And the beef goes on... or was it the "beat"?  Doesn't really matter, but 50 Cent is at it again, this time he is shooting Rick Ross a message via a cartoon episode.  I posted the episode below, and feel free to give it a watch and respond.  Effective?  I don't personally think so, I think it is just his baby ways of beefing.  You will never see a beef session out of 50 Cent that will amount to as great or epic as a Nas or Jay-Z beef.

Be On The Lookout For More Beef News And Updates On Ross vs. 50


So I'm doing my thing on the internet, just searching around, looking here and there, trying to see what new songs I can find, and I end up at this YouTube video by this rapper named Maino.  I decided to give it a listen, considering I had no idea who this "Maino" guy was.  So the track was called, "All The Above,"  and let me tell ya'll something, the track was straight fire.  I am always looking for new tracks, new songs to get into, and stuff like that.  So after giving the song a listen, I decided to do some research on Mr. Maino and see what was going down with him.

He recently signed with Atlantic Records, and is planning to release his first album on May 19th, 2009.  The freshman release will be called, If Tomorrow Ever Comes.  So far there are seven confirmed tracks, most of which have featured guests on them.  So far, 50 Cent, T-Pain, Lil' Kim, and Trey Songz are featured on the track listing, and he already has two singles that should help boost his album sale ("Hi Hater" & "Hood Love").  Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if the albums next single will be "All The Above," considering it is an amazing song.  I truly like it, and you all should give it a listen.  Hasn't been released yet, so like I say, DON'T DOWNLOAD UNRELEASED TRACKS... JUST GIVE THEM A LISTEN... RESPECT THE ARTISTS!!!

Check Back Here For More Main News In The Coming Weeks


Wow... I know I posted a few days ago that I was feeling the whole rock thing Weezy had going, but if the majority of the tracks sound like his recently leaked "Amazing Love," I am going to have to retract that statement.  This track is just awful.  Not only do the vocals stink, the music in the background isn't even that great, and the voice doesn't really fit well with it.  I told ya'll that this Rebirth rock album will be hit or miss.  Good thing the album doesn't drop until April 7th, so hopefully this was just a recorded track that won't end up appearing on the album.  As of right now, there are a few tracks that we can list for you that will and may appear on the album... We are hoping this one does not end up being on the final cut of the album... If Weezy is reading this, please don't put this on the album.  As I told ya'll about how I feel about leaked tracks, I gave this song a listen on the interwebs on some site, so I highly encourage you all to find it and give it a listen yourself, but DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT... Give some respect and honor to those who create music.

Confirmed Tracks:
"Prom Queen" <-- First Single

Rumored Tracks:
"Amazing Love"
"Hot Revolver"
"Yes (Feat. Pharrell)" (May Be For A Mixtape Or For Rebirth Has Not Been Confirmed What It Is Linked With)

More Lil' Wayne News When We Hear It
Pick Up Rebirth In Stores On April 7th, 2009


Now I have never been married, seeing as I am only a teen, but I just was looking around and found this awesome video from a couples wedding.  Usually the first dance to a wedding is something that only the couple participates in, and it generally takes a while.  It is pretty much them just slow dancing for a very long time.  This couple decided to spice up their first dance, and it is pretty neat.  The guy in the video has some pretty sick dance moves, and his wife does a mean robot in there.  So check that out.  Anyone out there married and did something similar at their wedding?  I am far from marriage, but this is something I would for sure do at my wedding, something fun and something to keep people's attention and the grandparents from falling asleep!


50 Cent just keeps racking up a strong list of people who he has challenged.  It all started with his infamous beef with The Game, who was once part of the Gay-Unit.  After a few years, Kanye West came into the picture with a record sales competition that ended with Ye' being a winner, and Fiddy having to admit to how crappy his Curtis album was.  After that came some BUCKED up stuff.  Young Buck (like The Game) was kicked out of Gay-Unit, and him, Game, and Fiddy duked it out by releasing diss songs and other material that made the other look bad.  In our minds, Buck won the beef, but only due to the help from The Game... Young Buck didn't have a shot with out The Game's tough support.  And then we come to today, a new era in beef for the man that goes by "50 Cent."

