Whatever your personal opinion was regarding Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, this is one sad day. I'm not sure if it's just ironic that MJ died on the day of my high school graduation, or what, but the news really shocked me; I couldn't have been more surprised. In a day and age when we need old school icons bringing back the music our parents grew up on, an untimely, heart attack induced, 50-year old death is definitely not what we need.

Michael Jackson was an American icon who produced, performed, and amazed. His moonwalk was nasty, his voice divine, and his presence great. With numerous scandals surrounding himself, and a weird new nose and skin color, people got the wrong impression of him. I always knew him as the Thriller and Michael Jackson Number Ones.

With that I wish you happy music hunting and to listen to a few of MJs songs in these next few days. He was supposed to go on tour this summer, and I feel terrible for the fans who are going to miss out.




Hopefully you dug Josh X last time we covered him because his has just dropped his first OFFICIAL single,"First Time" from his upcoming album, Can I Live. For a little refresher, Josh X-an-tus is is an upcoming 22-year old R&B artist from NYC who is one nasty piano player and phenomenal singer/songwriter. We see a different soft and slick side of Josh in this beautifully done music video. His girl is pretty hot too! Check it out below and leave some comments for our guy! Check out more information about Josh in this DJBooth Interview!

Josh X-an-tus - "First Time" Official Video from MC Endeezy on Vimeo.


I know that this song is a bit old by now, but I have just been digging it way too hard. The song is HOT and the video is even HOTTER!!! For that reason I thought it would be a great idea to give it up to Keri Hilson, Kanye, and Ne-Yo, and to present you with "Knock You Down"!!!


OJ Da Juiceman & DJ Green Lantern shout out to B.o.B & his upcoming mixtape, B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray. Go ahead, peep the video below, and be on the lookout for the mixtape which is supposed to drop on Tuesday! Be on the lookout for it, we will for sure be hosting it over here!  More information on B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray coming your way real soon, be on the lookout for it!


Eric Holljes is a singer-songwriter living in Durham, NC. He began singing at age 2, playing piano at 7, and guitar at 17. Influenced by the music of artists like Billy Joel, Paul Simon and George Winston, he's found his voice writing soulful melodic pop songs. Eric has shared the stage with Brandi Carlile, Sister Hazel and others, and was recently featured on the acclaimed album of up-and-coming pop singer/producer, Mike Posner. Eric is something truly special, and you know us here at TGLR, we don't cover people who are just par (or sub-par for that matter)!  We enjoy bringing your fresh, new, and good music, and we intend to do so for however long this site will be up for!  "Good in my Hood" is a super solid song, and if you are someone who is not a Hip-Hop head, then you will really enjoy this one!  I don't know the specifics of what Eric is doing, but I will be sure to find out when I can as to what he plans on doing.  "Good in my Hood" is Eric's first single, and it is extremely good!  Even if you don't dig his genre of music, I think you should check it out.  TGLR looks forward to working with Eric Holljes in the future and hopefully the two of us can use each other and benefit!  Be sure to come back here for more updates, links, and new material from Mr. Holljes!

Get More Information On Eric Holljes:

"Good In My Hood" Music Video (Directed By Lawrence Chen & Track Produced By Logan Grime):

More Eric Holljes News Coming Your Way Soon


Wale brings it hard again on his most recent mixtape, Back to the Feature which features him working with the studio genius 9th Wonder.  The mixtape before this one, Mixtape About Nothing, really turned me onto Wale and really got me following him, and his most recent release has kept me up with that same interest level that the Mixtape About Nothing had.  Wale brought it hard not only with his lyrical flow, but with the beats, and all the sick nasty featured musicians.  I don't think I have ever seen so many features on a mixtape before, especially for someone who is relatively new to the music game!  We covered one of the singles a while back by Wale on his track, "Chillin'," which featured the ever-so-popular Lady Gaga (P.S. Also check out DJ Benzi's remix of the track "Chillin'," it has some pretty dope video work done on it, and I highly suggest it, CLICK HERE to check it out!).  I knew that when that song leaked, that this tape was going to be mad dope and something special.

One thing that is great about Wale is that he doesn't just focus on one sort of Hip-Hop, he has various ways of sending his message and conveying his music to the masses.  There was a ton of hype to this mixtape, and surprisingly, the tape did not let down whatsoever.  Another thing I loved about this tape was that it featured some musicians that are already all-stars in the music industry, and at the same time, it featured musicians who may not be huge right now, but definitely have the potential to become something big one day (i.e. Daniel Merriweather, Curren$y, etc...).  The tape as a whole really brought out the best in Wale, and his features really went along with the tracks they were on.  Each beat really fit with the musician he chose to work with on the track, which is something that is generally ignored by many musicians out there!  Anyway, peep the rest of the review below, and be sure to check out the tape, if you don't you'll be missing out!

D.C. Chillin'... That's what's up folks.  With songs like that, it is hard for me to believe that Wale won't make it big in the music industry!  I mean let's take a look at the features on this mixtape, shall we?  You got Joe Budden, Curren$y, Young Chris, Freeway & Beanie Sigel, Talib Kweli, Joell Ortiz, Big Sean, Ken Starr, Mike Posner, Daniel Merriweather, Memphis Bleek, Jean Grae, Royce Da 5'9, Dre (from Cool & Dre), K'Naan, and so many more!!!  The crazy part about this is that you got musicians in that list who are all from different backgrounds of Hip-Hop and Rap.  I mean Big Sean is a totally different musician then Talib Kweli, and yet Wale finds a way for both sounds to converge on his mixtape!  It's kind of an impressive thing, and I think Wale should get some serious credit for doing that.  Well, I am running out of things to say on this mixtape, it has been in serious rotation on my iTunes/iPod since I downloaded it last night, and I think you all should download it, otherwise you will be missing out on something truly special!  I give this mixtape an A, and I am sure that I won't be the only one giving it that score!  Peep the track listing below, the album artwork above, and the download links below!

