Commonly known as Common, Universal Mind Control will be Common's eighth studio album.  Unlike his past releases, UMC will consist of a different style and a different ideology.  The album, as Common noted in an interview with Billboard Mag is themed off of techno and electronic music.  This does not mean that thats all he uses, and that he is putting out a techno album or an electronic album (which would be pretty odd for a rap musician to do), he is merely incorporating some of that genre into his upcoming album.  It should be interesting to see how it sounds and works out.  I am a big fan of his first single, "Universal Mind Control," and if the song is any indication of what the album should be like, I am truly excited!  

Common also stated that unlike past albums, this one would be more free.  He has stated, "I created this music for the summer time, it's about feeling good... this is the type of music I felt was missing from my body of work..."  He also has expressed that he felt more free on this album, not really trying to cater to popular demand.  I like to hear this out of a musician.  That statement is a true sign of creativity, and expression of musical taste.  This could be Common's best album yet, so be sure to check it out!  I will let you all know when I find out more about the upcoming album.

Track Listing:
Announcement (Feat. Pharrell)"
"Universal Mind Control (UMC) (Feat. Pharrell)"
"Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo)"
"Punch Drunk Love (Feat. Kanye West)"
"Gladiator (Feat Pharrell)"
"What A World (Feat. Chester French)"
"The Eye (Feat. Pharrell)"
"Party Shit"

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