Well I guess it is that time again... Time to introduce you all to some pretty new musicians who are definitely going to be household names in the music industry one day.  In Section III, we will introduce you to a few new musical groups and musicians who you may or may not have heard of.  If you have read the blog before, then you know that we have supported the dynamic duo of Chester French.  All five of the musical acts (pictures featured above) have been making a splash in my iTunes Top 25 Most Played playlist, so I figured, "I should probably cover them on the blog!"

None of these musicians are the same, seeing as each of them brings a unique style to their musical game, and this goes for all of our future and past Incoming Class of '09 musicians.  The only reason we cover them is because what they bring to the musical industry is diversity in the sound of music that they create.  Charles Hamilton and Asher Roth have each respectively brought a new style to the music industry.  Likewise with KiD CuDi and Big Sean.  These musicians will be making it big in '09, and you should definitely keep a tab on their upcoming works and upcoming performances.  Anyway, it is getting rather late, but check back here in the next few days and check up with the Incoming Class of '09 section, because I promise that it will be ROCKIN' with some new musicians and some new music for all of your ears.

More Incoming Class of '09 News In The Coming Days!!!  Be Sure To Check Back Here!!!

- P.S.
Graphic above was made by me, so if you use it, give credit where credit is due!  Thanks!!!




"It sounds like Girltalk's hot cousin."
Click Album Artwork to Download Mixtape!!!

For this week's Remix of the Week, we're featuring the mashup group Super Mash Bros.. Summer 2008 was big for these guys as they released their debut album, Fuck Bitches. Get Euros. While their choice of album title is a little obscene, it's okay. They're mashup album is kick ass!!!

This week's Remix of the Week will be their new single "Kisses & Thugs". It would be impossible for me to tell you exactly what is in the song, because its just so awesome and so inclusive, but just know that it has some awesome tracks such as, "Butterfly", "Jack and Diane", "Get Buck in Here", some Daft Punk and more.

Listen, digest, enjoy, and repeat. :)

Download "Kisses and Thugs" Right Here, Right Now!!!

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I don't know if you know much about Mos Def or for that matter, House, but the two collided on TV today! Mos Def is a rapper/actor who really has been getting his name around in show biz. He starred in Be Kind, Rewind, which also featured another musician, Jack Black. Mos has been working on a new album entitled, The Ecstatic, and it will for sure be a banger. Hugh Laurie, in case you don't know (and are living under a rock, or pineapple under the sea), is the main character in the hit TV Series, House M.D. Mos Def has appeared on some other TV Shows and some movies, if you like his work as an actor, then this episode is for you!

Mos Def is truly something special. He has the ability to act and sing, which is really not common among people (who are professionals). Mos plays the part of a patient of Dr. House. He is brought in with some sort of contracted sickness which ends up shutting down his systems. Now I won't ruin the episode for you all, but I am telling you, it is one episode that I will for sure give another look to. It was interesting and intense, something that I think the show could use a bit more of on a regular basis! Check out the newest episode on SurfTheChannel and leave a comment about what you think!

More Posts Coming In The Very Near Future!!!


While browsing Sketches of My Soul, I came across a great interview with none other than the sexxxy Keri Hilson. She talks about what it means to be sexy, and how happy she is to produce music. Music is her life.

After watching the interview, I continued on to the site that produced the interview, 24/7 Hip Hop, and realized that they had some pretty tight interviews with some pretty tight rappers and R&B artists.

"247HH.com gets to the essence of the artist, and brings you inside their world. Each episode includes interviews, exclusive freestyles, music videos, and concert footage. Some of the artists we have already filmed include: Busta Rhymes, Nelly, E-40, TI, Dilated Peoples, Three Six Mafia, D.J. Muggs, GZA, Ghostface Killah, Bubba Sparks, David Banner, Juvenile, The Clipse, Pete Rock, Little Brother, Large Professor, Tony Touch, Clinton Sparks, and many more. These Video Podcasts can either be watched here on the site, downloaded to your computer, or put onto any digital video player, just like an audio podcast."

