pelosi wants to find consensus with the Grand Old Party, but not at the expense of the infusion of federal money that the majority calls crucial in a time of economic distress. “[The American people] want real change, and we have come here to make a difference.” They only want change because Obama’s beautiful smile, charisma, and eloquence told them they want it. House Republicans offered budget alternatives featuring a domestic spending freeze and broad tax cuts, and were quite unhappy with the runaway spending of the Democrats that would bloat the government, and worsen the economy and debt on future generations. “Let’s not do this to our kids. Let’s not borrow from the next generation of Americans,” Rep Mike Pence of Indiana preached. We owe it to them and ourselves to stop this nonsense.

As you can tell, I am no fan of Obamanomics. I am a fan of modified Reaganomics. Quite simply: Reduce frivolous government spending, cut tax rates, and control the money supply to reduce inflation. In these rough times however, it seems inevitable that we must increase government regulation on the economy a tiny bit. Obama, I implore you! Please only spend on what’s necessary, bailout who we need to, and fix what needs to be fixed. Give money back to every single American; please don’t leech from those who you claim are able to afford it. Where do you get off making those judgment calls? If we cut taxes for everyone, increased consumption will come. Investors will be more confident, and the markets will rally. Everyone will be happy. According to John B. Taylor’s article in the Wall Street Journal from November 25, 2008, “The permanent-income theory of Milton Friedman, or the life-cycle theory of Franco Modigliani, shows that temporary increases in income will not lead to significant increases in consumption. However, if increases are longer-term, as in the case of permanent tax cut, then consumption is increased, and by a significant amount. Permanent Tax Cuts Are The Best Stimulus.”


This may be one of the more anticipated albums to be released during the '09 year. Now I won't say that the album was a disappointment, but it had some very solid parts, and some iffy songs. Asleep in the Bread Aisle is Asher Roth first album, and ironically (or not so much), it was released on a holiday celebrated by many around the world (April 20th). Now why might I say that this highly album was not so great? Well maybe it is because of the hype and expectation level that surrounded the album leading up to its release date!? Well I don't know, I guess I am going to move on with the rest of the review...

Let's start with the good parts to the album. It featured some pretty sick tracks, had some fantastic features on the track listing, and it also shows that Asher can bring it on an LP. The album shows the kid has some versatility and has the ability to blow up sometimes.

Coming into the album I was a bit nervous about Asher's vulgarity, and was hoping that he wouldn't go overboard. Yes, some of his tracks are a bit vulgar, but I feel like he did everything in his power to control himself on this album. I loved it!



Finally, a CD release! And wouldn't it be from the other other white meat, Asher Roth. I was waiting for Bread Aisle since IceCrush and SoSick first got word of an actual release. And, 12 tracks later, I'm surprised and elated at the lyrics and flow of Mr. Roth.

Cue the track by track breakdown:

1) Lark On My Go-Kart: I heard this one on the mixtape. Really not that impressed, but props for the MarioKart references. Do you really need to talk about getting play the entire time to have a good CD? The first lines are "Sitting on a truffet / Puffing on the best cut bud tryna get but from ms. muffet" Nothing says hardcore rapper like smoking a blunt while macking on a character from a nursery rhyme.

2) Blunt Cruisin’: And here's the obligatory song about weed. Nothing special.

3)I Love College: The whole album really picks up from here, which is great considering it's Track 3. Amazing for its simplicity and honesty, as well as rhyming Hakeem Olajuwon with beer pong. This def deserves to be in the Top 10 of iTunes. Suck it, Madonna.

4) La Di Da: Solid track, and kind of reminds me of a combo of Flashing Lights and Superstar. I really like the underlying beats, and he just has great flow.

5) Be By Myself (Ft. Cee-Lo): You can feel the Gnarles Barkely influence seeping out of the track, which is an amazing thing. He got a spectacular vernacular, what can I say?

6) She Don’t Want A Man (Ft. Keri Hilson): Amazing use of Miss Hilson. A notorious dance track, it's been on repeat for a long while.

7) South Patch Kids: IceCrush's favorite track. Mmmmm, sour patch.

8) As I Em (Ft. Chester French): My absolute favorite track on the entire album. Amazing use of Chester French, necessary message, representing for his own respect. And he did it without pitting down Eminem. All day long, all day long...

9) Bad Day (Ft. Jazze Pha): Another story song, and pretty hilarious.

