Insight of all the bad problems and occurrences towards Howie Day, there is some positive news to be shared.  Mr. Day is coming out with a new third album which is scheduled to drop sometime in 2008.  I am personally excited for it, but it is kind of a shame that he got messed up with all the wrong things.  Hopefully this third release will set him straight in his ways, and hopefully set his career back on path.  

Sorry about giving all the new releases to you at one time, but as of right now, this all that has really come out for us.  We are awaiting the releases of albums in which we can review...Expect Natasha Bedingfield's most recent album to be reviewed during this Super Bowl weekend!  GO GIANTS!


I know, I know, I have posted up a ton of news about what is going on in the music industry now, so why stop!?  Talib Kweli, known for his lyrical beats, lyrical flow, and street sound is coming out with yet another solo album, just a year after his 2007 release entitled, Ear Drum. For those of you who have not looked at my review or listened to his most recent release, you are missing out!  This past album to come out was amazing, and I am sure his upcoming album that is to drop at some point in 2008 will be just as good.  More news to come when we hear more!


Well, a while back, I posted up that Nas would be releasing his controversial album this year. As I am sure most of you are used to in the music industry, release dates change every now and then.  Well now Nas's expected 2008 album has no set release date.  DefJam and Nas each expected that there would be a single that would be released in January and then the album would come out in February.  Now there is no set release date, and no singles have been released as of yet.  When we hear more on the current situation regarding Nas and his upcoming album, we will let you know. 


That is right, Common is coming out with a 2008 album release entitled My Resurrection. The new album could be played off from his second album entitled, Resurrection.  There is no news on when the album is to drop, or what will be on it.  All I can tell you is that a 2008 release is currently in progress, and that Common is working with Kanye West on producing it.  The album will also focus on Common's love towards music and from what I hear, it should be a great 2008 release!


Well, who knows what Hova has in store for the music industry this year.  As you all know, Jay-Z made his return to the industry this past year, coming out with American Gangster which not only sold well, but was a hit on the music racks.  Although his comeback album was a hit release, Jay-Z stepped down as president of DefJam Records.  He still has two albums left on his contract though.  On that note, there have been rumors and talks that Jay-Z would be signing and working with Apple on making an Apple Recording label.  From what we have researched, Hova is looking to make a mixtape that contains mashup tracks combining Jay-Z and Ghostface Killah.  Who knows, maybe Jay-Z and longtime girlfriend will get married this year.  That is all we know about Jay Hova's plans for the new year, I am hoping that Jay-Z puts out an album along with the mixtape.


Wake up Mr. West...Where the heck have you been?  As of late, there is not much to report on KWest, he is currently on tour and he has named it the, "Glow in the Dark Tour."  Sounds like an interesting concept and idea!  I would love to go see Kanye Live, but tickets cost a lot (or at least good ones do) and I have never seemed to be able to make time.  Besides this tour (which is featuring: Lupe Fiasco, Rihanna, & Nerd), Kanye has appeared on Lauryn Hill's most recent album album and has been working with many others on tracks for their albums.  I am hoping (this is just a hope and a prediction) that Kanye will release a new album towards the end of 2008, or early 2009.  I doubt that he will take the pathway that 50 Cent may be taking, or I sure hope not.  Kanye is also up for some Grammy's, so in February, be sure to check out the 50th Grammys and see who wins what!  As you all know, I will be searching, listening, and doing anything else to find out more on Mr. Kanye West.


Well, you heard it hear first (or so I am hoping) that the Dilated Peoples are currently working on a sixth studio album which they hope will be released in 2008, "in a perfect world it'll be out in 2008, we don't have a home for it yet. A lot of labels have been calling but were not calling back because we want the right business deal."  The album will more than likely be pretty great, just like their past albums.  They have been expressing that for the sales of their newest album, they would like to do something like Radiohead, and self distribute it.  Their idea is to put the album up on the internet to download, and for those who want to pay money or donate can.  From a fans stand point, this is a dream.  What the Dilated Peoples and Radiohead are doing is revolutionary to the music industry, and really has never been done before!  I look forward to hearing more on the upcoming Dilated Peoples, and will be sure to keep you posted!


So, John Legend has been one of my favorite R&B artists for a long while (next to Chris Brown, there is John Legend).  From my understanding, John Legend is working on a third studio album in which it is planned to be released at some point in 2008.  If any of you have been wondering whether or not he was going to release another studio album anytime soon, your answer is here!  If you are looking for more John Legend Music, Target has recently put on sale a live concert from Philadelphia which features a DVD and nineteen tracks of Legend live on stage.  I will list the tracks for both the DVD and Songs below, check it out and give it a listen at your local Target store!

