I said, you can vote however you like, yeahhhh.

These 6th and 7th graders from Georgia are incredible. They write a sick song, and somehow just know so much about this election. They would probably even get fake IDs just to vote! But for those of you that have real IDs you better get out there next Tuesday on Election Day and vote for your candidate. I'm for McCain, and SoSickWitItYo is for Obama, so I mean, I said, YOU CAN VOTE HOWEVER YOU LIKE!!!




Well above is the supposed album artwork for Common's album, it looks pretty sick, and from just listening to the single that he released, it looks like the album will be freaking awesome!  We included an updated track listing below, so check that out, and let us know what you think about the album art and new track listing!

Track Listing:
"Announcement (Feat. Pharrell)"
"Punch Drunk Love (Feat. Kanye West)"
"Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo Green)"
"Sex for Sugar (Feat. Pharrell)
"Universal Mind Control (UMC) (Feat. Pharrell)"
"Gladiator (Feat. Pharrell)"
"What a World (Feat. Chester French)"
"Punch Drunk Love (Remix) (Feat. Pharrell)"

More News When We Get It, Universal Mind Control Drops December 9th, 2008


Check out the video above, I found on YKD 2.0 and it is pretty interesting.  Is there still beef between Kanye & 50? Guess not, but Fitty thinks that Kanye's take on the whole love song album is a rip off from LL Cool J, and is whack!  Check out the video above, and leave a comment.


So we thought it would be cool to start a new thing on the blog, and it starts off with ICECrush's return!  He often times gets tickets to concerts, and ends up putting them on eBay.  So we will post up a link to the bidding, and if you are interested in trying to get them, place a bid!  It is not so much a new feature on the blog, rather just an option for those out there who want to get tickets to go see some musicians live.  Also, be on the look out for promotional stuff and free prizes coming your way in the near future.  We are still working on V3, but have not gotten any help or any offers from people to help us upgrade the blog!  




So maybe you're not a Phish Phan, but you love Emo, Southern, Garage, Hard, Indie, and/or Blues Rock. Then I have the band just for you. Kings of Leon is an up and coming band, actually one of SickWitItYo's fav bands, from the South that everyone should really get to know. They are from Tennessee, but for some reason are really popular in the UK. The Brits just go crazy for them! Known for their last 2 releases, Because of the Timesnewest and Only By The Night, they are quickly gaining popularity in the US of A.

On Thursday, 1/29/09, these 3 Kings will be hitting the stage at Madison Square Garden in NYC. If you live around there and love these Southern "gentlemen", you can cop some tickets on eBay, b/c once again, these bad boys are sold out. Good luck getting tix, and if you go to the concert, tell us about it. It is bound to be a blast.

Kings of Leon (2) SOLD OUT FLOOR Tix @ MSG NY, 1/29/09


It's the moment we've all been waiting for. No not the new Yeezy CD, better. PHISH REUNITES!!! As many of you probably already know, Phish is uniting for 3 back to back to back shows on 3/6/09, 3/7/09, and 3/8/09 at Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA. Hampton may seem like a crazy place to reunite, but it is their favorite place to play, so die hard Phish Phans buy your tickets now. According to the Phish website however, additional shows will be added.

Tickets were released October 18th, but sadly sold out in under a minute. Fortunately I was able to cop a pair for the opening Friday night show, and due to the fact that I live in NY, actually won't be able to go. This full GA concert will be INCREDIBLE, INSANE, OUT OF CONTROL, and yeah you could get trampled. I am currently offering my tickets on eBay, and if you would like to buy, go for it. Don't worry I'm not just advertising, I wanted to tell you about the shows. Some may yell at me because I have tickets, and I LOVE Phish, but getting to VA just doesn't seem possible.


PHISH PHANS (2) Fri Night Tix @ Hampton VA on 3/6/09!!!

P.S. This is ICECrush and it's great to be back.


Beyonce (who has now changed her name legally to Sasha) below talks about her upcoming album I Am... Sasha Fierce.  Check gives out some information and some insight on the upcoming release.  So be sure to check it out and leave a comment!  Thanks to The Young Kingz Daily 2.0 for the find!


Kanye will be one of many popular musicians releasing their new albums on November 25th.  I have given 808's & Heartbreak  a lot of cover time here on the blog, and I will continue to until the album is dropped.  Kanye is one of my favorite musicians, so shout out to all the big Yeezy fans out there!  The picture above is in fact the album artwork for KanYeezy's upcoming release.  It features the artwork for the single "Love Lockdown" with a sidebar that features rectangles with different colors.  Kanye has not explained the album art, or as to why he chose to use pretty much the same artwork that was featured on first single.  