10) Lions Roar (Ft. New Kingdom, Busta Rhymes): Would be just another "don't hate the player, hate the game" track, but I could listen to Busta Rhymes do anything. I just want him to follow me around and narrate my life. Dream come true.

11) His Dream: Really deep track. Nothing says love liking making a song for your Pops. Mr. Roth must be some kind of dad.

12) Fallin: One of my favorite tracks, and one of the many about his past as a random white kid emerging into hip-hop. His rhymes tell a story and are ridiculously poetic at the same time. Also, I'm lovin the chorus. Just listen to it. The faded voices and keyboard make sense for a flashback.

13) Perfectionist (ft. Beanie Siegel) BONUS TRACK One of the more musical songs on the album, but I think that's because of Beanie. I'm digging Beanie part, if nothing else but the contrast between his style, flow and voice and Asher's. ICECrush approved too!

Asher Roth knows how to use his featured artists really well. Hopefully, everything he got from this one will carry over into his next recordings. I'd give it a solid A- (much better than EW's B). Worth many more spins and replays, and an awesome freshman attempt. Tha Good Life loves our Asher, so we're looking for any other tracks he has hidden around.

-SoSickWitItYo, ICECrush, and TheSideNote (Give him a round of applause!)

As it turns out, all Jewish boys look like this in the morning. Really.
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Now fresh on the WWW is the album artwork for Eminem's upcoming album Relapse. Relapse will be Eminem's sixth studio album, and us over at TGLR are really looking forward to this release after five long years of waiting.

At this time we are not sure of any tracks that will be on the album except for the first single, "We Made You". Watch out for the drop on May 15th!!!

Allegedly Em will be releasing a second album in 2009 titled Relapse 2. Get excited!

Support The Artist!
Buy Eminem's Album Relapse on May 15th, 2009!!!

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Today I'm hitting you with 2 Fresh Remixes of the new classic, "Heartless" by our boy Yeezy. The first remix (cover) comes from out bro Mike Posner from Detwa (watch for our interview with him in the near future), and the second remix comes from one of our favorite bands, The Fray. Listen up, listen good, listen the way you know you should.

These trax are BOTH straight fire, I hope you enjoy the mixes (or really covers).
And as always...ENJOY :)


Heartless: Mike Posner Ft. Eric Holljes [zShare] [RapidShare.de] [RapidShare] [SendSpace]

Heartless: The Fray [Mediafire]

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Every now and then, I find some interesting music news that I figure deserves making it on the blog.  Most of the time, I don't like doing single posts for small news things (unless they have to deal with an album of some sort!)  So I decided that I would take a few bits of music news, and educate you all on some of what is going on around the world, and in the music industry!  Let us know what you think, and feel free to post some news links in the comments (although I have serious doubts anyone reading this post will... haha).