Track Listing:

"Do You Wanna Ride"
"Let's Get Lifted"
"(Still) Number 1"
"Save Room"
"Where is the Love (Feat. Corinne Bailey Rae)"
"I Can Change"
"I Want You (She's So Heavy)"
"Slow Dance"
"Dance to the Music"
"PDA/Feel Like Making Love"
"Used to Love U"
"Ordinary People"
"Coming Home"
"Show Me (Encore)"
"So High (Encore)"

DVD Track Listing:
Includes excerpts from the following...
"Save Room"
"I Can Change/I Want You"
"Slow Dance"
"Used To Love U"
"Ordinary People"
"So High"

More To Come On The Possible 2008 Release For John Legend!


As I promised before, I would keep you all updated on the Coldplay album which should hopefully be coming out this year!  As you all know, Coldplay took a short break while on their South American tour.  During this time, they had recorded and produced tons of music in these latin countries, and from what we have understood, the album may have a bit of a hispanic sound to it (for whatever that means...)  I really cannot wait for this album! I am a big Coldplay fan, and I expect this album to be off the rockers!  Timbaland has confirmed that he has done some collaboration work with Coldplay for their upcoming 4th Studio Album Release.  More news to come when we hear it!


Well the dynamic due (or the 'Odd Couple') are going to be coming out with their sophomore album together, entitled, The Odd Couple.  The first single (and only confirmed track as of right now) is entitled, "Run."  The album is due out April of 2008, as you can see from the supposed album art above.

Check Out This "Run" Video...The Song Sounds Great!!!


Well, last weeks winner of the first 'Single of the Week' was "Low" by Flo-Rida (Feat. T-Pain). Who will win this week?  Looks like we will have to find out!  Voting ends as of Friday, so make sure you vote for the best single of the week...

Flo Rida - "Low (Feat. T-Pain)"

Plies - "Hypnotized (Feat. Akon)"

Matt Costa - "Mr. Pitiful"

Finger Eleven - "Paralyzer"

Colbie Caillat - "Bubbly"
Make Sure To Vote For This Weeks Single of the Week.  The Winner Will Advance To The Next Week And We Will Review The Single That Wins!


That is right, you heard it here first...Ben Folds is coming out with a new album in the upcoming future.  So you may ask, "How do you know?  It is not posted anywhere on the web..." And my answer to you is very simple, as I saw Ben Folds live this past week, and boy was it a treat.  He not only played those oldies and great tunes, but for those who were in attendance for the concert got to listen to new songs that have never been released before, and are due to be on the upcoming album.  He confirmed that he has been working on a new album (and as well, going through a current divorce.)  As you all remember, he got married during the time in which Songs For Silverman came out, and all the albums before that, were not as happy toned as that one.  This upcoming one will for sure not be like his last hit, and you should expect him to get back to producing the same type of music he did before SFS.  More news to come when we find out more!


This week's remix of the week is a sicknasty dance club remix of Coldplay's "Clocks". I was looking around for remixes and you know I love dance remixes b/c everyone loves dance parties, and I found this baby. I was really impressed by the mixing of this remix, and I think David X, whoever he is, is a genius. Enjoy guys, I'm gonna be listening to this one for a while.

A stream will be coming shortly, but for now here is your rapidshare download link:

Clocks (David X Radio Edit)


Well this past weeks Single of the Week was "Low" by Flo Rida (Feat. T-Pain).  Ever since its release, the general reception of the song has been rather great.  The hot single will be on Flo Rida's up and coming March 18th release (intended for March 2008) entitled, Mail on Sunday. From listening to the two singles that are out, this album looks to be one of the better ones of 2008!  Let's hope Flo Rida's debut album does not turn out to be like Soulja Boys.

Birthday [Single] (Remix) (Feat. Rick Ross & Brisco) by Flo Rida

Travis Barker Recording Session: Flo Rida - "Low" 

"Low (Feat. T-Pain)" Music Video:

Purple Corn's Rock Remix Mashup of "Low" by Flo Rida:

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Not much of an update, but here is what has gone on with the blog.  We have added, "Buzz" which brings news and 'Buzz' to all who want to know it.  As of right now, we have been trying to get the word out about the blog for a long time so if there is anyone who is willing to help us get our name out there, please let us know!  Spread our link around the web, share it with friends, and please, one of the main reasons we made this blog was to have discussions about music and hear what others think about the current things going on in the music world today.  PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS ON THE POSTS AND IN THE CHAT BOX.  We work hard on the blog, and would appreciate it if people commented on the work we do.