Ya'll know my hate for the guy, I have done numerous posts explaining as to why I don't like him and the reasons why he is just a crappy rapper and an overall bad person.  Anyway, he has recently been starting stuff with some other musicians in the music game, this time targeting the officer turned rap star Rick Ross and the million dollar music maker that goes by the name of Lil' Wayne.  Fiddy started the shots at Ross, and the Boss responded with a track directed right back at Fiddy.  On another track, Fiddy took some more shots at Rickity Ross, and within that track, he takes another jab at Weezy F. Baby, talking about how he had not responded to his last comment.  50 Cent is a moron...

Moving on, Lil' Wayne was genius not to respond to Mr. Cent's comments.  I am going to give my fifty cents on Fiddy, and what he is doing right now is just dumb.  Before I Self Destruct will end up bombing, and will more than likely do worse than Curtis does.  Anyway, check out how this whole scenerio works out, I am almost positive that 50 Cent and Soulja Boy are the two most hated musicians in Hip-Hop right now, 50 Cent may actually go down as one of the most hated musicians, one who will only be sticking to his Gay-Unit pack and always pushing people away instead of welcoming them in.

On January 30th, 2009 50 Cent released "Officer Ricky (Go Head, Try Me)" in response to Rick Ross' disparaging remarks days earlier on "Mafia Music." 50 also took shots at DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne on the song. At the end he claims Ross is "an appetizer. Where you at, Wayne?" He continued to egg Wayne on. "You awfully quiet. You called Em out...You got to pass me to get to him."

It will be interesting to see if Wayne shoots back a response, but I truly hope he doesn't.  We all know that if it is a record sales competition Curtis wants, Wayne or Ross would destroy him.  Wayne should just keep focusing on his Rock album which will be different and may completely suck, but it will for sure be better than anything 50 Cent puts out. 

Be On The Lookout For More Beef Stuff In The Coming Days, Check Back For More Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne, Kanye West, The Game, Young Buck, & 50 Cent Information In The Near Future

50 Cent On Rick Ross Beef... Takes Shot @ Weezy:


I am not surprised that beef has started to become a universal thing that all celebrities are doing.  Beef used to be be musicians vs. musicians, and it never really left that area.  Now you have beefs like Jeezy/O'Reilly, Ye'/Colbert, etc., stuff that is truly expanding the beef game.  It will be interesting to see how this one works out.  O'Reilly has criticized Young Jeezy on his hit song, "My President" and has stated that the lyrical scheme that both Jeezy and Jay-Z use on the track are, inappropriate.  Miller called Jeezy, "Young Emphysema."  It will be interesting to see how this one plays out, but be sure to check back here for more information on the beef going on between the Republican nut and the common sense democrat Jeezy.


Dre has been out of the game for a while, and fans have been awaiting the release of Detox for a every long time.  The news that Detox will be his final album and that he will not be doing anymore LP's has gotten many fans uppity and jumpy over trying to preview the songs that will be featured on his last and historically final album.  Now you know my stance on leaked tracks and how I feel about it, but what you did not know was that artists should really just start embracing it.  There is nothing that the musicians can do at this point, seeing as people from the inside have been leaking the tracks.  The only possible way to stop a leakage is by being the only one working on a project and not letting anyone help out with it.  There are just too many connections and somewhere along the lines, someone gets their hands on a track and leaks it, whether it is unfinished or unmastered.  Artists should just do this stuff themselves, think of it like 'extra singles'.  The leaked tracks off of Detox have the Doctor up in a furry.  I don't blame him, if I was releasing my last LP of my musical career, I would want to go out with a bang, something that no one had heard before.