So this is the preview review, and I am going to just give you all a preview of what will end up being a huge review on Kanye's fourth studio album.  So far, a total of four full tracks have been floating around on the web.  As of right now, you have the two released singles ("Love Lockdown" & "Heartless") and two leaked tracks.  One was leaked by Kanye and it was dedicated to his late mother.  The track is called "Coldest Winter" and next to "Heartless" it could possibly be the second best track on the album.  He sings it with conviction and heart, and it is a truly dominant song.  Then you have "Robocop" which is alright.  It is a decent song, but I am not a huge fan.  Here is how I view how this album will go down, certain tracks are going to be straight fire, and certain tracks are just going to be bad.  I am truly loving the second single "Heartless" and the leaked track of "Coldest Winter."  I just never really loved "Love Lockdown" and "Robocop" is alright.  

The album will feature some big names, I would expect.  The confirmed ones are Lil' Wayne & Young Jeezy, and I assume that T-Pain, Kid Cudi, Michael Jackson (?), and possibly Lupe Fiasco (?) could make an appearance.  The style of the album is truly something different.  Kanye West is a big time rapper, and he is a huge name in the Hip-Hop industry.  He has classified this upcoming album as "Pop" and has stated that he has shied away from his "rapping" style and does more "singing" on 808's & Heartbreak.  It will be something different, and I think that it will be successful because of that.  Also, the entire album is sung with the Auto-Tune effect.  Many Yeezy and Hip-Hop fans have stated their dislike on the use of the device, while I am truly indifferent.  As you can tell from above, the Auto-Tune works well on some tracks, and on others, it just tanks.  The album will get mixed reviews once it comes out, and when it does hit the stores, we will be sure to have it, and review it for you!

Just to add a bit of more information to this already lengthy "Preview Review" (just imagine how long the actual review is going to be!)  Kanye has announced that following the release of 808's & Heartbreak that he will release another album in June of 2009.  That would mean that he will have released three albums in the past three years.  That is unreal for a musician to do, and it has not been like he has not made a bad release, so I am crossing my fingers that the upcoming release won't be a bust and will end up being a bigger success then what people are saying.  The thing that is great about this album is that Kanye West does not care whether it will get nominated for awards, and he isn't putting the album out for fan ratings or to impress anyone.  The album is from the heart and soul, and it is different.  I would suspect that the June 2009 album will have him doing more of the work we have seen in the past, and less singing.  He has not stated whether he will be singing or rapping, and whether it will be used with Auto-Tune or without.  I am sure many fans are hoping that the June release does not feature the Auto-Tune device. 


Track Listing:
"Welcome to Heartbreak"
"Love Lockdown"
"Say You Will"
"Real Bad News"
"Amazing (Feat. Young Jeezy)"
"Tell Everybody That You Know (Feat. Lil' Wayne)"
"Coldest Winter"


November 25th, 2008 will mark the third release of Akon's already impressive list of album releases.  Freedom is going to have that Akon sound, no real presence of an auto-tune has been announced yet, but you never know!  The album will feature thirteen tracks, not including any bonus or deluxe bonus cd tracks that have yet to be announced as of yet.  The album art is also much different then that of his past releases.  The background with the water gives you a sense of "freedom" from being imprisoned.  Konvicted featured him in an office like setting, and Trouble featured a close up his face and body.  The upcoming release follows his already established prison life album themes.  It will be interesting to see how the final product turns out, I am a big fan of the first single entitled, "Right Now (Na Na Na)" and I also thoroughly enjoyed the second single called, "I'm So Paid (Feat. Lil' Wayne & Young Jeezy)".  As stated earlier, the album has a release date set for the 25th of November, so make sure you pick up a copy, and check back here for more information and news on the upcoming third release from Akon.

Track Listing:
"I'm So Paid (Feat. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy)"
"Right Now (Na Na Na)"
"We Don't Care"  
"Go Go Dancer"
"Holla Holla (Feat. T-Pain)"  
"Against the Grain (Feat. Ray-L)"  
"Be With You"  
"I Love It"
"Where Would We Go" 
"Sunny Day (Feat. Wyclef Jean)" 


So here is the thing, myself and ICECrush have opened up a PUBLIC league on ESPN for all to come and join.  Feel free to sign up, there is a Live Draft set for tomorrow, 12:45 P.M. so be sure to join!  Also, leave a comment if you sign up!  It should be loads of fun and I hope to see you guys there!  Sign Up For The League HERE!  There are nine spots left, so be sure to sign up quickly!!!  Look for TGLR FBL 09' in public leagues if you can't join via the link provided!  Hope to see you all there!