On top of that, if you are an up and coming artist looking to get promoted, please let us know!  E-Mail us by clicking here, and we will let you know what you have to do (it is not much).  As we asked before, please leave comments, it helps us keep going.  I have made an extreme effort this week to get stuff up and deal with work and other stuff.  We have had only two comments on the blog so far, and they have been spam.  It would be nice to get some appreciation from those who visit our blog.

Thanks for all you guys do and for hopefully complying with the requests we have made (although I doubt many of you will even help us out, we do it because we like to, we just like to know we have support and fans out there.)  More reviews to come in the upcoming week!



Most of the time, we cover things that have to do with music (except for the Super Bowl stuff). So this will be one of those posts that are not dealing with music.  One of my favorite movies of all time is James Bond.  As I have grown up, more and more movies have been produced. Quantum of Solace will be the twenty second Bond movie to to hit the big screen.  In the U.K., the movie will be released on November 7th, 2008.  In Australia, the movie will come out on the 13th of November in 2008.  On a musical note though, music will be provided by David Arnold.  As you all know, Daniel Craig will be the James Bond character (and will be through 2010 when the 23rd James Bond will be released.)  Thats it for right now...more to come on this upcoming movie when we find out more!  From the banners, it looks as though this sequel to Casino Royale will be rather great!


Timbaland's big hit album of 2007 has led to a sequel being created entitled, Shock Value II.  In a live concert, Timbo has confirmed in a live concert that he has begun recording and already has some tracks in mind for his next album.  Hopefully, Timbaland will be able to 'shock' the music world again with his sequel studio album to Shock Value.

Expected Guests For Shock Value II:
  • Madonna
  • Celine Dion
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Dido
  • Kanye West
  • Eminem
  • Cher
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Akon
  • Linkin Park
More News To Come When More Information Is Released.


Recently, on the web, a video has been put out with British R&B singer Amy Winehouse smoking crack and walking around her living area talking about nonsense.  Is anyone here really surprised that Amy Winehouse is doing it?  I mean, the only thing this really confirms is why she always looks like she is on crack...There is no doubt in my mind that this is her, and not someone else, check it out for yourself below!

Amy Winehouse Flying High:

Want More Proof?  Check Out This Video Below Of Winehouse Drunk On Stage Live:

Our Message To Amy Winehouse Is Very Simple...We Aren't Living In The Times Of Janis Joplin, You Cannot Just Get Drunk, High, Or Shoot Up Cocaine Whenever You Want And Perform To The Public.  People Pay Good Money To See A Good Performance, Not A Drunk Idiot On Stage...


"Doin' What I Do - The Remixes (Vol. 1)" has dropped today, and as I am sure from all that you guys have heard (off of other blogs or around the web), it is sure to be tight!  Expect a review on the mixtape by tomorrow!  Besides his mixtape dropping, I have taken it upon myself to set up a blog for MC Dollaz that you can check out for more information about the artist's music and what's going on.  If you have any suggestions as to what we can do to make the blog better (whether it is this one or the new one), please let us know!  (Also, if you are willing to help out in making a banner for J. Dollaz, contact us by e-mail ASAP).  Thats all for now, peace.

J. Dollaz - Dollaz Entertainment



As I had said before, I was going to review Unfamiliar Faces for you all.  So here it is.  Matt Costa's sophomore album was just as good as his debut album (back in 2005 and re-released in 2006).  The album itself gives those who listen to it the same vibes as listening to his freshman album and any Jack Johnson album.  As I am sure you all know, Costa is currently signed onto Brushfire Records, which is run by someone whose face is not so unfamiliar to be seen with Matt Costa (a.k.a Jack Johnson).  I enjoyed this album fully, and I highly suggest anyone looking to get into some calm and great music go ahead and check out his debut and follow up album.

Track Listing:
"Mr. Pitiful"
"Never Looking Back"
"Emergency Call"
"Unfamiliar Faces"
"Cigarette Eyes"
"Trying To Lose My Mind"
"Heart Of Stone"
"Miss Magnolia"

Extra Materials For Album:

Matt Costa Skateboarding:

Unfamiliar Faces YouTube Commercial/Interview:

Costa Covering Neil Young:

G. Love, Matt Costa, Donavon, ALO - "Sympathy for the Devil" LIVE:


Well, I guess I am in a Shady funk, as I will have covered already 3/7 featured artists on Eminem's "Shady Records."  Obie Trice is definitely up there on my favorites (music artists that is...).  His lyrical flow and beats are rather great, and in a way, he is sort of a hometown musician for me (although the border separates myself and his hometown).  Obie Trice's album is expected to hit racks sometime in 2008.  We will give you more news about it as soon as we hear more on it!