Back To The Feature Track Listing:
  1. Wordplay (Feat. Curren$y & Tre)
  2. Cyphr (Feat. Young Chris, Freeway & Beanie Sigel)
  3. Chillin' (Catch vs 9th) (Feat. Lady Gaga)
  4. Tito Santana (Feat. Joe Budden)
  5. Minutes (Feat. Skyzoo)
  6. Life's A B*tch (Feat. Talib Kweli & Joell Ortiz)
  7. Night Life (Feat. Young Chris & Tre)
  8. Sweatin' Out Weaves (Feat. UCB)
  9. Hot Shyt (Feat. Peedi Peedi, Black Thought, Tu Phace & Young Chris)
  10. Wonder Why (Feat. Big Sean, Ken Starr & Mike Posner)
  11. Pot Of Gold (Feat. Daniel Merriweather)
  12. Sharp (Feat. Torae & Kingpin Slim)
  13. Warwick Avenue (Feat. Duffy)
  14. The Sun (Feat. Memphis Bleek)
  15. Rather Be With You (Vagina Is For Lovers) (Feat. J Cole & Curren$y)
  16. Goodbye (Feat. Jean Grae)
  17. Say It Again (Feat. Royce Da 5'9)
  18. Talkin' Shyt (Feat. Bub B & Dre)
  19. Nothing To Worry About (Feat. Peter, Bjorn & John)
  20. Rhyme 'N' Reason (Feat. Tre)
  21. Um Ricka (Feat. K'Naan)
  22. New Soul (Feat. Yael Naim)
Download Back To The Feature Below:

Check Out Wale & Lady Gaga In His Music Video For, "Chillin":

Check Back Here For More Wale Updates In The Near Future, Back To The Feature Out Now... Be Sure To Cop It And Give It A Listen, Stuff Is Mad DOPE!!!


Hey-yo, it's ICECrush and I'm back with TGLR's SECOND Contest!!! TGLR Contest #2 features 2 copies of Busta Rhymes' new hit album, Back on My B.S. (Peep Our Review!!!)

So how do I enter the contest?

1) Submit your very own 4-bar rap by COMMENTING on the POST.

"What it do, what it do all day,
Come through and get it jumpin, Throwin money away.
It don't matter if you're hustlin' a bundle of yay,
Or you got a 9 to 5, Let the champagne spray."
- Busta Rhymes, Hustler's Anthem '09

2) Fill out the form below with your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS.

3) *BONUS POINTS* Submit a video of you spitting your four bars as a YouTube link and post it up in the comments with the lyrics to your rap. Be creative! Spice it up!

4) The best
2 raps bring home the prize (A Copy of Back on My B.S.)




Big Sean breaks it down with MTV on his freestyling for Mr. West and how he got signed to G.O.O.D. Music.  Dude has mad talent, and I was fortunate enough to meet Big Sean in person.  The dude is just hella chill and really is such a down to Earth guy considering he is FAMOUS!  Pretty crazy!  Anyways, peep the video below, stuff is really crazy, and I want to thank Big Sean for being who he is, one of the realest guys I have ever met, and I look forward to hopefully working with him later at some point!  Expect things from him now that he is 'Finally Famous.'

Check Back Here For More Updates On Big Sean & Hopefully An Interview Coming Your Way Real Soon!!! Also, We Will Be Breaking Down Our Personal Meeting With Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, & Mike Posner @ Revive (in Birmingham, MI)! So All That Coming Your Way Real Soon!


I really don't know how I feel about Charles Hamilton right now, but I am definitely feeling and diggin' his musician, SHow TuFli.  The dude is fresh, young, and has that flow that the music game has been missing for a while.  I was really nervous downloading his mixtape for various reasons, and it is officially the first mixtape I have ever downloaded of his.  The Fli Life is something that I have never heard before, and it is a tribute to Charles Hamilton.  The beats and tone of the songs are very "Hamilton'esque" and while that is not a bad thing (necessarily), I just have a hard time getting a feeling of who Mr. TuFli really is.  I think it is a really sick idea, and I know that this tape was his final one in the mixtape thing he had going (in which he payed tribute to some of the greatest musicians in the industry, like Eminem, Jay-Z, etc...), but as it stands, I have a hard time figuring out if he is just another Charles Hamilton, or are we really dealing with something unique and special here!?

  SHow TuFli has got what it takes to be great, and I am sure with the help of Charles Hamilton, he will craft his game over time!  Don't get me wrong, I really don't hate on many musicians out there (except for Soulja Boy and 50 Cent), and I am not going to hate on Charles Hamilton, but I really hope that Sonic gets his stuff straightened out, otherwise it won't just be his career he has to worry about!  TuFli definitely has what it takes, and you can get all the proof you want on this tape, it has it all!  Maybe you hate Charles Hamilton, but give the tape a listen and a shot!  This stuff is pretty dope, and if I had to give the mixtape an overall grade, I would give it a very solid -A!  This stuff was really dope, something that I am not used to hearing, and with the Hamilton beats, TuFli just kills it!  Anyway, peep the download below, and don't cheat yourself out on hearing some good, new, and fresh music!  I promise that you won't regret this download, it is really worth it!

The Fli Life Track Listing:
Breaking News V
This Fli Life (prod. Beat Assassins)
Don’t Even Wanna Talk (prod. Beat Assassins)
Sit Down (prod. Woodysproduce)
Open the Window (prod. Woodysproduce)
A Breather (prod. Woodysproduce)
Taking It All Away (prod. Beat Assassins)
Do Something (prod. Beat Assassins)
Look Good to Me (prod. by Woodysproduce)
In A Little Bit (prod. Beat Assassins)

(Link Provided By 2DopeBoyz)

More SHow TuFli Coming Your Way Real Soon, Be On The Lookout!


The Black Eyed Peas debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart with their latest release, THE E.N.D. Their fifth studio cd marks the group’s highest debut of their career with 304,109 in first-week sales. This is the biggest sales week for the group, outperforming their previous cd, Monkey Business, which sold 291,164 in June 2005.

“Boom Boom Pow,” the first single from three-time Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum Interscope recording artists The Black Eyed Peas, holds the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for eleven consecutive weeks and #1 on the Top 40 chart for five consecutive weeks. Since its release eleven weeks ago, “Boom Boom Pow” has sold over 2,802,286 million digital downloads. In its first week of release, the second single “I Gotta Feeling” is #1 on the digital songs chart with 249,133 in digital downloads and debuts at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This is the first time any act has occupied the top two spots on the Hot 100 with songs from the No. 1 album of the week since OutKast did it on Feb. 7, 2004.