And for your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a set of interviews from our favorite artists:

Keri Hilson
The Game
Talib Kweli
Lupe Fiasco
Wyclef Jean
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I grew up listening to oldies, and thanks to both my friend and my family, I have been very diverse in my liking of music.  I was brought up on the essential oldie musicians, such as: The Beatles, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Pink Floyd, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Neil Diamond, and so many other musicians.  I would not really classify Nat King Cole as a, "oldie," but he for sure is someone I grew up listening to in the car.  There was always something about Nat that really spoke to me, and I can't tell if it is his musical style, or just that beautiful voice that blared out from his mouth the instant he began to sing.  I am sure I am not the only person to have this experience listening to Nat King Cole, as he really was a musician who had the voice of an angel, which sounded beautiful over musical notes.  Anyway, enough of me going on and on about Nat King Cole, let's get on with the review.

The mixtape starts off with a Nat King Cole classic, and Cee-Lo really throw his style and touch on "Lush Life."  The fact of the matter is that if Nat King Cole was alive today, I truly believe that the man would be doing work with Cee-Lo, Will.I.Am, and The Roots.  Those three musicians all seem like people that Nat King Cole would associate himself with.  The mixtape then moves onto "Straighten Up & Fly Right," where the once Black Eyed Pea, Will.I.Am, teams up with Natalie Cole on one of my personal favorite Nat King Cole tracks.  Natalie really does a great job on this one, and definitely captures the essence of the mixtape, which is to take the past, and bring it to the present, and to create an impression on the music industry that will last a lifetime.  Now the Cut Chemist is someone who I am truly unfamiliar with, but I may start looking into his musical works because I really liked the "Day In Day Out" track he did on the tape.  Track four featured a dynamic duo of Michaelangelo L'Acqua and the ever so popular Bebel Gilberto.  "Brazilian Love Song" was a track by Nat King Cole that never really grabbed me, so I was pleasantly surprised after giving the track a listen on the mixtape.  I still don't love the song, but I guess the mixing and mashing done on the track made it a lot better for me.  

Now one of my favorite Rap musicians who has been in the game for such a long time and recently put out an album entitled, Untitled; Nas and Salaam Remi really worked well on the track "The Game of Love."  I really loved the original song, and Nas' beats and rapping and musical style really took the track to a whole new level.  "Walkin' My Baby Home" is really what this mixtape is all about.  It's about taking the old and really making the old into a "fresh" new.  The Roots did jut that, transforming this oldie into a classic "newie" (if that even is a word).  The rest of the mixtape features a lot of big name musicians, all of who really put their taste and ideas into the mixtape.  In my opinion, Re: Generations was a huge success.  If they were trying to take the old Nat King Cole, and put him with musicians who they thought would work with him in today's world, then the producers of this mixtape were very successful.  They captured the oldies, and applied it with todays fast paced and ever growing musical industry.  I really do wonder what Nat King Cole would say if he was alive today and able to see this mixtape out... I guess we won't really find out anytime soon, seeing as his life has ended, and while this is the case, he has left the music industry and the world with a lifetime of classic hits and beautiful melodies.

Take note of this mixtape, because it will for sure be one of the TOP 10 MIXTAPES of 2009 (Click Here To View TOP 10 MIXTAPES of 2008).  Along with many other tapes, Re: Generations is one that will go down with some extreme replay value.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the different musicians and their respective genres to the late Nat King Coles musical works.  I have always found it interesting to listen to mashups and remixes of songs that were first released so long ago.  I mean take The White Stripes mixtape, Stars & Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined, as an example of someone who took Rock and Roll, and melded it together with some of today's biggest names in the Rap and Hip-Hop game.  You may be someone who just likes the original music, and doesn't really care for all these mixtapes and mashups, but as someone who appreciates music, both new and old, it is hard for me to pass up and not comment on a mixtape as beautifully done as Re: Generations.