- TGLR Team


Above is the cover for "Heartless," Kanye's second single off of what will hopefully be another hit album entitled, 808's & Heartbreak.  The album will hopefully be killer, and when we sit down to do the review, we will explain our views on it more in-depth.  While I have not listened to the whole album, nor have I been a huge supporter of the Auto-Tune, "Heartless" is in my opinion probably going to be the best track off the album.  The track has a very solid beat, along with a catchy melody.  I truly hated the first single called, "Love Lockdown," and it was great to hear "Heartless" as I was truly worried as to how this album was going to turn out.  If you have not heard Yeezy's second single yet, give it a listen, and let me know what you think about it.  It is truly a work of genius, and I hope that unlike the first single, the rest of the album sounds the same as the hit single!  More Yeezy news to come in the very near future!


Luda's upcoming album now has some official album work.  Thanks to WEMIX for this one.  THe album art is much different then most of the stuff you have been seeing around.  It is pretty neat and intricate.  I think the album is going to be full out the best work Luda has put out.  The songs are sick, and The Preview with DJ Drama was fantastic.  I look forward to the album dropping in November.  It will for sure be great, and be sure to check back here to get the review and low-down on it.  

In recent news, Ludacris has openly commented on his anger towards his tracks being leaked.  Many people have been able to download tracks from the album and give them a listen long before they are released.  Ludacris is a respectable man, and I respect him, and when he expresses his anger towards leaked tracks, it is something serious.  I normally don't download tracks early, rather I will listen to them online or on YouTube.  SO, please support the artists, and buy their CD's.  It is important to support your favorite musicians, and not download albums.  If you are one of those people that downloads the album or tracks before their release, please be sure to still buy the album when it is released! 


Where does a guy get off calling a presidential nominee a, "communist."  The guy is nuts.  Truly a crazy TV monger who has no control.  While O'Reilly did treat Obama "fairly" on his show (open to interpretation), O'Reilly is the biggest tool I have ever seen in my entire life.  Listen, you can have your own TV show, but don't be a pompous jerk.  Just check out the clip below and tell me what you think about it.  The guy has no right to make the comments he does about Obama or anyone else.  Check it out, I saw this one on The Young Kingz Daily 2.0.  So shout out to them for the original post!  On an off-topic, Young Kingz is the one who helped me start this blog, and I just wanted to thank him, I have been blogging since he helped me start the blog back in '06.


The Believer was supposed to be Common's upcoming release but was then switched out for the current Universal Mind Control.  As I reported a while back, UMC is not going to be your typical Common album.  It will feature many dance tracks that will probably be played in clubs and on the radio.  It seems like this style will only be for this album, and that The Believer, will feature his normal lyrical style.  Things are looking good for Common, so check out his single entitled, "Universal Mind Control (Feat. Pharrell)."  The track is pretty darn hot, and if this is anything like the album, I can't wait for its release!


The first news since their release of The Odd Couple from the dynamic duo that goes by Gnarls Barkley is both good and bad.  Let's cover the good first, shall we!?  The good news is that the "Odd Couple" is now releasing an E.P. entitled, Who's Gonna Save My Soul.  It will sure be great.  It will have four versions of the hit track, and then they put on a track that did not make the final cut of the album.  I am sure it will be stellar just like the album was.  The bad news is that both Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse have stated that they won't put out another album for a while, they stated that they want people to really enjoy the work that they just put out.  That is totally legit, and understandable.  The thought I have is that you are looking at their next release coming in 2010 (This is a prediction, not backed up or proven or stated by the group).  Check back here for more "GB" information hopefully in the near future.


Just found this picture of the new beard Mr. Hamilton is sporting.  Pretty interesting, isn't it!  He will supposedly not be sporting it during the season, and that it was just a look that would last before pre-season.  He wears it well, DeShaun Stevenson rocked a beard like that during last season, and Baron Davis is known to have styled his beard in a similar manner.  I like the look for Hamilton, could be interesting to see how he would play with the beard and face mask!  The season looks good for the Pistons, and I am rooting for my boys to take home the title this year.  I think that even though they made no changes, they still have what it takes to beat the Celtics and any other team that matches up against them this season.  For more Pistons news, check out Need 4 Sheed by clicking on their name!