The exclusive deluxe version of The E.N.D., available only at Target stores nationwide and Target.com, includes four new songs, six remix hits and additional video content.

Rolling Stone calls THE E.N.D., “the best thing the Black Eyed Peas have ever recorded” and Entertainment Weekly raves, “pure Top 40 nirvana.” USA Today confirms “it’s booming, electrified pop with plenty of Pow” and The New York Times says, “’Boom Boom Pow’ arrives like a fusillade of punches and kicks, an onomatopoeia traveling at warp speed.”

The E.N.D. is The Black Eyed Peas’ first original new album since Monkey Business (released May 2005), with worldwide sales of more than 9 million copies. Monkey Business generated Grammy Awards for “Don't Phunk With My Heart” and “My Humps.” The Black Eyed Peas have sold over 26 million cds worldwide.

Be On The Lookout For More Black Eyed Peas News Coming Your Way Soon, Also Check Their Hit Song "I Gotta Feeling" Which Is Getting Major Attention & Is Truly Something Special!


I really hope that this track isn't anything appearing on either artists respective LP's, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that this "collaboration" will be something used in the upcoming Country Music Awards or something like that... On top of that, I don't really see Taylor Swift being able to become a rapper, I like her just the way she is... an innocent, beautiful country singer... T-Pizzle comes out with that Auto-Tune and hits it with perfection, nice references to being on a boat, made me wanna watch that video some more!  Anyway, check out the video below, and peep the download below!  By the way, isn't that chain getting heavy for T-Pain to be lugging around on his neck!?

Taylor Swift & T-Pain - "Thug Story Edition"
Download Here

More T-Pain & Taylor Swift News Coming Soon


Bun B showin' some love for B.o.B on his upcoming B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray mixtape which is due out next week!  Guys, you all need to stay posted for this one, I have a feeling this may be the best mixtape B.o.B puts out, EVER!!! Be sure to check back here for more information in the coming days, and be sure to show your love for B.o.B when the mixtape drops!


So let's start off this megapost with something that we have already covered on the site... The upcoming concert that these two guys are headlining is going to be straight up sick nasty.  When I first got the e-mail about it, I posted it up immediately.  Sadly, I do not have the money, nor the ability to travel from Canada to Michigan to see these two guys live!  It is truly a shame, because this may be the last time that I can see either one of these performers at the cost that the tickets are at.  Anyway, check the video below, be sure to cop your tickets, and let me know how the concert is!

BONUS: KiD CuDi @ SummerBash!:

Also, be sure to check out KiD CuDi freestylin' it up on this track made by The Clipse and featuring the one and only Kanye West.  The track is dope, and it is entitled, "Excuse My Mood Freestyle".  I highly advise everyone out there to download this track, it is really dope, and I give my props to YK2Daily for the link!  Anyway, peep, "Excuse My Mood Freestyle" here!  Oh, and be on the lookout for his freshman LP to drop August 25th, 2009!


Be On The Lookout For More Asher Roth & KiD CuDi News Coming Your Way Real Soon!!!


You all have no idea how much I would have killed to get to go to this concert, but since I don't really have much money, I was sadly unable to attend! Even though this is the case, I still was able to find some sick nasty footage from the concert, and let me tell you, Mr. Posner & Mr. Sean each know how to rock a show. I was fortunate to meet both musicians (and Wiz Khalifa... more coming on that later,) at the store called Revive, in Birmingham, MI. I don't think I have met two more chill people... EVER, and both of them were so down to Earth for being musicians on the rise! Anyway, these two guys are such bright spots in the future for Hip-Hop, and I hope that you all enjoy the live footage below... Be on the lookout for updates on Mike Posner's upcoming mixtape (due out in September) and more information on Big Sean's, Finally Famous.

Big Sean Performs "Glenwood":

Mike Posner Performs "Evil Woman":

Mike Posner x Big Sean Performing "Who Knows" & "Smoke 'N' Drive":

Check Back Here For More Mike Posner & Big Sean Information


Well, more coming at you here... Check out Big Boi supporting the upcoming mixtape release of B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray, and I am sure that as the more talk B.o.B does about the mixtape, the amped people get!  Anyway, check the "commercial" out below, Big Boi is representing on it, and be sure to stay posted on the upcoming release, more B.o.B coming your way real soon!


I recently did an interview with one of the Clan members, so that will for sure be up within the next week or so.  So since I did ask some questions about both himself and the Clan, I figured I would post up the track listing along with the album artwork.  Normally, I don't post up fluff stuff, but I figured in preparation for my posting of the interview, I would give you some preemptive information on the upcoming Wu-Tang release!  Chamber Music is due out in the near future, be sure to check that out and keep coming back here for more information in the coming weeks!  Seems like it is safe to say that Wu-Tang is bringing it hard on this one, seventeen tracks, tons of RZA and Ghostface Killah, and a whole lot more... BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR MORE WU-TANG CLAN!!!

Chamber Music Track Listing:
1. Redemption
2. Kill Too Hard (Feat. Inspectah Deck, U-God and Masta Ace)
3. The Abbot (Feat. RZA)
4. Harbor Masters (Feat. Ghostface Killah, AZ and Inspectah Deck)
5. Sheep State (Feat. RZA)
6. Radiant Jewels (Feat. Raekwon, Cormega and Sean Price)
7. Supreme Architecture (Feat. RZA)
8. Evil Deeds (Feat. Ghostface Killah, RZA and Havoc)
9. Wise Men (Feat. RZA)
10. I Wish You Were Here (Feat. Ghostface Killah and Tre Williams)
11. Fatal Hesitation
12. Ill Figures (Feat. Raekwon, M.O.P. and Kool G Rap)
13. Free Like ODB (Feat. RZA)
14. Sound The Horns (Feat. Inspectah Deck, Sadat X and U-God)
15. Enlightened Statues (Feat. RZA)
16. NYC Crack (Feat. RZA)
17. One Last Question…


"Attached is the jpeg poster for my 1st Single Whatever U Want which features Kanye West & John Legend. We reunited “The Grammy Family” one more time for what will surely be one of the musical bright spots of Summer 09′. Please post this jpeg on your blogs, sites, Myspace Pages, Facebooks, Twitter Pages or whenever you find yourself being social online. More updates regarding my NEW LP are coming this week. Thanks for your support and get ready!!!

