Now some say that the video below is disrespectful to MLK, the things he stood for, and the whole freedom movement.  To all those who make a comment like this, I must point out that music, unlike words, speeches, and writing is something that crosses all barriers, and is something that truly expresses us as people, and can influence us.  I am sorry if people disagree with me, and find the video below disrespectful, but music comes from the heart and the soul.  How can someone say that the creativity and catchiness of the song is something that is disrespectful.  The song was made not to be against MLK or what he stood for, rather to pay tribute and to use another way to express his wise words of wisdom and to convey his message a new way.  What do you all think about the song, controversy?  Feel free to add your opinion on the subject matter and let us know what you think about it!

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