Above is a video brought to you by MTV and it pretty much has Lil' Wayne explaining what his upcoming album is going to be.  It will NOT be entitled Tha Carter IV, rather, Tha Carter III: The Rebirth (a.k.a. Part II).  He did not rule out there being a Carter IV, he merely stated that it will not be released as his next album.  He stated that this second part will feature him experimenting and using the Auto-Tune effect which many musicians now a day are using, such as fellow rapper Kanye West on 808's & Heartbreak.  Check out the very informative interview above, and let us know what you think!


Great to see Mos Def putting out another album.  The Ecstatic will be his fourth studio album.  It should be good, I gave the snippet of his first single a listen straight off his MySpace, and it sounds like straight fire.  Check it out and let us know what you think of it.  I am a huge fan of both Talib Kweli and Mos Def, and I strongly advise all those who have not heard their music to go out and give it a listen!  Check out Def's new single when you get the chance and let us know what you think of it!


The promotional ad for T.I.'s most recent single is out and playing.  Go ahead and check out the trailer for the music video.  Just from the looks of the trailer, the music video looks like it will be tight.  Can't wait for it to drop on October 28th.  So be sure to check out the trailer, and let us know what you think of the music video when it comes out in seven days!


So I was looking on a blog that I truly enjoy reading called, Hip Hop Lives and stumbled upon an interesting post.  Some fans made some album art for the upcoming 808's & Heartbreak.  The album art is pretty dang good, and is worth viewing.  Maybe Kanye may even use it!  Check it out below!

FAN MADE ALBUM ART: Which One Do You Like The Most?

You can check out the actual post off of Hip-Hop Lives by CLICKING HERE!

Leave a comment an let us know what you think about the album art!!!


Well, the real album name has been confirmed by Em himself, it is now called Relapse and it will be sure to be killer.  So when we hear more things, we will be sure to post it up, so check back here later for news and more information!


We are totally kidding, Weezy is not putting out another single, but he does have a kid on the way. No idea as to who the mother is yet, but rumor has it that Nivea is the mother. I am not going to go in depth on the situation, or help gossip over whose kid it is, but we here at TLGR would like to extend a hardy Congratulation to the Weeze Man. Do you think the coming of a baby into Weezy's life will change how his music is, or if he will continue doing the same stuff.


Check out the video by Lupe Fiasco. Gives some information on some upcoming FNF releases, so check it out. YA DIG!?


I just found this video, and it is pretty tight!  I have wanted to interview Barack for a long while now, but I have not gotten a response from his campaign.  Well I guess I won't get the opportunity to do that, but someone out there did, and the information and insight he gave on music in general and how music and hip-hop can change the world is something I agree strongly with.  Check out the video below, you can hear it for yourself!



A deep song that really addresses the current issues Americans are facing today.  We look back at music videos, concert clips, and news articles about past wars such as Vietnam, the Golf War, etc. and it is these type of music videos, songs, and reports that remind us of the past.  This track off of Exit 13 is historical proof of what has happened, and ultimately, it depicts as to what the current situation truly is.  Give the track a listen on Exit 13, and pick up the album which is in stores now.  What do you think about the music video?


So I am hanging out with a friend last night, and we are just sitting around listening to music, browsing YouTube and what not.  We then find ourselves listening to the dynamic duo above called The Knux. I don't know how people don't know where these guys are!  They are awesome, it is a nice medley of urban music with rock instruments.  Their musical style is similar to Wyclef Jean (in the fact that each use instruments and not just beats given off a drum).  I have only heard two songs by them, but each were really good.  I am expecting big things out of this group, similar to The Cool Kids who aren't really known by everyone, The Knux should get some popularity upon musicians and people around the world giving them a listen.  I don't know if they have an album coming out anytime soon, but if they do, be sure to check back here and get the low down on it!  You can check out the two songs I heard last night below, give them a listen, and I think you will be pretty darn impressed!

The Knux - Cappuccino:

The Knux - Bang! Bang!:


I just got word that following Kanye's 808's & Heartbreak album drops, he will be releasing another one in June (2009).  This is big stuff right here, I mean it is really tight to drop an album a year, but this is unheard of, he is clearly in the zone.  After dropping Graduation  he is now dropping his upcoming release, and on top of that, he is going to drop another one in '09.  THIS IS BIG... I MEAN LIKE COLOSSAL BIG... No news on what the album will be called, but it will probably going to be straight fire like all his other releases.  More news to be reported when we get more information! 