Re: Generations
Track Listing:
1. Lush Life (Feat. Cee-Lo)
2. Straighten Up and Fly Right (Feat. will.i.am & Natalie Cole)
3. Day In Day Out (Feat. Cut Chemist)
4. Brazilian Love Song (Feat. Michaelangelo L'Acqua & Bebel Gilberto)
5. The Game of Love (Feat. Nas & Salaam Remi)
6. Walkin' My Baby Back Home (Feat. The Roots)
7. Hit That Jive, Jack (Feat. Souldiggaz & Izza Kizza)
8. Calypso Blues (Feat. Stephen & Damian Marley)
9. More and More of Your Amour (Feat. Bitter:Sweet)
10. El Choclo (Feat. Brazilian Girls)
11. Pick-up (Feat. Just Blaze)
12. Anytime Anyday Anywhere (Feat. Amp Fiddler)
13. Nature Boy (Feat. TV On The Radio)


Well they are teaming up again for another very solid track.  Normally I don't do posts this late at night, but I just got word of this snippet from a concert that Lupe did.  The track sounds really tight, and while I am still a bit disturbed by some of the comments Lupe made about ISRAEL and the current issues going on there, I will still bring you all news and updates about his upcoming album.  In case you have not heard, (and this is kind of old news), Lupe has decided to scratch the whole LupE.N.D. idea and is now planning to release three separate albums (hopefully all in 2009/2010, from what I hear).  Anyway, the track below is pretty dope, I have been listening to is over and over again.  Him and Matthew Santos are such a great team, and I would love to see this dynamic duo put out an album together.  I am telling you all, that if those two put out an album, it would be straight fire, and just straight up ridiculous.  Rumored musicians to be featured on the upcoming album are KiD CuDi and Bun B.  That's about all I have really heard, be sure to check back here for more Lupe Fiasco news in the coming weeks!

The Track Is Dope, Can't Wait For The Album To Drop, Be Sure To Check Back Here For More Updates


Well our main man will be in prison for a year and a day, and so it is time to do a little farewell post to T.I.  He will for sure be working on his grind while doing time, and I am sure upon his release from prison, he will be putting together a freaking unreal album.  It's hard to make an album better than Paper Trails, but I have a feeling that he could possibly do just that!  Anyway, good luck with the prison time T.I.P., your friends here at the TGLR and all around the world stand by you and we hope that you get out soon!
T.I.'s Reaction To The Charges & Results:


Alright, nothing like watching NCAA Tournament action on your birthday, I mean it is probably as good as it gets! Haha, well not really, but I love my Michigan State Spartans, so just a shout out to them and I wish them the best of luck right now against a very good Kansas University basketball team.

Now onto the update part of this post!  My co-blogger, ICECrush, is out of town this weekend, so I will be the sole person blogging!  Be sure to check back here for some reviews, some music news, and some opinionated pieces in the very near future.  Also, I am trying to get some interviews with some NCAA Basketball players, and if I can get an interview before March Madness is done, I will post it up, the questions will be geared toward the current tournament, but it will also feature some talk about music and what not!  So be sure to check back here to catch some interviews!  Well that's about it, may introduce a new section to the blog, so be on the lookout for that as well.

That's All For Now... LET'S GO GREEN!!! GIVE EM' HELL!!!


Today is a very special day. My main man SoSickWitItYo turns 18 today. Many people say that you become a man at age 13 when you are Bar Mitzvah'd, but today SoSickWitItYo becomes a man in the eyes of the world. If I could recount the numerous stories about my bro right here, I don't think I would have ever though he'd reach this age...

Dude, you've done well. Congratulations on this blogski, as it is as much yours (if not more) as it is mine. We've come so far and we couldn't have done it without you. Have an AWESOME birthday, and I can't wait to see you this summer.

From your boy, ICECrush, at TGLR...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Free Mixtape Downloads!
So I am talking with my buddy ICECrush, and he hits me up with a message telling me to go to this site called, "Stars & Stripes Project". He doesn't really give me much insight as to what the heck I am viewing, but I know my man ICECrush always has something interesting to show me, whether it is shoes, music, or some other random crack up cartoon he has found on the internet. Anyway, I get on this site, and I start browsing around, and finally come upon the "Download" section of the site. I roll over to the download link (which is conveniently hosted on zShare), and wait my fifty seconds in anticipation for a mixtape that I truly don't know anything about. From the looks of the site, it looked like it was well done, with all the heavy duty artwork and what not, so I figured, "Heck, why not download it!?"

