The video above is Flo Rida's third single off his freshman release entitled, Mail on Sunday.  Unlike Soulja Boy, Flo Rida in my opinion is the real thing.  The guy will be putting out hit tracks for a long time... Soulja Boy was a one shot deal.  On top of that, Flo Rida is teaming up with big time musicians like Rick Ross, and other people.  The third single off the album is called, "In The Ayer," and it features Will.I.Am.  Sounds good, hopefully he will be putting out more albums and songs in the near future!


The LEGEND is back folks!!!  John Legend will be putting out a third album with a rumored record name called, Evolver.  I have no idea what an "evolver" is or does, but it sounds pretty neat!  The album is supposedly going to be dropping in September, 2008, and as of right now, there has been one confirmed track [Green Light] that will feature Andre 3000 on it.  I gave it a listen on YouTube, and I really liked it.  In my opinion, his album will be straight fire.  If I hear anymore on it, I will be sure to post it up!!!


One of my favorite comedians passed away today.  George Carlin was 71 when he had a heart attack and died in California today.  George Carlin enlightened many, and was a very funny comedian.  His death is a great loss to the world, and his memory will always remain on this planet.  His ability to crack a smile on his fans faces, whether it was watching him on T.V. or seeing him live was incomparable to any other comedic entertainer out there.  Our condolences go out to the Carlin family, and his fans.


It has been a lot of fun doing the blog.  We have accomplished a lot in it being just our first year up, and we'll see if we bring it back.  Due to the massive amount of work we had the past couple of months, writing reviews, news, and opinionated posts were awfully hard to do.  We promise that if we bring the blog back, we will be doing more posting.  No worries about that.  Thanks to all who came and checked the blog on a regular basis, it really has meant a lot to us!  We hope that what we have done thus far has helped you all in some way or another.  I would personally like to thank ICECrush for all he has done this year, especially because his schedule was more jam packed then mine!

Again, I don't really know on whether or not the blog will be back up after our two month break.  I hope so, but we will see what happens.  Shout out to everyone who helped us with everything: Young Kingz Daily, Ain't Got No Music, Not Mike Jones, J-Dollaz, Newest MP3's, iM1, and so many others out there who truly helped us out with making this blog what it is and hopefully will be in the near future.  

Also, I would like to congratulate all my sports teams and ICECrush's teams that have won this year.  Lets see how his teams and my teams stacked up, shall we?

SickWitItYo's Teams:
  • Detroit Red Wings: Stanley Cup Champs
  • Detroit Pistons: Eastern Conference Finalist
  • Michigan State University: Sweet Sixteen Finalist
  • New York Giants: Super Bowl Champs

ICECrush's Teams:
  • Boston Celtics: NBA Champs
  • New York Giants: Super Bowl Champs
  • Boston Red Sox: 2006 - 2007 World Series Champs (Possibly 07 - 08?)
So you judge for yourself, who had the more successful year?  I am pretty sure I did... Not to be modest or anything like that.  So there you have it!  Year 1 in the books.  Maybe we will have another year left in us.  I sure hope we do.  If the blog helped you in any which way, and you think that it is vital for us to make sure we do it again, leave a comment.  If we do bring the blog back, expect a whole new looking interface upon our return from our summer breaks.  And to all of our readers out there going to Bannaroo this summer, please let us know how it goes.  We would like to go one day, but we will see what happens!  Thanks for everything you guys have done, and hopefully the blog will be back up and running in full swing after two months.  We hope you all have good summers!

So long for now, PEACE
- Tha Good Life Reviews


My all time favorite sports team that I have grown up watching since I was a little child was the Detroit Red Wings.  I would personally like to congratulate them on their Stanley Cup victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins.  This has been their third cup in the past 11 Years, and their 11th cup since their the NHL was formed (They Are One Of The Original Six Teams).

MVP of the Playoffs: Henrik Zetteberg
Outstanding Player of the Series: Marc Andre-Fluery

So congrats, to the Detroit Red Wings, for winning Lord Stanley's Cup back home to Detroit! 2007-2008 Cup Champs!  GO WINGS!!!


I am a man of many different tastes.  Whether we are talking about music, food, or anything else, I always like a variety.  You all pretty much know me as the R&B/Hip-Hop & Rap type of guy, but that truly is not the case.  In fact, I have never been to a concert for any of those genres before.  What you may not know me so much for is that I truly love Rock and Pop, and so many other different genres of music.  So when a friend of mine offered me the opportunity to go see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers live, I did what any sane teenager who loved music would do.  I gladly accepted the tickets, and the next thing I knew, I was on my way to the concert!

Little do you all know, but this was not my first Rock concert.  This past year, I had seen Neil Young live, with his wife (who is not such a great opening act and definitely not worth going to see...).  The concert was pretty good, but nothing compared to Mr. Petty's.  My first concert ever was about two years ago, and it was one that I will truly remember for the rest of my life.  I went to see Clapton live.  When I found out I was going, I couldn't control myself, and the whole week was pretty much a waste because all I could think of was seeing Clapton.  While both Clapton and Young were great, neither of them had as great of stage presence and performance as the great Tom Petty.  His tour just started, so if you like Rock music, and get a chance to see Tom Petty live, be sure to do that!  Oh, and the opening act was really awesome, he had Steve Winwood open the show, and I hope to see him when he goes on tour.