The Information Above Has Not Been Confirmed By A Valid Source As Of Yet!  Do Not Take Our Word For It, But We Think It Is Legit!


So I was just snooping around, looking on some sites, and I came across some pretty sick Kanye wallpapers.  Feel free to check them out below, I hope you enjoy them!  I can't wait for his album to drop on November 25th, it should be fantastic!

Coldest Winter Wallpapers:

Yeezy Wallpapers:



Looks as though the McCain ticket has added another character to their campaign story.  It is with great pride and pleasure that we, John McCain and Sara Palin introduce to you... JOE THE PLUMBER!  Check out the SNL skit above, it is sure to please!  If you watched the debate, you will laugh out loud over the skit!  Enjoy and leave a comment!


So somehow a rumored track listing for Yeezy's new album leaked out on the web.  I posted it below, the tracks look to be killer.  The last track, "Coldest Winter" has a snippet that was played on a radio show.  From what I hear, it will be a killer song, and you can probably find the snippet floating around somewhere on the web.  Check it out and let us know what you thought of it!

Rumored Track Listing:
“Welcome to Heartbreak”
“Love Lockdown”
“Say You Will”
“Bad News”
“Amazing (Feat. Young Jeezy)"
“Tell Everybody That You Know (Feat. Lil' Wayne)"
“Coldest Winter”


Ciara has just taken the music scene by storm again, releasing her new hot single featuring T-Pain. I normally won't rant and rave over a Ciara production, mainly because I haven't had much to comment on in a long while. This single is tight, a solid beat, and T-Pain really adds to it. Give the single a listen below, I assure you that you will enjoy it, just, "sit back, relax, and enjoy the show." Buy the single off of iTunes or Amazon, and buy her album Fantasy Ride when it drops on December 9th, 2008.

Confirmed Tracks For Fantasy Ride:
"Go Girl (Feat. T-Pain)" (Check Out DJ Unique's Remix, CLICK HERE!)

Rumored Tracks For Fantasy Ride:
"High Price (Feat. Ludacris)"
"Pride (Feat. Polow da Don)"
"When I"
"Fantasy Ride"


Both Common and T-Pain recently publicly stated that the work Kanye put in to his upcoming fourth studio release is dang good. That is a fantastic thing to hear, especially when it is from two reliable artists who have done work with Mr. West before. T-Pain and Common each explained that Yeezy is showing a different type of Kanye West on the LP, and both agreed that the auto-tuner was a different type of musical style for West. T-Pain stated that Kanye did most of the work with the auto-tune work, but just kept him in mind. Common endorses Kanye exploring his creativity and thinks that the album will be killer. I think that the reason why this album will be so great is because it is so different then what we are all used to. Yes, Mr. West is a heck of a rapper, but he also has some singing ability, and it will be showcased in his upcoming release of 808's & Heartbreak.

UPDATE: As of right now, a snippet of Kanye's upcoming single entitled, "Heartless" has been leaked onto the web. I gave it a listen via YouTube, and to tell you the truth, I AM SUPER PSYCHED FOR THE RELEASE. He killed that track. I think that it could very well be his best single to come. If you can find it on the web, give it a listen and let us know what you think of it. It should be a doozy!


This will be the first post we have on Queen Latifah, but hopefully it will not be the last. She was 106 & Park today, and announced that the next time she would be on the show, she would be promoting a new album. This is good news for Latifah fans. There is truly no real news right now, we were just merely reporting that the Queen will be putting out a new album soon!

Also, check out her upcoming movie in theaters Friday. It is called, The Secret Life of Bees. It got fantastic reviews, and I know that I am for sure going to check it out once it hits theaters this weekend! Also, be sure to check her in the upcoming Ice Age movie, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. That is all the Queen Latifah news for now, we will report more later, so keep it posted!


The album artwork above is not confirmed, nor is the albums title for sure being called King Mathers. It is rumored that the title could be one of two options either it will be called King Mathers or The Empact. Here are a list of rumored tracks for the upcoming album. Anyway, you won't find these list of tracks on any other blog, site, etc. The list I have compiled are special to the blog, so if you use it, please give us credit, and link to the blog in your post.

