Well, you heard it hear first (or so I am hoping) that the Dilated Peoples are currently working on a sixth studio album which they hope will be released in 2008, "in a perfect world it'll be out in 2008, we don't have a home for it yet. A lot of labels have been calling but were not calling back because we want the right business deal."  The album will more than likely be pretty great, just like their past albums.  They have been expressing that for the sales of their newest album, they would like to do something like Radiohead, and self distribute it.  Their idea is to put the album up on the internet to download, and for those who want to pay money or donate can.  From a fans stand point, this is a dream.  What the Dilated Peoples and Radiohead are doing is revolutionary to the music industry, and really has never been done before!  I look forward to hearing more on the upcoming Dilated Peoples, and will be sure to keep you posted!

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