Talk about making a statement in public! I was just surfing Google, and I came across these Obama shoes. I don't know if I like Obama that much to wear shoes, but I guess Nike must have thought people would. Sneaker Obsession has listed the shoes on their site, and you can check out what they look like. I know you guys must think I am over doing it on the Obama thing right now, but I forgot to add this in with the last post, so why not just make it a separate one.

Anyway, would any of you actually buy those kicks, and wear them around town!? Let us know!

And just on another side note, I loved the Batman movie that recently came out, and check out these kicks that Nike put out for the joker! They look pretty darn sick and awesome if you ask me. Props to Sneaker Obsession for finding them!


It has been a while since I last posted, but I thought this one was kind of necessary. I don't know what my compadre' thinks for this upcoming election, and I can only speak for myself. So as of right now, TGLR (or at least 1/2 of TGLR) is in full support of Obama. Look for more Obama related stuff in the future. We do music, and we do other stuff too. This is a music blog, but as of right now, there are stuff going on in the world that also deserve attention. I personally wish Barack Obama/Joe Biden the best of luck on the campaign trail, and I hope to see the dynamic duo live when they come into town to talk. Also, on a side note... We are entitled to our own opinions on political subjects, and so are you! So leave us a comment or even a reason as to why you think are arguments or statements are flawed!


Well as of right now ICECrush and I are back at it. I am currently experiencing big computer problems, as in my computer has died. So I bid farewell to my seven year old computer, and am now waiting for mid-September to roll around. I am planning on getting a new macbook, they are supposedly coming out with new ones in September! So until late September, do not expect too many updates! Hope everyones summer was good!


This is the idea for the upcoming music video of, "Champion," by Kanye West.  It is based off the Olympics, and looks pretty good.  Keep them coming Kanye!