Confirmed Tracks:
"Untitled Track (Feat. Obie Trice & DMX)"
"Untitled Track (Feat. T.I.)" (Also Featuring T.I.P. & Slim Shady)
"Keys to the City"

Rumored Tracks:
"King Mathers" (Possible Feature: Ca$his)"I Can Be"
"King is Back"
"Still Shady"
"Gone For Good"
"Step Right Up"
"Shady Baby (Feat. Obie Trice)"
"Untitled Track (Feat. Whoo Kid)"
"Untitled Reunion Track (Feat. Royce da 5'9")"

This is all the news and information we have on the album right now. As it stands, the albums title seems to be The Empact and not King Mathers. More news to come when we here it, for now check out the tracks, let us know what you think, and give us some information if you hear it. We are trying to get our viewers out there to help us out on the news parts, so if you ever find something interesting, we will post it up and give you credit! Just e-mail us at: sickwitityo@gmail.com


Rumor has it that this will be the new macbooks that will be released and introduced today. I sure hope that that's the case, because from that picture above, it looks SICK. I can't wait to get one if that is the final product of the new apple laptops. If the laptops are available after the announcement, I will hopefully run out and get one. Then you can expect way better and way more posts coming your way off the blog! Anyone else buying the upcoming laptops from apple? If so, let us know!


October 15th, 2008
9:00 P.M.

Be sure to catch the last Presidential debate at 9:00 P.M. on Wednesday, October 15th, 2008. It will be the last time we see these two candidates duke it out on the national stage and in the same place. It is also the last time that these two candidates will get an opportunity to convince people why to vote for them. I advise all who are registered to vote, but don't know who to vote for, to check out tonights debate, and hear what each candidate has to say. Best of luck to both candidates, I look forward to tomorrows debate! Let us know what you think will happen, and what the end result of the debate will be!


Two more rumored tracks for the upcoming Akon album have surfaced on the web. One of the tracks features Keyshia Cole and is called, "Work It Out." The other track does not feature anyone at all, and it is called "Beautiful." That is all the news I have on the album, I am sure there will be more information on it when the release date approaches. The album drops the same day as Kanye's 808's & Heartbreak on November 25th, 2008. Be sure to check back here for more information on Freedom. The rumored tracks are listed below!

Rumored Tracks:
"Work It Out (Feat. Keyshia Cole)"

Confirmed Tracks:
"Right Now (Na Na Na)"
"Hold My Hand (Feat. Michael Jackson)"
"I'm So Paid (Feat. Lil' Wayne)"
"Holla Holla (Feat. T-Pain)"


"I'm going to stop playing when I'm 67 and work on what I really want to do, which is to be a minister, like Little Richard..."

- The Rolling Stone
That's right, Carlos Santana, that great musical man and guitarist is planning to end his musical career in six years from now and become a minister. He plans on heading up a church in Hawaii and leading it. He says that G-D has given him an ability to communicate with people by talking to them and using the bible, and not just by playing guitar. So looks like we only have six more years to enjoy Mr. Santana's music. Best of luck to him after he stops producing music.


So this is just a quick report on some brouhaha that has been going on in the McCain/Palin ticket as of late. It has been reported by numerous musicians that their music has been played at McCain rallies and events without their permission. Some of these musicians who have spoken out against McCain's campaign using their songs are Van Halen, John Mellencamp, Jackson Browne and the most recent, The Foo Fighters. Maybe if McCain's campaing manager asked these musicians before he used their songs, some of them may have come out and supported the GOP candidate over "that one over there (Obama)." Make sure you get out and vote on election day! America's future is in your hands and your decision!


Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Tenacious D, David Crosby and Graham Nash have all been recruited by The Beastie Boys for their upcoming "Get Out & Vote Tour." On top of that, The Beastie Boys have just recently announced that they are supporting Obama in this upcoming election. That is just one more musical artist to add to Obama's already large star studded supporter list.

On top of this, Springsteen and Billy Joel have announced that they will play in support for Obama on October 16th, 2008. Billy Joel, like The Beastie Boys is just one more name added to the Obama fan-list. Why don't we hear any of these types of things happening in the McCain ticket. Is it because it is un-maverick like to have support from musicians? Or does this widespread support from hollywood superstars make Obama elitist? I guess if he wins the election, he will let us know! Who knows, it may help to garner some support from the superstars of America, I am sure it is not a bad thing. There are less than a hundred days left until election day, make sure you go out and vote for who you think should be America's next President.