The RETURN OF THE REAL is Upon Us…" - Consequence
You heard the man... Be on the lookout for the upcoming single off Consequences upcoming LP!  The track will feature the Grammy Family, which consists of Kanye West, John Legend, and Consequence himself!  Be on the lookout for more news on Consequences upcoming album, and be sure to check out our review of his first album and our bio on him... I think we will all be in for a pleasant surprise with Con's upcoming second release!

More Consequence News In The Near Future


In an attempt to further promote Jordan Looney's most recent release, "Nerd-Hop Vol. 2", we interviewed our main man to get to know him better and to make you love him even more than you already do.

TGLR Presents: J. Loonz.

Yo Jordan what’s up how was school this year and how’s college life in general?

Yo whats good with you my man. This has been a pretty crazy school year for me. I kicked it off with a four-month study abroad trip in Prague. I had never really been out of the country so to see Prague along with Amsterdam, Italy, Germany, and Hungary was really a life changing experience for me. Then I got back to school and dropped Nerd Hop Vol 1, which was lovely and I also started a live band called Looney and the Tunes, which has been going really well. Other than that I have just been hittin these books trying to graduate and partying as much as possible.

So your boy Max hooked us up with this interview and he’s been an awesome help. What do you think of him and his “promotion methods” (I won’t detail what he did to get me to listen to you, it’s a bit graphic)?

There is only one word that can be used to describe Max and that is BEAST. The man is just graduating high school and has more marketing and promotional talent than industry professionals. As far as his methods go, I just leave him to his own devices, and it gets results.

So I read your interview with the Daily Northwestern and it seems to me that you’re a pretty cool dude. Do you consider yourself a NERD with special hopping talents or is your album targeted at NERDs?

Well I will say that I hop with the best of them, but this album is really for anyone who is cool with being who they are and if that means a nerd than all the power to you. The main goal of Nerd Hop is to redefine what it means to be a Nerd. At the beginning of last summer I had to have a little sit down with myself and really look into who I was as a rapper and a person. I came to the realization that I was a Nerd. Not a Nerd in the sense that I am socially awkward or I can knock out your math homework in five minutes, but in the sense that I approach everything I do intelligently and passionately. Being a nerd is a state of mind, you can’t just though on a pair of big glasses and think you got it. You really have to live eat and sleep your nerdom not because you wanna make a fashion statement, but because your are completely ok with being yourself. I think everyone should strive to be a Nerd whether your thing is school, fashion, music, or even slangin yayo. Just look at the Clipse, biggest coke nerds ever.

I’m really digging a few tracks on Nerd Hop Vol. 1 like “Look at me Now” and “Oh Really”. I was able to listen to a track off your new tape, “Sleepy Head”, and I’m getting really excited! How does the feel of the second mixtape compare to the feel of the first one?

Well first there is just more content on Vol 2. Vol 1 was just like a little taste of what I am bringing to the table, Vol. 2 is like lunch. I ain’t served dinner yet, but we working on it. Vol 2 also has more of a blend of different tracks with a mesh of concepts that all speak to different parts of who I am. You got your party tracks like Sleepy Head combined with some tracks you can chill out to, mixed in with some heavy lyricism. All in all I think this next tape is definitely a step in the right direction and I look forward to making more music.

Who were you before college, and who are you now?
I think a lot of people go in to college looking to reinvent themselves, but for me college was a place to expand who I already was. Before college I was hungry to be a successful emcee, but I didn’t have the experience or the network necessary to put all the pieces together. Now I am still hungry to make this rap work out for, but I have a better understanding of how to make what I want happen. Education has made a lot of things possible in my life both musically and professionally and I still got a year left.

Did you always have a knack for music and rapping or did you pick up over the years? When did you start doing this shit?

Music has always been in my life. My grampa was a jazz pianist, my dad played the bongos, and my mom was a poet and they used to perform together before I was even born. Both of my older brothers and my cousin rap too, so I came up in a really creative/competitive space. My cousin was my age so we used to spend all day kicking freestyles. The first shit I ever recorded though, was back in junior high. Me and my boy made a CD where we made parodies of a bunch of tracks all about food. It was pretty clownin I might have to release it.

Tell me about your boy Zack. I’ve heard some pretty good stories.

I met Zack my freshmen year in African-American Studies 101. We were both in to music and we became good friends. You know how other people zone out or get distracted, at least for a small amount of time during the day. Well that just doesn’t happen with Zack. He is always working on something and constantly having new ideas. I said Max is a beast but Zack is like The Beast from X-Men. I don’t really want to put him on blast with any stories, but believe he’s doing big things.

Do you speak any foreign languages?

I speak a little Spanish and some Czech from living in Prague. In this new track Europe my first line is some German slang I picked up while I was abroad.

Have you looked at signing onto any labels? Where do you want to be in 5 years?

You know the thing about signing to a label is it could kill you career. Depending on your contract you cold get put in a bad position where you don’t have control over your own music. I’m not saying I won’t ever sign, but there are a lot of things I can do now to make sure that I have more say in the matter when an offer does come to the table. In the near future I’m working on developing my sound, but I eventually hope to make that classic album that full represents who I am as an artist. I feel like rapping is something that will always be with me, so I’m trying to get my hands in to a lot of different things. Hopefully I can start a few businesses, maybe go to grad school, and hopefully travel the world. These next five years are going to be incredible for me, I want to go all out and not hold anything back.

If you could work/collaborate with any artist/producer who would it be?

Man that’s a tough question because there are so many artists that I would love to work with. Personally I have always wanted to work with some Minnesota greats like Atmosphere or Brother Ali. But even as I say that I start thinking about working with some one like Andre 3000 or UGK, rest in peace Pimp C. Too many cats to name, next question.

What are you nerdy about/How much of a nerd are you?