Anyway, the thing with leaked tracks is that it allows people to really get amped for what the musician releases.  If anything, musicians should just start releasing more mixtapes with tracks that won't be featured on the album.  This way, fans get to have their fix before the album drops, and the amount of leaked tracks on blogs and sites would stop because they would just be covering mixtapes all the time.  I think that people should not DOWNLOAD leaked tracks, rather, give them a listen and preview them.  It kills the industry when people listen to leaked tracks and own them and circulate them, but just to listen to them is fine.  I think that musicians should allow fans to preview tracks off the album but not download it.  Anyway, that's my take on it, be on the lookout for some more Dre and Em' news soon.

Album Artwork Above Is Not Confirmed For Detox, We Think It Is User-Made, But It Looks Pretty Sick Narsty, So We Threw It On Up For All Of Ya'll

More Dr. Dre & Eminem Album News Coming In The Very Near Future


HAMMER TIME... oh wait a minute, never-mind.  It has been a long time since M.C. Hammer put out his hit song, "Hammer Time," and since then, he has lived a very interesting life, one with many controversial and interesting moments.  Back in 05', Mr. Hammer was featured on an ad during the Super Bowl which poked fun at his legal woes at the time.  Well for all you Hammer heads, the M.C. will be running an ad during this years Super Bowl XLIII.

In other Super Bowl news, expect to see an ad from GoDaddy.COM, seeing as they always do some sort of ad during this time.  If you think about it, the art of putting commercials on during the Super Bowl is pretty genius for any company.  Whether you are a small company looking to expand or an already large company looking for even more customers, putting something out during the Super Bowl allows for all those watching to view your company and take an interest in what you do.  The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events, and I promise that this years ads will be sure to impress all who watch, especially with business needing as many new customers as possible.  Expect some funny stuff to be out and some good ads.  The commercials are always consistent in the Super Bowl, every now and then you will find a poor matchup, but the commercials are always great!  

Hope Everyone Has A Safe And Fun Super Bowl Weekend


So we completed the first four of our "Incoming Class" series.  Don't look now, but here come three more quality musicians who are going to blow your minds in 2009.  Our #5 guy on the list is B.o.B.  I don't know if any of you have heard of the guy, but he is someone you should all check out if you enjoy the Rap and Hip-Hop movements.  Unlike some of the other musicians we have covered on the bog, B.o.B is signed to Atlantic and Grand Hustle Records.  He graced the cover of XXL magazine, and has gained a lot of popularity since the release of his first single, "I'll Be In The Sky."

So what makes B.o.B such a great musician, and someone who stands out from the rest of the average players in 09'?  The answer is hard to find, but unlike most, he has this feel to his songs, this sort of special beat and sound that makes it something different.  He has some solid beats and his lyrical flow (like our last artists) is pretty solid.  I see him being successful in the music industry, and definitely making some damage with his first album.  Unlike other rookie musicians, he won't be a one hit wonder (i.e. Sh!tty Boy - a.k.a. Soulja Boy).  Like Kanye West, T.I. seems to have an eye for talent... seeing as he gobbled up B.o.B and will be possibly featuring a more of a T.I. sound to it.  I am a huge T.I. fan in case people don't really know, but B.o.B will have an opportunity to mold his music game around one of the greats.  T.I. should do as much as possible to work with his newly signed artist and mold him into a musician who can put out an album like Paper Trail.  Be on the lookout for B.o.B news on the blog, and be sure to cop his mixtapes for free by getting them HERE!!!

Pick Up The Adventures of B.o.B Sometime In 2009



Quick Information
When: February 1st, 2009
Kick-Off Time: 6:20 PM Eastern Time
Where: Raymond James Stadium - Tampa Bay, Florida