The second album from Mike Jones will be called, Voice of the Streets.  So far, there are six tracks confirmed for the album, and he has been recording from 2006-2008.  Two years for an album, Mike Jones must be working hard on this one.  I was not a huge fan of his first album release, but this second one could be a redeemer for Mike Jones.  I hope that his taking two years to work on the album means he is putting forth a big effort on the album to make it really solid.  You can check the confirmed tracks below.  So far, Hurricane Chris, Z-Ro, Lil' Wayne, Twista, Plies, Krayzie Bone, Project Pat, and Akon have been confirmed for the album.  Hopefully the album will be killer, we will give you all more news on the album when we hear more about it.

Confirmed Tracks:
"Drop & Gimme 50 (Feat. Hurricane Chris)"
"Cutty Buddy (Feat. Trey Songz, Lil Wayne & Twista)"
"Anything But Broke"
"Next To You"
"My Burner (Feat. Plies & Akon)"


Fearless will be Taylor Swift's upcoming second album off of the Big Machine label.  Normally we don't cover country on the blog, but hey, why not start!?  I love to cover all music, and love to bring information to the viewers no matter what the genre is!  There are already two singles released for the album, and I like them.  Just like Carrie Underwood and a few other country musicians, Taylor Swift appeals to my musical taste.  Not all country musicians sit well with me, but for some reason her stuff does.  There will be a total of thirteen tracks on her upcoming album, one featuring Colbie Caillat.  Both singles have reached the top ten on Billboard.

Track Listing:
"Love Story"
"Forever & Always"
"Hey Stephen"
"White Horse"
"You Belong with Me"
"Breathe (Duet with Colbie Caillat)"
"Tell Me Why"
"You're Not Sorry"
"That's The Way I Loved You"
"The Best Day"

We will for sure have a review on this album when it releases, and a more in-depth analysis of the album when we get more information about it.  Let us know what you thought about her two already released singles, and her first album.


Jada is setting up for his upcoming third release entitled, Kiss My Ass.  He started recording the album back in 2006 and is finally getting ready to finish it and release it.  The set release date is December 9th, 2008.  So for all you Jada fans, get ready to hear some solid music in the near future.  I never really gave his music a listen, but from what I hear, his past two albums have been really good.  As of right now, there have been four confirmed tracks for the album, they are listed below, so give them a check!  We will report more on the album when we find out!  As of right now, the following artists are confirmed to be featured on the album: Styles P & Sheek Louch, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Raekwon, Rick Ross, Juelz Santana, Ghostface Killah, Akon, Young Jeezy,Fabolous, Rashad & Lil Wayne.

Confirmed Tracks:
"Who Run This (Feat. Jay-Z)"
"Letter To B.I.G."
"Slick Talk, Pain & Torture"
"Kiss My Ass"

Unconfirmed Tracks:
"Can't Hold Me Back (Feat. Akon)"
"Bang Bang (Feat. Rashad)"
"Don’t Start Nothin’"

This is not just my blog, it is yours too, so if you have some more information on this album, or any of the other posts, send us an e-mail at sickwitityo@gmail.com!


February 2009 will mark Fabolous' fifth studio album release.  The album was supposedly going to have a similar concept to what Jay-Z did on his last album.  Loso's Way was a concept album based around a movie.  Fab has stated that the theme for the album may not be the concept that has been reported.  It may actually have nothing to do with it.  The original album title was supposed to be called, Working Hard, Playing Harder.  So far  Jadakiss, Kanye West, Ne-Yo, 50 Cent, Paul Cain, Cassidy, Red Cafe, Asia Cruise, Joe Budden and Freck Billionaire are all scheduled to be appearing on the album.  We will give you all some more news on the album when we find out more!


I am never a big fan of her work, and this single just added to my lack of faith in what was once a possible promising musical career.  Her music truly does not speak to me, and then again, I am a guy, so a track such as, "Womanizer" may not connect so well with me.  Her album will be called, Circus and is scheduled for release on December 2nd, 2008.  For all those Britney fans out there, we will try and let you know about updates with the album (even though her music is not our cup of tea, we still think it is necessary to cater to everyones musical tastes).  If you liked the single, let us know.