The News:
  • I am sure you all recall the Michael Phelps scandal that occurred a while back, and I am sure that many of you have your own feelings about the pictures that were leaked onto the internet.  I also am sure that the majority of you have heard the displeasure and disappointment many from Hollywood have shown based on the facts and current situation.  It is not very often, however, that you hear someone from the music industry coming out of the woodwork and supporting an Olympic Swimmer.  Jay-Z has made some comments, which I agree with, and he is in support and is defending Michael Phelps.  I mean it is not like Mr. Phelps hasn't apologized and realized what he has done was wrong... he came out after the pictures leaked and stated it for all the public to see: "I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way”
“You look at all these people who graduated from Princeton and Harvard, who are supposed to be pillars of the community, every day [they’re] in the newspaper arrested for some kind of financial fraud,” Jay-Z explained. “Then you look at someone like Michael Phelps. He’s 23. What’s he gonna do? He’s a kid. He’s going to experiment.” - Jay-Z on the Michael Phelps Scandal
  • In other news, Drake, who has began to pick up some major publicity now that his second mixtape, So Far Gone, has been out for a while, has announced that he will be doing a tour which will feature many stops at univeristies and cities around the country, so be on the lookout for him in your hometown!
Tour Dates/Places:
4/17 Purchase, New York @ Purchase College
4/18 Elmhurst, New York @ Daemen College
4/21 Ann Arbor, Michigan @ University of Michigan
4/22 Gainesville, Florida @ University of Florida (Oconnell Center)
4/23 Durham, North Carolina @ North Carolina Central University
4/24 Columbus, Ohio @ Club Ice
4/25 Bowling Green, Ohio @ Bowling Green State University
4/28 Dekalb, Illinois @ University of Northern Illinois
4/29 Kingston, Rhode Island @ Edwards Auditorium
4/30 Newark, Delaware @ Bob Carpenter Center
5/1 Statesboro, Georgia @ Georgia Southern University (Performing Arts Center)
5/2 Atlanta, Georgia @ The Loft
5/8 Houston, Texas @ Warehouse Live
5/9 New Orleans, Louisiana @ McAllister Center
5/13 Toronto, Ontario @ Sound Academy
5/15 Chicago, Illinois @ Excalibur Night Club
5/16 Washington DC, Washington DC @ Love Night Club
5/22 San Bernadino, California @ Santos Manuel Student Union
5/23 Los Angeles, California @ Luckman Fine Arts Complex
  • Also, here is some Asher Roth news for you all, and I am sure he is having a crazy holiday today!  Along with Drake, he has released some tour dates which are listed below and if you are a fan of the up and coming musician, then you for sure should cop tickets for his show and check him out.  I got his album today, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, and it was straight fire! (Be on the lookout for a review on that in the next couple of days!)  Recently, Asher was questioned about his new found success in the music industry.  You can check out the interview on HipHopDX, it is pretty interesting to see how he responds to some of the questions and what he thinks about being a musician in the music industry.
    Tour Dates:
    4/18 Syracuse, New York @ Westcott Theatre
    4/20 West Chester, Pennsylvania @ The Note
    4/21 New York, New York @ Blender Theatre Gramercy
    4/22 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ Word Café Live
    4/23 Camden, New Jersey @ Rutgers University
    4/24 College Park, Maryland @ University of Maryland (Santa Fe Café)
    4/28 Los Angeles, California @ Jimmy Kimmel Live
    5/2 East Rutherford, New Jersey @ Bamboozled Music Festival

  • Looks like G.O.O.D. Music and Universal Motown are in for some big things coming out of their newly signed musician KiD CuDi!  The Ohio-born musician recently signed with Universal Motown and has already begun talks of starting his own label called, "Dream On" and it will be labeled under G.O.O.D. Music (the label is also being co-started by Plain Pat and Emile, who I personally love and think will make some great music with CuDi for the rest of his musical career).  CuDi never ceases to impress me, especially with all the mixtape/album talk, his retirement and quick return to the music industry, and now signing with Universal Motown and potentially starting his own label.  The guy has a lot going on, and he definitely is going to be the next big thing (along with Asher Roth and Big Sean and a ton of other new musicians).  Also, he is becoming more of a business man, sort of following the footsteps of G.O.O.D. Music founder and co-label mate Kanye West.  Should be interesting to hear more news about KiD CuDi in the coming weeks, and be on the lookout for more updates on the upcoming album, and LP with Chip Tha Ripper!
    “He crosses musical boundaries with an appeal that goes beyond genre, format, race, language, and culture. Cudi lives easily in the Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Pop, and R&B worlds – a diversity that shows in his innovative music and his all-embracing persona. He is a born storyteller who brings a positive, life-affirming message to his brilliant lyrical flow and compelling music. There are no clichés in what Cudi does. He is a breath of fresh air – a dynamic and important new voice, not only in the next phase of Hip Hop, but as a groundbreaking trendsetter who represents the future. I am thrilled to welcome Kid Cudi into the Universal Motown family.” - Sylvia Rhone, President of Universal Motown
  • Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum will now feature the famed Rap musician Snoop Dogg.  He was unveiled today (on 4/20, coincidence?).  The long time pot advocate/actor & musician will be featuring clothing from his clothing line.  Looks like Snoop is all waxed up, I wonder who else they will be adding to the museum from the music industry!?
And That Is Pretty Much The Low Down From The Music Industry, Check Back Here Later For More News, Reviews, Interviews, And Updates!


So I was privledged enough to see Big Sean live when he was in town with Mike Posner, and let me tell ya, he definitely rocked the house at the Wayne State campus.  I mean he was just unreal, but let's not talk about him live, rather let's review his most recent mixtape release entitled, U Know Big Sean – Finally Famous Vol. 2.  If you liked the first mixtape, then you will for sure love his second one.  It features some tracks that will be on the album, Finally Famous, and some tracks with some big time features.  I mean Big Sean and KiD CuDi are two musicians who are each going to blow up in the '09 year, and if their mixtapes [respectively] show any indication as to what their albums will turn out like, then music fans around the world will be getting a very big treat when they go out and buy their albums.