So I open Stars & Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined in my iTunes, and my ears are graced by the beautiful mixing of an unknown musician that goes by the name of Adrian Champion. I asked ICECrush where the heck he had found this guys music, and he answered with one word... "Twitter". I guess it really is good for something, seeing as it has led me to Adrian Champion. Now I am someone who gets into grooves when he listens to music, so when I hear something I like, I play it a ton! Stars & Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined has been playing on my iPod, iTunes, and car radio for the past day, and I have decided that since Adrian's mixtape has brought me so much pleasure (to my ears that is...), why not do a review on the album!? I don't know if Adrian Champion has done any other mixtapes, but he somehow was able to meld and mash some of today's hottest musicians (and some old musical acts that dropped it like it was hot back in the day), with the ever so beautiful rock tunes of The White Stripes.

The White Stripes (for all who really don't know much about Rock) have been around for a while. They have claimed tons of success from albums such as their self titled LP The White Stripes (1999), to their second release: De Stijl (2000). Then in 2001, the band hit it big with White Blood Cells, and followed up that album with an even better one: Elephant (2003). Elephant is their most popular and by far their best piece of work. Their 2003 release was followed by another fantastic album entitled, Get Behind Me Satan (2005), which got 4.5 Stars out of 5 Stars on Rolling Stone. Their 2007 release was nowhere compared to their 01', 03', and 05' LP's, but nonetheless, Icky Thump was still a solid production out of The White Stripes. The White Stripes have been in the music industry for a long while, as you can see, they have already released a whole bunch of albums, all of which have reached critical acclaim, and recieved fairly positive reviews on Rolling Stone. Their Garage-Rock musical style has attracted many musical listeners from around the world, and from all different age groups. In my opinion, The White Stripes will go down as one of the better Rock groups to ever grace the music industry with their presence.

Now, I hope that in the very near future, Adrian Champion and we hear at Tha Good Life Reviews will be given the opportunity to do an interview with him. I know he gives us some insight as to what and how he thought of making the mixtape, which is quoted below and can be found on the site "Stars & Stripes Project". The fact of the matter is that what Mr. Champion created was something that truly graces the ear, and at the same time, is able to amp you up and really get you into the music. You all know how I feel about mashups and remixes, and I think they are great! I have never, in my entire life, heard a solid twelve track mashup mixtape in which I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every track. The mixtape is definitely one of the best ones I have heard in a very long time, and I advise you to all click on the download link below and give this guy a listen! I promise you, you won't regret the fifty second wait time on zShare, it is totally worth it!!!

Adrian Champion's Thoughts On The Making Of Stars & Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined:
"I was late jumping on The White Stripes bandwagon. But, when I heard "Doorbell" a few years back I became an instant fan. That raw, classic sound was so fresh to me. I went straight to iTunes and downloaded the whole album. It wasn't long before I owned everything they'd ever released.

What really got me was that I wanted to sample almost every song. But, I couldn't just shamelessly sample their whole catalog. Plus, I had just decided to move away from sampling and focus on writing original music. So, a remix project seemed like the thing to do, and the idea was born.

I started digging through my collection and fitting all the pieces together. My goal was to use only samples from The White Stripes and a cappellas from classic songs and my favorite emcees. And of course, I had to rap on one of the tracks myself, with my man Brian Jacobs on the hook.

So there it is, hip-hop fans, meet The White Stripes.
Fans of The White Stripes, meet hip-hop."

Adrian Champion
Track Listing For Stars & Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined:
1. Bombs Over Orchids / Outkast / Blue Orchid + B.O.B.
2. Icky Says / Pharahoe Monch / Icky Thump + Simon Says
3. Ante Up Every Way / M.O.P. / Offend in Every Way + Ante up
4. Turn it Up / Kanye West / I Want To Be The Boy... + This Way + Wouldn't Get Far + Selfish
5. Ms. Doorbell / Mos Def / Doorbell + Ms. Fast Booty
6. Cash Run / Notorious B.I.G. + 2Pac / Cash Grab + Runnin’
7. Got Yourself a Cannon / Jay-Z / Cannon + The Takeover
8. Jolene's Ether / Nas / Jolene (Live) + Ether
9. One More Corner / Common / One More Cup of Coffee + The Corner
10. Dangerous Love / Busta Rhymes / A Martyr for My Love For You + Dangerous
11. F*cking Apples / Eminem / Apple Blossom + Just Don't Give a Fuck
12. Tha Countdown Blues / Redman / St. James Infirmary Blues + The Saga Continues
13. Stars & Stripes / Adrian Champion + Brian Jacobs / Truth Doesn't Make A Noise

To All Those Rock Fans Out There, I Highly Suggest This Mixtape... AND For All You Hip-Hop Heads Out There, I Will Give You The Same Advise I Gave The Rock Fans... THIS MIXTAPE IS FOR YOU!!!