Like I said earlier for me being a nerd is a state of mind, so whatever I do is going to have a little nerd in it. Of course I’m passionate about Hip Hop and I approach it in an intellectual way from how I write to how I market and promote myself. I do have some classic nerd tendencies, though. I have always liked school and I watch cartoons after school religiously until I was like a senior in high school. I still love cartoons, but I’m so busy I don’t really get a chance to watch them like I want. At the end of the day though there is something intangible about nerdiness that I have never been able to quite put my finger on. Maybe its just the fact that you see the world a little differently or have different priorities other than trying to be cool.

What is your opinion on the new musicians that are making it big in the music industry now?

I am really excited about the next generation of Hip Hop artist that are coming up right now. All across the country you have some really talented emcees that are putting out some quality music. Some of my favorites right now have got to be Wale, Drake and Kid Cuddi. I also have been really diggin heads like The Cool Kids, Mike Terror, Big Sean, and Kidz in the Hall to name a few. I gotta show Minnesota love though because I am consistently bumping Heiruspects, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, and POS. A lot of the emcees I named have only released mixtapes so I’m watching and listening for their albums. There are also a ton of other heads I didn’t mention who I really talented that I want to hear more from.

What do you think about Mike Posner?

I actually have been working with Mike for a little bit now. Zack and him had a mutual friend so they linked up and we started doing some marketing work for his first mixtape. About a month ago now we went out to Detroit to kick it with him for a few days. He is a cool guy, just really laid back and down to earth. As far as Mike Posner the artist goes, I think he is extremely talented and I can’t wait for him to make more music.

TGLR or some other crappy blog? How’s your blog doing?

Our blog is currently under construction, sort of. I had one of my friends do some graphic design for the site, but we never were really able to finish it. I was like I’m going to wait to start posting until its finished, but that might be a little while, so I think Ill start getting back to it. For the people that don’t know my blog is www.nerd-hop.com. It is of course devoted to all things nerd hop. Eventually I’m going to start putting all my lyrics up there. To me rapping is like poetry so I feel like sometimes people have to read my lyrics to really get everything that’s there. Another blog that I think every underground hip hop head needs to be up on is Midwestbroadcast.blogspot.com. They provide me with content and information about at a broad variety of artists from the all Midwest. He actually just released a compilation CD, called Flyover Land Vol 1 that is fire. Flyover Land Vol 2 is on the way, which I am going to feature on.

How do you primarily get your music out to the fans?

If I told you that I would have to kill you. Na I’m just playing, but we have developed a pretty solid method of distributing content using some methods from this Social Networking class Zack and I both took. So far we have released all the content digitally though facebook, myspace, and blog networks and it has been working pretty well. We have expanded the network since Vol 1 so I think Vol 2 is going to go a little farther.

What is J. Loonz's Theory of Relativity?

Well I have never really thought about it, but I guess my theory of relativity connects to my definition of success. They say success is relative, meaning that it is dependent on your own personal definitions and experiences. One person may feel that a successful rapper has to be ballin out of control with mad chains, and cars, but for me I measure my success by the quality of the music I make. Neither of these definitions is inherently wrong, I guess it just depends on what you really want.

Why Northwestern/How are the fans there?

My main reason for picking Northwestern is because it was the best school I got in to. Some other reason I choose NU was because it was’t too big and it was out of state. Although I love St. Paul, I had to leave for awhile and see what life was like outside the Twin Cities. Another great part about NU is how close it is to Chicago. The Chi is a beautiful city, when its not cold as fuck. Chicagoans has always showed me love and has given me some great experiences musically, professionally, and in life in general. Northwestern fans are getting better. When I first got out here people were a little suspect that anyone that went to school at NU could be a talented emcee, but I have been showing them the light.

If you could have anyone do a hook for you, who would it be?

I’ll take a hook from T-Payne just cuz it’s guaranteed to make me an instant star and a lot of paper. Na but for real though I think it would be really ill to get a hook from Lauren Hill I have always thought she had a beautiful voice and is one of the dopest emcees male or female ever to do it. Where you been at Ms. Hill?

Have you ever freestyled? If you have, how often do you do it!?

I came up freestyling. My friends used to always tell me to imagine Jay-Z or Nas was standing in front of me and was about to give me a deal, but I had to kick something off the top first. I think its a useful skill for any emcee because you can show off your skill where ever you are, but I don’t really like to do it on the track. I feel like I have a lot more control when I write because I select the perfect word for the rhyme plus I can make my rhymes have a deeper meaning beyond whatever it is I’m thinking about at the time. I definitely ebb and flow between freestyling and writing. One week ill write a novel and the next I can’t write for shit, but I can freestyle for days.

Performing Live or Doing Studio Work?

They both have their highs and lows. Performing live is a lot of fun especially with a live band. There is nothing like looking our over the audience and seeing people genuinely vibing with your music. What I like about studio work is the endless possibilities. There is so much you can do to a track. Whether it is in how you spit your verse or how you mix it down or the after affects you through on, when you step in the booth you have the opportunity to create something that a lot of people will enjoy.

If you could make music for a genre other then hip-hop, what would it be?

You know, me and my boy out here at NU used to clown all the time and switch our songs in to other genres. It was mostly country and like emo rock, but it was pretty funny. If I had my choice I would be and r and b singer, but just for the fact that chicks go crazy for singers. The only problem is my singing voice isn’t quite there, yet. I actually just saw prodigy the other night and they put on a sick show, I would love to rock as hard as those dudes.

Ever thought of making a music video and how you would go about that?

Actually I’m working on with a few film majors at NU to do just that. Not exactly sure what song or how the logistics are going to pan out, but the initial phases are under way.

Would you ever collab with artists not in the hip-hop genre?

Definitely. Passion Pit is like a techo, electronica group, but I would love to work with all types of musicians from punk to jazz.

How’s Chi Town? Do you know Chi City MAYNE??

Yo Chi Town is lovely. It’s starting to get warm outside which means summer is almost here, and you know there’s nothing better then the summer time Chi, especially when your twenty one. Ya dig

….You want a Snapple Becky.