Anyway, onward with the review!  His second mixtape features a lot more of the same style of music you heard on the first one.  Again, I will make the same comparison as I did in past posts... His style, lyrical flow, and background music choices all entail very large similarities to Kanye West (before he went all 808's on everyone).  I mean, I have given the second mixtape a listen twice, in entirety, and I can't say that there is a track on the mixtape that I don't like.  I guess he just has this way of capturing his listener, and not letting them lose interest in the song.  He always seems to have a catchy beat on the track, and with that catchy beat, has a solid and catchy lyrical flow that just meshes so well!  I mean Big Sean is going to be making a huge splash when his album drops, and I am sure that the majority of music fans will all agree with me that he has a very promising future in the music industry!  Anyway, ya'll gotta cop Big Sean's new musical release entitled, U Know Big Sean – Finally Famous Vol. 2, which has taken the internet music scene by STORM!!!

U Know Big Sean – Finally Famous Vol. 2 Track Listing:
1. Intro (Skit)
2. Intro
3. Take Me Away (Snippet)
4. Getcha Some (Album Version)
5. Tomorrow
6. Finally Famous (Skit)
7. Desire, Want & Need
8. Who Knows (Feat. Mike Posner)
9. Rollin
10. Pharrell
11. Billionaire
13. Outti (Feat. Pat Piff)
15. Million Dollars (Album Version)
16. Say You Will
17. Mr. Incredible (Feat. Earlly MacMillion)
18. Blog (Skit)
19. Love Story (Feat. Keely)
20. Supa Dupa
21. Starstruck (Feat. Santigold)
22. Paper Chaser (Feat. Jay K)
23. Cum Over
24. DJ Shout Outs (Skit)
25. Iraq (Feat. Dusty McFly)
26. Hollywood (Feat. Earlly MacMillion)
27. MC Serch
28. Minds Playing Tricks On Me
29. Outro (Skit)
30. Last for Life

Download U Know Big Sean - Finally Famous Vol. 2 Here:


Jews: 1, NFL: 0.

Football, Football, Football. While SoSickWitItYo and I are desperately waiting for the season to begin (yeah we know it's still a while away) so that we can go gung-ho in Fantasy Football again this year (Hopefully we'll have a TGLR League...and by hopefully I mean we will!).

My homepage is currently set to msn.com, and every day when I get on I like to browse the headlines. As soon as I saw a headline with Jews and Football, I was hooked and had to check out the article that was simply one click away.

The article had to do with a terrible tragedy regarding the fact that the first two home games for the Jets were scheduled on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur!
The New York Jets' first two home games are against two of the AFC's elite teams -- the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans. A large segment of the team's fans might not be able to attend the heavyweight matchups, however.

The Jets' home opener against the Patriots is scheduled during Rosh Hashanah. The next week, the Jets host the Titans hours before Yom Kippur starts. The conflict with the two holiest holidays on the Jewish calendar may keep the team's Jewish fans who observe the holidays from attending.

"The Jets are hearing from their fans," Katz, the NFL's senior VP of broadcasting, told the newspaper. "There was miscommunication between the Jets and the NFL office, for which I take full responsibility. All we can continue to do is look and see if there is a solution to this."

Fortunately we have been updated with the following information:

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — The NFL has moved up the start time of the New York Jets' game against the Tennessee Titans on September 27 after the team complained to the league about having to play home games on consecutive Jewish holidays.

The league made the change Friday, rescheduling the 4:15 start to 1 p.m. a day after Jets owner Woody Johnson sent a letter to commissioner Roger Goodell suggesting the switch to allow fans to arrive home before sundown on Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement.

The Jets' home opener against New England is 1 p.m. on Sept. 20, which falls during Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

"By changing the time of the Tennessee game from 4:15 p.m. to 1 p.m., the NFL has provided the best compromise to resolve our scheduling conflict," Johnson said in a statement issued by the team. The Jets owner also thanked Goodell and Howard Katz, the league's senior vice president of broadcasting and media operations, for their prompt response.

It seems as if the Jews have won this battle, and New York is keeping it real to it's roots.
Thanks Roger Goodell, you're the man!

Via: ESPN and AP
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