Well, it is time for some more 50 Cent news!  As I am sure you can all remember, this past year Fitty and Kanye got into a little competition which consisted on whose September 11th (2007) release would sell more.  Fifty, as you all remember, claimed if he had lost, he would retire from making music.  Well, that never really happened, as his upcoming album will be entitled, Before I Self Destruct.  It would appear that his March 2008 release will be one of more seriousness and will contain less featured artists on the track list.  As of right now, we know that Timbaland & Rich Harrison are the producers of the album and as usual, it is with Shady Records.  So you have to be wondering, where does 50's future fit in here?  Well the answer is sort of complicated, mainly because the sources in which we received the quotes from sort of contradict one another.

In an interview with DJ Semtex, 50 was quoted, saying:
"Some people think I changed the title of my album from "Before I Self Destruct" to "Curtis", but what I did was, I changed albums. I had Before I Self Destruct, I recorded twelve songs under that actual topic, and then I created the material that is under Curtis, and I felt like this album should come out right now and Before I Self Destruct is gonna be my follow-up record, so I'm probably like three or four records away from completing my next album at this point. And I signed a five-album deal with Interscope, so this Curtis is my third album, Before I Self Destruct is scheduled to release February 4th, which will be the anniversary of Get Rich or Die Tryin' and my final studio recording album because the fifth album in my recording contract is a greatest hits album, so technically, I'm about three songs away from completing my music career."

Now this is not the first time Fitty has been heard crying, "Retire."  Then again, who is to say that he is not actually retiring?  It is not such a crazy thought considering he is already 32 years of age (but then again, Dion is 68, and still singing strong...), he has three already released albums, and is releasing a fourth at some point in 2008.  While he does say that "a greatest hits album" will be his last, there are statements stating that his career may be far from over.

"In contrast to Curtis, 50 Cent explained that you "should not expect to see guest appearances like you saw on Curtis". He also described Before I Self Destruct as an entirely different concept, which will setup "the next batch of records" in his career."

So there you have it, a totally contradictory situation...Which statement do you go for here?  I personally think he will stay (or retire and come back).  He may sound like he has his whole future planned out, but as of right now, I am going with that second statement.

Aside from the whole future of 50's career, we got one more thing to cover, kind of a big thing here...As you all remember and as I stated earlier in this post, 50 & Kanye each had their feud, but it would appear as though this, "feud" has "fused" as Fifty reported that Kanye West did in fact produce a track for his upcoming 2008 album (While this is nice and all, 50 told MTV that the produced Kanye track would not make onto the upcoming album).  Although that Kanye track may not make it on there, there is for sure a sign that the two sides are not as competitive as they were last year (but maybe that competitive streak in the two of them may heat up as the year progresses? Who Knows!?).  Thats all for now on Fitty, expect more info to drop off from here as we learn more about the upcoming 2008 release, and his possible future in the music industry.


Well, I am guessing that Cashis is more than likely the not best known rap artist out there, but let me tell you, he is rather fantastic!  If you have never heard of him, then I suggest checking out his works (as of right now he only has an E.P. Album out, and a few mixtapes along with being featured in a few songs.)  If you have never heard of Cashis, then I am sure you have heard of the one and only Eminem.  Cashis is signed to Shady's Recording Label.  If Eminem saw something in this kid, then he is obviously good.  I suggest to all to check out his E.P. and let me know what you think.  There is no set release date for his debut album, but we will provide more information when we receive more.  (Expect A Review of His E.P. Album Soon)


Well, as some of you have more than likely guessed, we here at Tha Good Life Reviews are football fans (both of us are Giants fans), and so you must be thinking to yourself, "How does football have anything to do with music?"  Well in case you have been living under a rock for the most part of your life, music has a big part in the Super Bowl game.  There are always your pre-game music performances, your half time performances (who can forget Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's performance a couple years back!?)  So here is what you could/can be expecting on Super Bowl day!