Team Information
Pittsburgh Steelers:
This won't be unfamiliar territory for Ben Roethlisberger and company, seeing as they captured the Vince Lombardi trophy back in 2005 with a victory over the Seattle Seahawks at Ford Field, in Detroit, Michigan. The Steelers went 12-4 this season, with losses to the Colts, Titans, Giants, and the second sleeper playoff team, the Eagles. Both Big Ben and Hines Ward put out a great season, each helping their team to a successful season and postseason. The Steelers are known for their hard working and spectacular defense and due to their skill on defense, have been a formidable opponent for many teams around the league. Their cornerbacks/safeties and middle linebackers move well and this allows for a lot of pressure on the opposing teams quarterback. Look for the Steeler "D" to shut down the offensive surges of the the high-flying Cardinals. While Pitt. does have a very strong defense, they will be facing an offensive scheme that features two wide receivers (Fitzgerald & Boldin) who are each very skilled and great at catching the ball, along with a third and fourth Wide Receiver/Running Back (Breaston & Hightower) option that can catch the ball and get some short yards on 2nd and 3rd down. The Pitt. defense also needs to be aware of the recent emergence of The Edge (Edgerrin James) at running back. Even though he was pretty silent and didn't do much during the season, he has broken out of his shell and has exploded during the postseason and will be a factor in this years Super Bowl matchup. Big Ben needs to have a flawless game and put together some good numbers offensively to match the high-scoring Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals:
The fairy tale story that is the Cardinals leads us to the true underdog story of this years Super Bowl game. The Cardinals posted a 9-7 record, getting it's first Super Bowl appearance in team history. They are only the second team in NFL history to make a trip to the Super Bowl with seven losses. Many say that the Cardinals will get blown out by the hard-hitting and defensive minded Steeler defense. On the contrary, there are those who think that the Cardinal defense will end up being too much for the Steeler "D" to handle and that Kurt Warner has proven he can still be a great quarterback in the NFL. The Cardinals will look to score big and often and look to exploit the Steeler defense where they can. Warner has many options to throw to, Breaston, Boldin, Fitzgerald all accumulated over 1,000 yards receiving this season, only five teams in NFL history have ever had this happen. The Cards also have a great running game that features the veteran Edgerrin James and the emergence of the young Tim Hightower. Look for Warner to give looks to his wide outs and to Hightower out of the backfield. Also, be on the lookout for a strong defensive presence out of the young and underdog Cardinals. Their defense was shaky at times this season, but they have gotten a grip on their inconsistent play, and it seems (thus far in the postseason) that any offense in the league is going to have a hard time moving the ball down the field without facing some bone-crushing hits and some interceptions and miss-plays. While the Steeler defense is great, the Cardinal defense is close to just as good, and will make be giving Big Ben (Steeler QB) headaches all day.

Predicted Winner: Arizona Cardinals

Congrats To Both Teams On Getting This Far, And Best Of Luck To Both Teams


I love all types of music, Rap/Hip-Hop, Blues, Soul, Rock, Pop, etc., but while that is the case, I have never found a ton of R&B singers that I have truly fell in love with and could safely say I would listen to on a regular basis.  So far, my R&B list consists of the two biggest names in the music industry as of right now: "The King of Unreleased Material" Ne-Yo and Chris Brown.  After The-Dream's first release, I thought to myself, "Is this the first time this guy has released an album!?"  The answer was found on the web's ever-so-popular Wikipedia.  2007 marked the freshman release of Lovehate, and it was arguably one of the best albums of that year.  Meanwhile, here we are in 09', two years after his hit album, and on March 10th, he will look to "wow" the industry again with his beats and new tracks.  I have heard a few of the tracks on the web, and I have been pretty impressed with the quality and solidity of his flow and beats.  To tell you the truth, I thought that Lovehate might have been a fluke for the newcomer and that he would not put out another album as big and as good as his first.

To divulge a bit more about his upcoming March 10th release, Love vs. Money features a lot of the same stuff.  Picture Lovehate, but with some new concepts and ideas and lyrical schemes.  The thing that may push this album ahead of his freshman release is the people who will be featured on it.  He had Rihanna on his first release, and while that is a pretty big name, you can be sure that he is looking to get some even bigger names to hop on some tracks with him for his sophomore release.  His upcoming release will feature three more tracks (two more songs for everyone to enjoy) than his first release, leaving the album at fifteen total tracks (with no bonus material listed).  I told you that unlike the first album, Rihanna would not be the only big name to jump on the album, and as of right now, Kanye West, Lil' Jon and Mariah Carey will all be featured on the R&B album that is due out in 2009.  Ludacris and Fabulous recorded tracks with The-Dream for his upcoming release, but they failed to make the final cut on the album.  This does not mean they won't end up being released... If the album sells enough, he may decide to release a Deluxe Edition, which could possibly feature those tracks (seeing as many artists use their leftover tracks and slap them on the deluxe version).  

