Well they are teaming up again for another very solid track.  Normally I don't do posts this late at night, but I just got word of this snippet from a concert that Lupe did.  The track sounds really tight, and while I am still a bit disturbed by some of the comments Lupe made about ISRAEL and the current issues going on there, I will still bring you all news and updates about his upcoming album.  In case you have not heard, (and this is kind of old news), Lupe has decided to scratch the whole LupE.N.D. idea and is now planning to release three separate albums (hopefully all in 2009/2010, from what I hear).  Anyway, the track below is pretty dope, I have been listening to is over and over again.  Him and Matthew Santos are such a great team, and I would love to see this dynamic duo put out an album together.  I am telling you all, that if those two put out an album, it would be straight fire, and just straight up ridiculous.  Rumored musicians to be featured on the upcoming album are KiD CuDi and Bun B.  That's about all I have really heard, be sure to check back here for more Lupe Fiasco news in the coming weeks!

The Track Is Dope, Can't Wait For The Album To Drop, Be Sure To Check Back Here For More Updates

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