You all have no idea how much I would have killed to get to go to this concert, but since I don't really have much money, I was sadly unable to attend! Even though this is the case, I still was able to find some sick nasty footage from the concert, and let me tell you, Mr. Posner & Mr. Sean each know how to rock a show. I was fortunate to meet both musicians (and Wiz Khalifa... more coming on that later,) at the store called Revive, in Birmingham, MI. I don't think I have met two more chill people... EVER, and both of them were so down to Earth for being musicians on the rise! Anyway, these two guys are such bright spots in the future for Hip-Hop, and I hope that you all enjoy the live footage below... Be on the lookout for updates on Mike Posner's upcoming mixtape (due out in September) and more information on Big Sean's, Finally Famous.

Big Sean Performs "Glenwood":

Mike Posner Performs "Evil Woman":

Mike Posner x Big Sean Performing "Who Knows" & "Smoke 'N' Drive":

Check Back Here For More Mike Posner & Big Sean Information

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HP ink cartridge coupon said... @ June 16, 2012 at 4:16 AM

Well fortunately for me, I was able to see this concert and it was a blast. Seriously. I wish they would have a concert again in the near future like this year for example lol. But I really do hope they do.

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