Trailer For Stars & Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined

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Maino Tha MachineFor those of you that have not experienced Twitter, you better jump on the freakin' bandwagon already! Throughout my hardcore tweeting over the last few days, I have come across numerous awesome bros, some sweet blogs, and some really cool and interesting news stories.

One blog that I came across was Live A Good Life. It's a blog very similar to ours in name, and in focus. They cover hip-hop, shoes, movie reviews, random crap...the works. Our boy Johnny Goodlife runs train over there, and has brought a new music video to our attention.

We have been listening to Maino's song, "All The Above" for about a month now, and we have been extremely impressed. We haven't really heard much news about him though until now. Thanks to LiveAGL.com, we now how an awesome music video to associate with with Maino's fresh rhymes, dope background music, and T-Pain's electronically soothing melodies.

"This is [Maino's] story":

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While we were Tweeting (Follow Us), we got into a conversation with our boy Shashwat Sigdel, and he referred us to a Karmaloop TV interview with KiD CuDi. Due to the fact that KiD CuDi never got back to us to do an interview, we thought we'd just have to settle for this in depth talk to the fans, and not directly to us.

I learned a lot about CuDi in this interview, and think you guys are gonna gain a lot from watching it. He's cool, smart, real, and well-spoken. Here's my favorite part of the interview:
Don't get your deal and run off and go spend your whole budget on like 5 Timbaland beats just 'cuz you feel like you need Timbaland to make hit records. Do not do that. The first thing about being a new artist is establishing your own sounds.
New Yorkers: Watch out for CuDi's HBO Show shot on site in NYC this summer!!!

Their Words: Kid Cudi:

Pt. 2: Who Is The Lonely Stoner?

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With Soulja Boy's newest song, "Kiss Me Thru The Phone", he has earned a semi-redemption from me (ICECrush), but definitely not SoSickWitItYo. Don't tell him that I'm doing this post, he'd probably get mad at me, but shhh...he'll never find out (that's a lie lol).

Soulja Boy's first song, "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" was an the brain child of an idiotic, immature, terrible "artist" (to use the term loosely). When my friend first told me that she had a Soujla Boy song to send me I was like 'UGH I HATE SOULJA BOY'...and then I got addicted.

When I listen to "Kiss Me Thru The Phone", I hear a well thought out song with a calm, cool, and smooth R&B singer. It sorta sounds like something that Chris Breezy used to produce (as he probably won't be producin' anymore), just a little cheesier. Yeah, maybe Soulja Boy's lyrics are a little simple and ebonix-esque, but he produced a great track this time. It's an enormous step up!

If you watch the music video, you see a collected, civilized, Soulja Boy, giving you his all, singing his heart out. He is clean cut, isn't wearing sun glasses, and looks pretty good. Yeah maybe he's still a young "gangsta" wearing all of the chains, parkas, oversized earrings and jerseys, but he really surprised me on this one. He sorta looks like he could be Omarion or Mario.

Souja Boy, I give you props on this one, but don't expect me to give you any hot new reviews in the near future. Think of this as a gift. If you continue to produce solid tracks, I'll keep the solid reviews coming.

"Girl you know I miss you, I just wanna kiss you,
But I can't right now so baby

Kiss Me Thru The Phone - Soulja Boy Tell`em ft. Sammie:

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HAHAHAHA...No Comment.
Thank you Mad Magazine.

You best know where you are...
The top spot for music news, reviews, and updates on a regular basis!


My Gripe With The Government
by SoSickWitItYo and ICECrush

I know that it has been a long while since I did a real good opinionated piece, so I figured I would share my piece of mind on the current state of the Government, and what is currently aggravating me to no end. The current economy, as we all know, is pretty much down the crap chute. There is no way that the economy will be getting significantly better any time in the near future, and life here in America/Canada and the rest of the world is getting worse each and every day. As a American living in the U.S.A., I find it really scary that there truly is no solution to the current housing crisis that is going on throughout the country. Sure, Obama did give us his plan to save the economy before he was elected, and then there was the Bailout plan that was set in place... But where has all this money gone!? There has never been a time in history when people have been given free handouts to save their mortgages; a lot of the money that has been, or is in the process of being, allocated is just going to waste.