And we're back with the EXCLUSIVE Nerd-Hop Vol. 2 MIXTAPE brought to you by Tha Good Life Reviews.  Hopefully you caught the single, "Sleepy Head" last week (Link), but if not you can peep it on Jordan Looney's latest release.  With 2300+ downloads on the single, we're looking to shoot the moon on this one.

For those of you unaware of the greatness of Jordan Looney, he is a phenomenal rapper out of Northwestern, keepin' it real, and NERD-Hoppin' to the beat.  Nerd-Hop Vol. 1 was a success and if you loved that one you're sure going to FALL IN LOVE with this tape.  J. Loonz has been though of as the next Lupe Fiasco, and hopefully with this release he gets the fame he deserves.


Review and Interview Coming Soon...


In case you are all not familiar with the two producers above, let me formally introduce you to them.  The two men above go by the names of Deuce and B. Wright.  Together, they form one of the most dynamic and outstanding producing groups in the music industry today.  Both of them were born in Michigan, however Deuce has traveled to Atlanta for school!  By the way, congratulations to Deuce on graduating from Morehouse!!! Wrigh Trax has collaborated with a ton of musicians through their time and probably some that you know, like Big Sean and Mike Posner, and the list will go on and on as their work spreads across the industry!  Anyway, without further a do, I present to you, Wrigh Trax!!!

Wrigh Trax: How is everything?

TGLR: Everything is good, how about you?

Wrigh Trax: Pretty good, pretty good, working man.

TGLR: Yea, well that’s always good!

Wrigh Trax: Yea man…

TGLR: So I got to ask this question, what was the inspiration and ideology behind your sick track entitled, “Tha City”? I mean I have been bumping that track long before I decided to start my site, so I have been thinking about this question for a very long time!

B. Wright: What was going on at that time, it was 2003?

Deuce: That was the first thing we threw on our mixtape/album it was originally titled “Mixtape”. We got comments from the Pistons and it was really something that was going to push us forward.


B. Wright: The song really was just embracing where we grew up as in our hometown, Detroit. We talked about popular hangout spots in Detroit, it’s kind of like Petey Pablo’s “North Carolina,” ours was more on the local side.

TGLR: Yea, that song was really dope, have you guys ever put out an album?

B. Wright: On the Wrigh Trax entertainment side, we actually put out like eight albums I believe. “Tha City” was featured on Wrigh Trax Mixtape Vol. 1 which was put out back in 2003. We also did some solo albums as well.

TGLR: Now I know that you guys each cousins, but does that ever come into conflict while you are in the studio? I mean my brother get along with each other just fine (and he is arguably my best friend!), but when you are working on a project, do things get complicated?

Deuce: There are times in which we may feel different in the creative direction, in the end of the day, we just try to make something that we are proud of. Normally the conflict is solved by us just combining the two ideas, or if B. Wright has something better, then maybe we just use his stuff. At the end of the day, it isn’t “B. Wright,” or “Deuce,” it is Wrigh Trax.

TGLR: Have either of you ever wished that you could have lived in another city to grow up in, or were you happy growing up in Detroit?

B. Wright: Well, it was always like, we’d want to experience other cities, but we never had a problem growing up in Detroit. We always loved Detroit for what it was.

Deuce: Well, I live in Atlanta right now and I have been going to school here and just recently finished up college at Morehouse. It was my decision to go to school here, and as you know, Atlanta is a big place for music.

TGLR: Yea, I hear ya! Sadly though, the talk of kids my age and of the young group of people living in Detroit now is to leave town and find life elsewhere. Do you think that this is an issue?

B. Wright: I don’t think it will be an issue, so long as they remember where they are from. They need to give back to Detroit in some way or another. There are still going to be people who live in Detroit, and they are just going to keep good things going.

TGLR: Where does the name “Wrigh Trax” come from?

B. Wright: It is just a simplification of the last name Wright.

Deuce: Yea, haha

TGLR: So tell us how you got to where you are today!?

B. Wright: We had a lot of patience and hard work. Definitely had dedication. We had a vision, a vision of where we wanted to go. We started off rapping, and our vision changed a little and we are now doing producing. We really just started networking with other artists in the area. Big Sean is a mutual friend, and we started producing records with him. We started producing with big name musicians, like two tracks with Kanye West.

Deuce: I mean we really just exhausted every opportunity that was presented in front of us. Even when we were rapping, we would go to every place we could, making sure we had posters on us at all times. The same things now, when were doing productions. Whenever an opportunity comes along, we look to take advantage of it, not matter what it is. We used to go down to Hot 102.7 was 105.9 JFN when we were rapping. That was when Sugar Ray was on and they had premiered our single, “Tha City,” on Jam It or Slam It. Shout out to Dr. Darius, they have all been supporting since day one.

TGLR: In your journey to being where you are today, have you faced any, “haters” or people who told you that you two were ludicrous for thinking that you would be where you are today.

Deuce: Oh yea, definitely, there are always people that tell you that you can’t do it. I don’t know that I have ever had anyone that harsh. But it is generally people telling me to have a back up plan, and school. I guess it was more of people telling me to focus on my “Plan B’s” as opposed to my “Plan A’s,” which I believe is ultimately a road to failure, because you are just putting more emphasis on your backup plan.

B. Wright: Yea, I don’t want to say our parents, but yea… I mean when we first started off, our parents thought that this would all just be a phase, they thought the thinking, “well okay, maybe they can make a career out of this…” was wrong because a musical career is not promising. The music industry is sort of like survival of the fittest.

TGLR: Was being a musician one of your childhood dreams? I mean most people grow up wanting to be a super hero, movie star, or a police officer!?

Deuce: Yea, definitely, I was always a big Michael Jackson fan, when I was a younger, and he was the end all, be all, for me. That was where my love for music originated. That’s when I wanted to do music; it started off with performing and then turned into producing.

B. Wright: Well yea, you know, I would say like Hoop-Dreams, but after that didn’t work out, I started to mess around with beats and rhyming and then got serious with that stuff.

TGLR: On your free time, what do you enjoy to do?

B. Wright: Travel… Travel is real important to me. I like to see things that will visually stimulate me, like museums.

TGLR: Who are your favorite musicians in the music industry?