Possible Performers: (NFL's Wish List For Half Time Performances)
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Norah Jones
  • The Eagles
National Anthem:
  • Jordin Sparks (American Idol Winner)
Half Time Performers:
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
American Idol Connection?
It seems that wherever you go, there they are.  Those gosh darn American Idol people keep making there mark on big events.  This Super Bowl game, American Idol will be seen everywhere, as Randy Jackson will be the pre-game emcee.  Paula Abdul will have her first music video shown (this will be her official comeback to the music industry, and is her first music video/production since retiring.)  Jordin Sparks is singing the Anthem.  Who knows, someone else from the show might be spotted in the crowd (Very Possible).

Well That Is Your Scoop On The Super Bowl, GO GIANTS!!!


As usual, I promise to bring you all the news, and reviews that I can, so keeping that promise, I have some news!  As of right now, it would appear that Akon is coming out with a third solo album release in 2008.  As you all have known, Akon has been in some trouble as of late, (the Trinidad & Fishkill Incidents) and has released an official apology to all those he has done wrong to ("Sorry, Blame It On Me").  On the Fishkill Incident (in which a fan was thrown off of the stage), Akon stated that the whole incident was an act and set up for the up and coming album release.  

While you are all thinking that this is a solo album (and it may very well be), I would not rule out the possibility of this being  a collaboration album with Young Jeezy.  After that hot sinlge entitled, "Sould Survivor," there were talks of Akon & Jeezy putting together a collab effort in an album.  I would not be surprised if that were to happen as the two did put out a great hit single together.  After "Soul Survivor,"  The two had stated that this would not be the last track or music production from the two of them.  That is pretty much all we have to say, we will keep you updated with news and tracks later on!


Sorry for the lateness on this one, but I was just trying to get the song so that I could share it with you guys. Anyway, this song is a great mix of WrighTrax's including their fresh rhymes and the instrumental from the one and the only "Final Countdown". Yeah you're all gonna love this. WrighTrax is a group made up of 2 cousins from Southfield, Michigan...and let's just say they love D-Town. Aight guys enjoy!


Tha City


Well, speaking of Will.I.Am, here is a quick review of the single(s) release of the remixed "The Girl Is Mine"  The set of singles remixed is not so bad, so check it out if you are a Jackson/Will.I.Am fan.  If you are looking to get the 25th Anniversary Edition of Thriller, make sure to check out this remixed set of, "The Girl Is Mine," originally done in 1982 with Paul McCartney.  Not much else to say about this one, Jackson's album will drop hopefully either sometime in 2008 or early 2009.


After his smashing solo album (after leaving the Black Eyed Peas), Will.I.Am will be doing yet another solo album entitled, Black Einstein.  The title itself is very creative and his second album should exceed with far more success (I am hoping) then his previous release (which was a good release as well).  You heard it here first, new Will.I.Am album entitled Black Einstein. We have no idea as to when this album will drop, what featured tracks will be on it, what singles are going to be on it, all we know is a title (which is subject to change).  We will keep you updated with more information as we get more.


As you all know, today was MLK Jr. Day (in the U.S.), and while I do live across the border, I think it is important to recognize what King had done to change the world.  Not only did he change the world, but he changed how everything around us looks, feels, and works.  In today's world, we see that what MLK Jr. worked for has not been a complete success as we still see some of the same problems going on in our lives.  King used the power of prayer and church choir to also add to spirit and morale, and this post is to remember him for what he did for everyone, no matter what color your skin is, or what your beliefs are.


GAME OVER: Giants 23, Packers 20.
WOW. That was just the craziest game I have ever watched. For all you guys reppin' the G-Men like myself, BIG BLUE SUPER BOWL '08!!!

Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes finally comes through in OT with a 47 yard FG to win the game after missing 2 previously. Third time's the charm. Outstanding players include Eli Manning, Brandon Jacobs, Plaxico Burress, and Amani Toomer with some beautiful catches (especially that two foot drag). I am so happy right now, it's not even fair.

GO G-MEN!!! Bring it home for New York!!!


On February 10th, 2008, The Staples Center will host the 50th Grammys Award ceremony.  Not much to report yet on the Grammys themselves, but I am sure it will be a great night.  Thats pretty much it, if we hear anything else, we will be sure to post it up!


I have been notified from J. Dollaz to ask if anyone is willing to be part of the Street Team and help him out with some things.  So you may be asking, "What do I got to do to be on this Street Team?"  The answer is really simple.  Here is what you will be asked of (nothing to big):
  • Create A Music MySpace Page
  • Make/Update A Blog
  • And A Few Other Things
If any of J. Dollaz's true fans are out there and are willing to do any of the following, email us and let us know.  The MySpace thing should not be hard to create, and the whole Blog thing is for anyone who is like the true fan of J. Dollaz.  Hit us up with a response and let us know what's up.