Out of all the dumb moves the Government has made, giving money to A.I.G. is the by far the dumbest! Now I know how much I (SoSickWitItYo) supported our current President before he was sworn into office on January 20th, 2009, but I am beginning to wonder if my fellow blogger (ICECrush) was right when he said that Obama really won't be able to help the economy, and that McCain would be better suited for a situation like the one that the majority of Americans are facing. Why is my opinion of President Obama changing? Well I know he really is not all to blame for the misuse of money in the U.S. Government, but he is the leader of this country, so if blame must be placed somewhere, it might as well go to the person who is in charge.

Obama and the current government that is running America decided that it would be a great idea to lend A.I.G. (a banking company) a very large and hefty sum of money to help stimulate the bank, and allow for them to get back on their feet. They gave money to A.I.G. twice, the first time, the money was misused and again, this past March, the money was misused a second time! It is hard for me to stand by a government that lends out money to banks and insurance companies like A.I.G., especially when they make the same mistake twice.

The first time A.I.G. got their paycheck from the government, they decided that work was just a bit too hard for them, so why not spend this hefty paycheck inked by the government on a relaxing vacation away from the office. Let me tell you all something. There is nothing like taking $440,000 and putting it towards a corporate retreat at the St. Regis Monarch Beach resort in LA, California. This little trip of theirs occurred during the week of September 22nd, the week that the Federal Reserve made an extended $85 BILLION emergency loan to A.I.G. in order to keep the insurance group afloat and working properly.

Picture a long laundry list your mother gives you as a child. That sheet of paper is filled to the very bottom with stuff that you have to do, and chores... You know, the usual stuff! Now picture that long list, but instead of it being chores, it is the tab that you ran up with the governments loan money... The receipt that we were able to get our hands on featured a total of $139,000 spent on hotel rooms. Now add $147,301 to the banquets that they threw (which must have featured some pretty amazing food if it had cost THAT much). Then you can tack on another $23,380 spent on spa treatments (very quintessential for the hard workers who are ruining the economy. There is just too much stress in their lives... seeing as they have ruined the economy!). Then feel free to slap $6,939 on numerous golf matches and another $9,980 on room service/food/drinks that were all purchased in the hotel lounge.

Wow, that was just the first time they messed up. You would think that after the first time someone messes something up, that they would learn from their mistakes and not let it happen again (especially something that big). I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but even old dogs are smart enough to not make the same stupid mistake a second time. On March 3, 2009, the Senate Budget Committee had a testimony that was brought before them in which the Federal Reserve Chairman stated:
"AIG exploited a huge gap in the regulatory system,” ... & "to nobody’s surprise, made irresponsible bets and took huge losses" - NY Times
So it is not just the average American that is noticing that A.I.G. has no idea how to use money correctly... It took the Chairman of the Federal Reserve this long (March 3rd) to make a comment about it and make it apparent to the government that A.I.G. is not to be trusted with cash. Why is it that the people who are smart and give the warning are never listened to? During this month (March 2009), A.I.G. decided that going on fancy vacations warrants that their executives deserve bonuses. "Yes, you guys worked so hard drinking you butts off, playing golf, and wasting the governments money that we thought we would reward all you executive with a little something something."
Obama stated: "It’s hard to understand how derivative traders at A.I.G. warranted any bonuses, much less $165 million in extra pay. How do they justify this outrage to the taxpayers who are keeping the company afloat?" also, "In the last six months, A.I.G. has received substantial sums from the U.S. Treasury. I’ve asked Secretary Geithner to use that leverage and pursue every legal avenue to block these bonuses and make the American taxpayers whole." - NY Times
Now, I respect the President for recognizing that this company can't really control money... BUT WHY DID YOU VOTE IN FAVOR FOR THEM TO GET A BAILOUT WHEN YOU WERE A SENATOR? Why is this all clicking now for our President? He is leading over a group of Americans that are well aware of the current economical state their country is in, and are not idiots when they hear about A.I.G. misusing government money. The way things are going, A.I.G. could be up for another loan in the next couple of months... Who knows!? This time they might go on a cruise, then afterwards, decide that their hardworking executives who screwed up the company and put a sweat in on the cruise ship deserve a raise and bonus! I guess only time will tell, and who knows if A.I.G. will be able to milk the U.S. Government for more money.