B. Wright: I would definitely have to say, Kanye West… who else? Big Sean and Michael Jackson. Just because I am inspired by them.

Deuce: That’s so hard for me to do Top 5’s, because I always leave someone out. Jay-Z would be in there, as one of the greatest… Dang, I can’t do this, because I already know that I am going to leave somebody out!

TGLR: Who do you think is going to blow up in the music industry this year?

Deuce: Big Sean is really going to put Detroit back on the map again, as far as newcomers are concerned, I think Drake is amazing, Drake, Big Sean, Mike Posner (he’s really about to take off), there’s a lot of dope artists.

TGLR: What are your opinions on all these “beef” situations that occur in the music industry? Do you ever read a “beef” article about 50 Cent and think to yourself that the whole thing is rather childish?

B. Wright: Yea, well I am not really too familiar with it, I have heard of it…

Deuce: That’s just Hip-Hop, that’s the driving force behind hip-hop. It really stimulates the growth of Hip-Hop, and I mean each of them are really dope artists, 50 Cent has put out albums with tremendous songs, and Rick Ross has put out three solid albums. They are both dope artists, I hope to work with both of them one day.

TGLR: What about beef in general, do you value it, or think it is useful?

Deuce: It is just the nature of the game.

B. Wright: I guess it depends on what type of artist you are, I am not going to say I am against it or with it. Well I mean, I’m against it for anything that I am doing.

TGLR: When did you decide to stop rapping and star producing?

Deuce: Like 2004/2005, that we decided to just focus straight on with the production.

TGLR: Not many people out there know what it means to produce a song, would you care to explain to them the process one goes through in order to produce a track?

B. Wright: I think like, first of all, being a producer, you don’t get enough credit. Producers have to go about what they do more like an artist because they don’t get that light that an artist gets. They have a vision, and they follow it all the way, and see the vision through. So I might have a melody, and lay that melody down. I would say a producer oversees the whole creative process.

Deuce: The producer is someone who is in process from the beginning through the end. He is someone who is involved musically and the whole creative process. Directing other musicians involved, the artist, it is much more then making a beat.

TGLR: In your opinion, what makes a song something special?

Deuce: Man, just like, you know, when you can’t get it out of your head, and it has such a deeper connection, like a sonic feeling.

TGLR: Which do you prefer to do more of? Studio Recordings or Live Shows?

B. Wright: We don’t do live shows anymore, just because we haven’t been working on that side of Wrigh Trax as of late. I love performing live, it was always a great rush. I love that rush you get when you perform for a bunch of people. I also love being inside of the studio, being involved with the creation process and vibing out in there. I miss recording in front of a live crowd, but I definitely love doing both.

TGLR: As a musician, what types of goals have you set for yourself? Have you reached any of those goals thus far in your career?

Deuce: I mean the goal has always been to make the best product, the goal really hasn’t changed much.

TGLR: If you had to create a dream band to perform with live, whom would it consist with?

B. Wright: Oh man, I would definitely, J Baby (everyone check out J Baby, crazy dope duo out of L.A.), Brooke the Low, also got to have Questlove, Teddy Riley, Quincey Jones and Prince.

Deuce: I’d have Questlove on the drums, I’d have… probably have on the keys Zo! (out of Detroit), probably have Prince on guitar or Slash… I don’t know, in terms of bass, a bass player, yea, that’s something I really need to think about! I don’t even know! I’ll have to get back at you on that…

TGLR: That’s a pretty solid group right there! What is your opinion on the newcomers to the music industry is the music class of ’09 going to see a lot of success, or is it merely “over-hyped”?

Deuce: I mean were still newcomers. Were definitely newcomers, CuDi has been doing his thing for a few years now, but he is just getting national attention now. I mean with the access of the internet, people are getting their stuff out there. Big Sean, Drake, KiD CuDi, and hopefully Mike Posner are all on my list. J. Davey is relatively still new, and they are one of my favorite music groups. All these people are going to be blowing up soon!

B. Wright: No, I think that the class of 09’ is just, I mean the skies the limit for everyone, the newcomers in 09’ are bringing something new to the industry. Were getting rid of all the redundancy and old ways of music that we have had in the past few years. All the newcomers are all coming out with something fresh and new.

TGLR: I don’t know if you have had a chance to listen to Asher Roth’s debut release, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, what did you think about it, and where do you think he will go from there?

B. Wright: Oh man, I definitely think that this dude is going to be a superstar. I know that he is someone who Wrigh Trax would love to work with. I have been bangin’ his mixtape from a while ago. Definitely should have picked that up on 4/20.

Deuce: I like it, I love it, everybody is different. I would rather him do him, then him come out and do someone else’s style.

TGLR: I know Big Sean is coming out with an album soon, have you done any specific work on the album?

B. Wright: Yea, we did six tracks on Big Seans album, including the hit single, “Getcha Some.”

Deuce: We did the majority of the album, even on records we didn’t do the music for we had influence on them, just overall helping produce the album as a whole.

TGLR: What is your opinion on music leaks? Are they positive or negative for a musician?

B. Wright: For business, I am against it. I understand that people want to hear the music, hear something new, so I am on the fence about it. At the same time, I want the music to get out, and let the fans hear, I just want it done the right way.

TGLR: Yea, you definitely got it right, from a musicians standpoint, leaks are not a good thing and on the other side, from a fans viewpoint, leaks are fantastic! I mean I feel bad for guys like Lil’ Wayne whose whole album leaked and then had to re-do an entire LP, then again, he sold a fantastic album.

B. Wright: Can’t complain about a million in one week.

TGLR: What are your future plans and works for the upcoming year and the future, who would you like to work with?

B. Wright: Man, were moving fast and forward, were trying to work with everyone that we think are dope. Bringing in newcomers, working with Mike Posner, don’t know if you know him?

Deuce: Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Freeway, all people we would love to work with.

TGLR: Do you guys ever find musicians and extend a helping hand out to newcomers who have not hit it big yet?

Deuce: Yea, we work with anyone that’s dope, yea. You never know when someone is going to be somebody. I mean Mike Posner is about to blow, he has offers coming in from everywhere, I can tell you stories of Posner of him grinding with us. We were working with us, just that white boy that went to Groves with us. You can tell when someone is going to be big based on their music and their work ethic is dope. That’s the best time to get in with someone.

