So there really is not a ton of new news on the upcoming album from Yeezy, but here are just a few things that may interest you.  The original album was supposed to be called, A Good Ass Job.  The album was then changed to its current standing title of 808's & Heartbreak.  As you all should know by now, Kanye's first single was, "Love Lockdown," and it appealed to many Kanye fans.  The second single to drop will be called, "Heartless" and as of right now, only a clear live version has been found on the web.  If you want to give the clear version a listen (it is clearer than the one I posted yesterday but it is not the full song, only a snippet), then CLICK HERE!  So here is the more news part about it, a new rumored track has surfaced and confirmed by poster for some event.  The track will be called, "Welcome To Heartbreak."  You can check out the picture below!  No news on what that sounds like, but the title has been confirmed. 
That's all the news we have as of right now, we will post up more news later when we get a chance or hear more information on it! 

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