Well this is a very long post, so I am going to end my comments right here, and they aren't pretty. A.I.G. is a company that should not be trusted by the American government. Why should hard working tax payers money go towards the bonuses of executives who sit around and go on vacations that are being payed for with their money? Why, as Americans, should we stand around and watch as the American economy deteriorates right in front of our eyes!? I don't know how many teens or high school students are reading this blog (or how many adults are reading this blog), but as a young adult who is about to take the step to going to college, I am legitimately scared for what is in store for both myself, my family, my friends, and my fellow Americans. If I were to sit down and have an interview with President Barack Obama, there would be nothing that he could tell me to make me become more confident in him, his government, or the current economy that looms over many American households. I am still a Barack Obama fan, and I think he can lead the American people to do great things, but he needs to find a way of restructuring the government so that this never happens again. When America faced The Great Depression, the government bought out houses of Americans, and then sold them for cheaper money. This then jump started the economy, and while I know it is not a original idea (and was done the last time we were in a Recession/Depression), Obama should give it some serious consideration.

Personally, I feel as though no matter how much I blog about the current problems with the government, the economy, and President Obama, things truly won't change. Who Am I? What affect do I have on the current situation in America? To tell you all the truth, I sadly don't have an affect on it at all. But Hey! At least I am getting my opinion out there, I am hopefully educating others around the nation and globe about the current problems here in the U.S., and who knows, maybe I will organize some ideas that I think could help "jump start" the American Economy. Then again, I am only a Young Adult, Right? What good can I do?


Flo Rida free download sexyIt looks like Flo Rida is becoming the King of Remixes . This week's Remix of the Week is a double-header including Flo's "Sugar" ft. Wynter ("I'm Blue" Remix by Eiffel 65) and "Right Round" ft. Kesha ("You Spin Me Round" Remix by Dead or Alive).

When I first heard of Flo Rida, I thought of him as a mediocre artist with one popular song, "Low". It was amusing to dance to, but I mean it's a Bar Mitzvah song, let's get real. Then he came out with "Right Round", which I absolutely loved and his new song "Sugar", which I love as well.

While some of you may not appreciate Flo Rida's music, and don't get me wrong, I'm not the HUGEST fan, the reason his songs are so good is because he knows how to mix tracks. He knows how to pick hits from the past and to spice them up with solid rhymes, hot featured artists, and a good vibe.

I can still remember "I'm Blue" from when I was about 8 years old, and it really brought back awesome memories.


Enjoy the trax :)

Right Round ft. Kesha (Video):

Sugar ft. Wynter (Video):

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Kid Cudi FreeYa'll know what I see in this young up and comer, and if you don't see it by now, then you're not looking close enough to the man on the moon. As of right now, there are not too many updates on the album, and the only real news I have for you all is some confirmed tracks that I have stumbled on. Also, I got some videos to drop on you all, and that's about it, sadly. Haha, anyway, check out the tracks below, the videos, and stay tuned for some more CuDi news that will be on the way in the VERY VERY VERY near future!!!

Confirmed Tracks:
"Sky Might Fall"
"Mr. Solo Dolo"
"Soundtrack to My Life"
"Super Boo"
"Dat Nu Nu"
"Calling Me"
"Day 'n' Nite"

KiD CuDi - Day 'N' Nite Performance + A DJ Semtex Interview:

KiD CuDi & B.o.B. (Bobby Ray) Talk About Quitting Rap (INTERESTING TO SAY THE LEAST!!!):

Asher Roth & KiD CuDi Chop It Up With Rap Radar:

More KiD CuDi For Ya In The Coming Weeks

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Fresh Kicks, Dope Shoes, Reebok PumpsAfter scouring the internet for a great deal on fresh kicks, I finally found a match. It's been a long time since I've gotten a pair of shoes, and I thought that if I found a dope pair of kicks I'd capitalize and cough up the bones.