So we finally heard back from Nyasha, there was some problems with our communications, but we worked it out, and I am glad to present you with her music and information.  As I had stated before, Nyasha is now the second person to be promoted on my blog, and it is great to have her and J. Dollaz aboard!  If you are looking to get promoted, just check out what you need to do in order for us to support you and that is pretty much it.  So with out further a due, I would like to introduce you all to Nyasha Shani. 

"Everybody’s talking. . . 

Combine equal parts your grandmother’s heeding wisdom and mischievous charm. Add a cup of beauty and a dash of and sex appeal. The result is singer/songwriter Nyasha Shani (knee-asha sha-knee), a young woman poised to lead a new generation in the R&B/Soul genre.

Originally hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Nyasha was bitten early by the music bug. Her parents, both working professionals, saw the benefit in raising a well-rounded child and pushed Nyasha into music. She began her music career with the drums and woodwinds, before settling on the piano. However, since belting out Lionel Richie’s famed “Sela” at the tender age of three, Nyasha made it evident that her heart belonged to song.

“Music has always been my first love; but to be quite honest, I absolutely hated practicing!” she smirks in her East Coast-Midwest mélange accent. “Instead, I would spend countless hours listening to the radio, perfecting my ear, and turning every inch of my house into my own personal stage.”

Nyasha progressed from the piano and began studying voice in high school. During her high school years, she furthered her career development through various local performances and talent shows. A jazz-trained songstress with an honors Music degree from Wesleyan University, focused her collegiate years to studying the history of black musics.

“I have many inspirations, musically. I love the era of jazz- the Billies and Louie’s- for their musicality and innovation; but I also love that bass-driven Down South hip-hop. My tastes vary depending on my mood, but I can’t deny, though, that I’m a sucker for the Quiet Storm hour. Nothing else can set the mood for me better than a good love song.”

Nyasha has spent the past five years perfecting her talents in composition, arranging, and performance. She has been seen performing in various shows throughout Connecticut and New York, including participation in the ASCAP Make Music New York series. In addition to her musical talents, Nyasha has spent years crafting her penmanship. Since writing her first pieces at the age of nine, she has written and arranged over 150 compositions and songs. With the Ninas, Dinahs Whitneys, Janets and Lauryns as her guides, Nyasha Shani is building her reputation as a strong songwriter, quickly attracting attention for her talents.

“When it comes to my writing, I draw inspiration from everything around me- the couple arguing about being pregnant again, a lover accepting the end of a relationship, or a woman who refuses to be tamed. Everything sparks an idea in my mind and the uniqueness of my craft lies in my perspective and word play. Can’t nobody tell a story like me.”

The preface of Nyasha Shani’s career has been written; however, her journey is not complete."

If you want to give Nyasha's stuff a listen, here are the links to her tracks in which she has sent me...

Thats all for now, check out those tracks and let us know what you all think of Nyasha Shani!


So here is what we are going to start to do...On the side bar of the blog, we will set up a spot to vote for single of the week...so for this week, we will hold voting all week long.  For which ever song wins, we will not only review it and give you some extra stuff for/about the single, but the winning single also goes on to the next week.  So pretty much, it is winner moves on week by week.  So let the voting begin, your vote counts!

This Weeks Singles:

Flo Rida - "Low (Feat. T-Pain)"

Chris Brown - "With You"
Sara Bareilles - "Love Song"
Rihanna - "Don't Stop The Music"

Sean Kingston - "Take You There"

Voting Will End On Friday, So Be Sure To Let Us Know Which Single You Think Deserves To Win "Single of the Week."


As January is rapidly closing, it is time to look at what is to come next month.  While January was lacking in album releases (mainly because that is how it always is at the beginning of the year).  So, just like we did earlier this month, we will give you the list of what is going to come out this upcoming February.  Release dates as always, are subject to change and if we find out any news about a change, we will be sure to let you know about it.

On February 5th, The Following Will Be Released:
  • Lenny Kravitz: It Is Time For A Love Revolution
  • Jason Collett: Here's To Being Here
  • Jack Johnson: Sleep Through The Static
  • Sheryl Crow: Detours
On February 12th, The Following Will Be Released:
  • Simple Plan: Simple Plan
On February 26th, The Following Will Be Released:
  • Janet Jackson: Discipline
Any Changes In Release Dates, Or Anything Else We Find Out About These Albums, We Will Be Sure To Let You Know About It.