TGLR: Haha, we are huge Mike Posner fans over here at TGLR, saw him over at Revive when he was in Michigan! Big Mike Posner fan…

B. Wright: Oh yea, that’s what’s up! Just trying to keep what we got going, things going in an upward motion.

TGLR: Have you ever thought of bringing in a bunch of musicians who are from Detroit and doing like a live performance here?

B. Wright: That has definitely came across my mind, I am head of Finally Famous with Brandon Washington. We put together a lot of events for the Detroit area. We set up that mixtape release for Big Sean and Mike Posner.

TGLR: It would be really neat to see up and coming musicians whose stuff hasn’t circulated yet to get out there, do their thing on stage and be able to represent Detroit. Detroit really does have a lot of musicians, and I think that as a state, people don’t recognize us as a big time musician producing area. I mean we have Eminem, and now Big Sean… But there are so many other great musicians in the area that just haven’t hit it big yet. I think a concert or Detroit music festival would really help get a lot of Detroit-based musicians going with their careers!

B. Wright: Everyone has been busy, and it is something that we want to do.

TGLR: What is your opinion on KiD CuDi, dude has been blowing up as of late and taking the music industry by storm.

B. Wright: Oh yea, big supporter of CuDi. Actually got to meet him out in LA, we were doing work with Big Sean and Kanye and got to see CuDi do his thing out there. He has crazy melodies.

TGLR: What makes someone a good musician? Do they just have to have the ability to rap, or should they also be able to sing?

B. Wright: I think they have to be able to bring something new to the table. Whether it is their style or their voice, something. Swag, I mean there is just a lot!

TGLR: Thanks for taking the time and doing this interview with us, we really appreciate it, and we look forward to hearing more of your work in the future!

Wrigh Trax: Yea, anytime, hit us up and let us know!


In an age where fashion is king, and where you're classified by the amount of ice you wear, or the number of ice creams you own, it seems as if T-Pain is the winner. With the purchase of his new BIG ASS CHAIN, it seems as if T-Pain has finally passed Lil' Jon with his 7.5 pound, 197 carat, $410k BIG ASS PURCHASE!

At first sight, T-Pain's new pendant seemed pretty cool, but after peepin' an angry letter addressed to T-Pain from our boys over at The Mad Bloggers, we seem to be set straight. I don't know about you, but I never really enjoyed Lil' Jon's pimp cup, and I can't seem to enjoy T-Pain's new purchase either. While I am a fiscal conservative, and do believe in economic freedom and consumer sovereignty, I do believe that some purchases are a bit over the top and frivolous. A 1 million dollar grand piano would be fully justified, but not a half-million dollar piece of jewelry. I hope T-Pain is donating some money to charity or something because this purchase seems just dumb. I mean it even seems like a hassle to wear. Who has the strength capacity to carry around an extra 7.5 pounds around his neck? Not me. I'm skinny as hell!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on T-Pain at all, and still respect him as an eccentric rapper and producer, but isn't his pounds and pounds of auto-tune already weighing him down? As I begin to explore rappers' monetary success, I begin to wonder how guys like T-Pain get discovered and make it big. Where's the cash for our boys like CDon and Julius The Myth? I have no problem with the amount of money that entertainers make, because ultimately we're paying for their (s)e(x)scapades, but how do these Emcees get discovered and taken to the next level? It just seems so tough. How did Soulja Boy get signed? Who thought it was a good idea to sign Jibbs? You think they came up with “The Soulja Boy” and “Do Your Chains Hang Low” themselves? Nahhht.

As we continue to write, expose, and promote, we just hope that our artists get a little more love, and that the guys we don't love as much finally get weeded out. There are some phenomenal musicians out there that are waiting to get signed, but just aren't handed the opportunities; and trust me they're trying. Take it from us: Don't hate, explore. Speak out and do some of your own promoting. Trust me, your help will not be forgotton.


Ryan Leslie is the man... I mean how many musicians out there do you see doing what he does.  The dude bought iPods for his fans, I wish a musician would come to Detroit and buy a bunch of stuff for the fans!  It truly shows how much of a peoples person Mr. Leslie is!  I got so much music that I can't even fit it onto one iPod anymore... I'm hoping that I can save enough money and buy one of those 120 GB iPods, that's what I need!!!  If anyone has one out there, and doesn't want it, and wants to get rid of it for free, you contact me ASAP!!! Haha, anyway, check Ryan Leslie and his philanthropic gift to his fans below!!!


Well if Royce isn't saving Charles Hamilton from ruining his career (at least in Detroit), he is in the studio, working his upcoming EP entitled, The Revival.  Now the EP is only supposed to hold fans over until he released his LP entitled, Street Hop.  The question I am asking myself though, is why are the EP and LP so close in release dates!?  I was thinking that normally the EP comes out maybe a month or two before an LP drop.  I know that I am pretty amped for the upcoming EP, but I also know that I am so psyched for his upcoming release of Street Hop.

The Revival EP Track Listing:
Gun Harmonizing
Count For Nothing
Street Hop 2010

Also, check out his upcoming tour for this summer with the whole Rock The Bells Tour, man I wish I was in town for his performance in Detroit!  It really stinks that I won't be able to see one of Detroit's great emcees live!

Tour Dates & Places:
Saturday June 27- Chicago, IL- First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
Sunday June 28th- Detroit, MI- DTE Energy Music Theatre
Sunday July 5th- Toronto, ONT- Molson Amphitheatre
Sunday July 12th- Baltimore. MD/DC- Meriweather Post Pavilion
Saturday July 18th- Boston, MA- Comcast Center
Sunday July 19th- NY, NY- Jones Beach Amphitheatre
Saturday August 1st- Vancouver, BC- Deer Lake Park
Sunday August 2nd- Calgary, AB- Shaw Millennium Park
Thursday August 6th- Denver, CO- Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Saturday August 8th- LA, CA- Glen Helen Amphitheatre

Be Sure To Check Back Here For More News On The Revival EP & Street Hop Coming Your Way In August!!!