The shoes I found are a limited edition pair of Reebok Pump Omni Lites. In December, 2008, Reebok teamed up with the Japanese brand Auduet and sneaker boutique Mita Sneakers to produce these rockin' soles. The Auduet x Reebok x Mita Pump Omni Lites are featured in "Gold Rush" and "Silver Rush" editions, and I went for the Silver. As you probably don't know, my last name is actually Silver, so of course I would go with the "Silver Rush" edition shoes. Someone even asked me today if I customized them. Apparently there were only 200 pairs of each made, but that can't be true because I copped them for only $47!!!

Bargain hunting is always the key. Please not that this is not a paid review, but rather a personal review of a legitimate site. These shoes retail for anywhere from $95 to $130, but for some reason A & B Sport Inc was having a phenomenal sale. The shoes were first on sale from $99.99 to $74.99, and then when I checked back a week later, they were only $59.99! What a steal! It's a good thing I held out. But wait, you just said $59.99. Well, by using the code ANYC at checkout you save another $15! Oh, and I almost forgot...FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING!!!

You may be a little skeptical of this offer, and trust me I was at first too. I searched around the web for a review of the site, to see if it was legit or not, and it was. I went ahead with buying the shoes and recieved them yesterday. This is the best shoe deal I've gotten in my entire life.

Yeah, but what about the shoe itself? Does it look cool? Is it comfortable. To answer your questions, YES they are freaking sweet!, and YES they are extremely comfortable. I'm rocking a size 10, and they fit great (I probably could have gotten a 9.5, but my ego wouldn't let me). For those of you that may be wondering if the pump actually works, it does indeed. You push on the pump and the tongue inflates on the inside giving you a snugger, more comfortable fit.

If you think I'm lying about this hard to believe deal, go check it out for yourself, or drop us a comment. We are a DoFollow blog, so as much as we would appreciate your comment, it helps you too.

Until next time,

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All-American Rejects CD AlbumIt's been a while since I've posted up some quality music, I've been focusing on SEO, keywording, transfering to our new domain, and DoFollow commenting. In an attempt to bring the good stuff back into your life, I'm hittin' you with the new The All-American Rejects song, "Gives You Hell". When I was cruisin' down the highway in my Dad's new Acura MDX, I heard the song on XM Satellite Radio. Being the intellectual idiot that I am, for some reason I forgot to look at what the song was called under the audio menu, and continued to rock out to the sexy song pumpin' up the jams, pushing the pedal to the metal.

The All-American Rejects have been known for their catchy tunes and stellar lyrics including "Dirty Little Secret". This my friends, is one of those songs. Although I haven't had time to completely dissect the words of the song, I do know that the track is straight fire, and the music video is funny. If I had to take a guess, I'd have to say this guy's girlfriend cheated on him, and now she wants him back. He's not having any of that and is throwing it back in her face.

EDIT: This isn't about his girlfriend, it's a multi-faceted BROMANCE!!!

The best part of the song has to be:
And truth be told I miss you
And truth be told I'm lying
which segues back into the rockin' chorus:
When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
I love his sarcasm, it's just so fitting!

Overall, I rate this song an A+ for effort, attitude, rhymes, retro-activity, and rock.
Good job All-American Rejects, you've done it again.

And as always, be sure to enjoy :)

Music Video:

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Buy The All-American Rejects' new album, When The World Comes Down, Today!!!
Damn SoSickWitItYo, we gotta do a review on these guys...

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TGLRI know it is the worst feeling in the world to have a fantastic season and then succeed in the first round of the playoffs and then all that you worked for ends up being flushed down the toilet after one game. I have to say though, unlike my High School District Semi-Final game, the U-M basketball team hung with the #2 seed much better than we did with the future District Champions in our league. I remember the feeling after that loss, and I am sure that the Michigan players that got their team this far had that feeling ten times worse. Anyway, I watched the entire game, and I know that this won't make anyone on the team feel better, but you all played a heck of a game! I mean for you all to play the way you did against the number two seeded team, I was impressed, and anyone in the NCAA should definitely be worried about this young up and coming team next year. Congrats on a strong season, and I can't wait to see you all play next year (even though I am a huge MSU fan as well as a U-M fan!!!).

Again, Congrats To U-M, and Best of Luck To MSU Tomorrow Against USC... BEAT EM' BOYS!!!