It feels like she has been doing music for a while now, but this will be the debut album for the already popular Keri Hilson.  She has appeared on so many hit tracks that it has seemed like she has been putting out music for a long time.  She started recording the album back in 2007, but its release date has been pushed back numerous times, and it is now set for December 9th, 2008.  There is no set list of tracks for the album, but there are a few confirmed tracks that are listed below.  From the music I have heard from her, and the singles she has put out, the album should be solid.  I also like the album artwork, it is neat, and eye-opening.  It is something fresh and new, something you don't see all the time.  Check out the tracks below and let us know if there are any we are missing!

Confirmed Tracks:
"Turnin' Me On (Feat. Lil Wayne)"
"Return the Favor (Feat. Timbaland)"
"Get It Girl"
"Where Did He Go"
"Can You Do It?"

The first three tracks are the first two singles off the album.  You can check out "Energy" by CLICKING HERE, and check out "Turnin Me On/Return The Favor" by CLICKING HERE!

Keri's Explanation of the Upcoming Album:
"It’s my way of saying nothing in the world is perfect and no person in it is, either. None of us is exempt from certain hardships and heartbreaks. It was really important for me to write songs that women can relate to from real situations. I didn’t want to do an album that painted myself as perfect because no matter how things look, no one is."
- Off of MTV.Com (Check It Here!)


So The-Dream's upcoming sophomore album is called Love vs. Money, and as of right now, has seven confirmed tracks.  So far, the featured artists on the album are Lil' Jon and Mariah Carey (not too many have been named yet...).  The confirmed tracks listed below have been confirmed by Billboard, so they are for sure going to appear on the album.  The-Dream has said that the album will be similar to his freshman release, consisting of the same type of music and songs.  I have no idea on tracks that have been leaked and aren't on the list below, so if you know of any, let us know, and we will add it to the list!

Confirmed Tracks:
"My Love (Feat. Mariah Carey)"
"You Aint Sh*t"
"Right Side of My Brain"
"Make Love to Me"
"Kelly's 12 Play"

"This album’s gonna be the same thing - a little more beefed up, I’m just gonna give you more. Every album I’m just gonna try to give you more of me, and what I think about certain things... This album is just gonna be the first album on crack, basically."
- The-Dream & Tricky Stewart Interview, DJBooth.Net


So there really is not a ton of new news on the upcoming album from Yeezy, but here are just a few things that may interest you.  The original album was supposed to be called, A Good Ass Job.  The album was then changed to its current standing title of 808's & Heartbreak.  As you all should know by now, Kanye's first single was, "Love Lockdown," and it appealed to many Kanye fans.  The second single to drop will be called, "Heartless" and as of right now, only a clear live version has been found on the web.  If you want to give the clear version a listen (it is clearer than the one I posted yesterday but it is not the full song, only a snippet), then CLICK HERE!  So here is the more news part about it, a new rumored track has surfaced and confirmed by poster for some event.  The track will be called, "Welcome To Heartbreak."  You can check out the picture below!  No news on what that sounds like, but the title has been confirmed. 
That's all the news we have as of right now, we will post up more news later when we get a chance or hear more information on it! 


Commonly known as Common, Universal Mind Control will be Common's eighth studio album.  Unlike his past releases, UMC will consist of a different style and a different ideology.  The album, as Common noted in an interview with Billboard Mag is themed off of techno and electronic music.  This does not mean that thats all he uses, and that he is putting out a techno album or an electronic album (which would be pretty odd for a rap musician to do), he is merely incorporating some of that genre into his upcoming album.  It should be interesting to see how it sounds and works out.  I am a big fan of his first single, "Universal Mind Control," and if the song is any indication of what the album should be like, I am truly excited!  

Common also stated that unlike past albums, this one would be more free.  He has stated, "I created this music for the summer time, it's about feeling good... this is the type of music I felt was missing from my body of work..."  He also has expressed that he felt more free on this album, not really trying to cater to popular demand.  I like to hear this out of a musician.  That statement is a true sign of creativity, and expression of musical taste.  This could be Common's best album yet, so be sure to check it out!  I will let you all know when I find out more about the upcoming album.

Track Listing:
Announcement (Feat. Pharrell)"
"Universal Mind Control (UMC) (Feat. Pharrell)"
"Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo)"
"Punch Drunk Love (Feat. Kanye West)"
"Gladiator (Feat Pharrell)"
"What A World (Feat. Chester French)"
"The Eye (Feat. Pharrell)"
"Party Shit"


Sara Palin may be a hockey mom, but hockey fans are not such a fan of hers.  Just check out the video below, and see for yourself.  I guess the whole hockey mom pitch she went for in the campaign has not been working out so well for her.