If you thought releasing one amazing album in 09' would be considered "doing it big" for a newer artist to the music industry, you were wrong.  The-Dream is doing it REAL BIG, and he has stated that both him and Kanye West will be doing an album together that is due out sometime in 2009.  The album will be titled, Love King, and I am sure it will feature Ye' doing his thing with the beats and his new singing stuff (or possibly switch it up and do part singing, part rapping... WHO KNOWS!!!), and it will more than likely feature a lot of the same stuff you'll see from The-Dream on Love vs. Money.  Anyway, check the interview below that The-Dream did, and get amped for a Ye' Dream album release that will be sure impress.  It looks like KanYeezy will not be hanging up the mic so soon, seeing as he will be releasing this collaboration album in 09' and rumor has it that he will release another album sometime in 09' (maybe towards the end of the year), or possible in early 10'.  Rumors have been circulating that the album will be called, Good Ass Job (pardon the French in the album title), and just like his past albums (excluding 808's & Heartbreak), follows the trend a person follows through their early adult life (i.e. College Dropout --> Late Registration --> Graduation --> Good Ass Job!!!???).  Well who knows what the Kan man has planned for the 09' and 10' year, but whatever it is, I am sure he will be going big, and setting a new bar for other artists to try and meet.


"Rockin' That Shit"
"Walkin' on the Moon (Feat. Kanye West)"
"My Love (Feat. Mariah Carey)"
"Put It Down" 
"Sweat It Out" 
"Take U Home 2 My Mama" 
"Love vs. Money" 
"Love vs. Money: Part 2" 
"Right Side of My Brain"
"Mr. Yeah"
"Kelly's 12 Play" 
"Let Me See the Booty (Feat. Lil' Jon)"
"Touch & Feel" 
"Nothing But Love"

Don't Know How Many Blogs Have Reported The Ye'/Dream Album, So If You Use Any Of Our Information, Please Link To The Blog And Show Some Love From Where You Learned About The News!!!

More The-Dream/The-Dream + Kanye West/Kanye West News Coming In The Near Future!!!


Maybe this rock thing will work out for Weezy.  I gave another leaked track a listen on the interwebs, and this time I liked it a lot.  The track is called, "Hot Revolver" and it features more of a slower paced rock song.  I am not going to lie... Weezy's voice is not suited for singing, but it doesn't seem that matters as his songs for Rebirth  feature more of a rock beat with him sort of rapping and a bit of singing mixed together.  it is definitely interesting and the album will sell.  The two tracks I have listened to thus far are pretty darn awesome, so you should all be gearing up some excitement for Weezy's April 7th, 2009 Rebirth release.

More Rebirth News When We Get Our Hands On It... Check Back Here Later!!!


Well we just recently finished up the first section of who ya'll should be looking out for this year, and so here we are bringing you more new finds.  These next three musicians are definitely going to make some waves in the music industry this year, whether they drop a mixtape, another album, or even just a small E.P./Single.  We will cover some of our favorites who started making some noise in 08' and we will be covering those who have maybe not been so popular on the blog and internet thus far.  Be sure to support these artists, and give their stuff a listen, if you liked our first four featured artists, you will for sure dig these next three.

Check Back Here Later For More New Musicians And Up And Coming Artists


According to a report on QJ.net, the two gamer buddies were playing an unspecified PlayStation 3 title with the sound cranked up to 11.

A concerned neighbor called the local gendarmes in the belief that the sound of gunfire coming from next door was the real deal. Perhaps thinking that a full-scale war had broken out, a Danish SWAT team was activated. The cops used a megaphone to order the men to come out and surrender.

The noisy gamers wisely put their controllers down without a fight and were arrested on suspicion of mayhem. They were soon released after a search of their apartment uncovered no firearms.

Seriously... That's pretty messed up!  If I had a game system with that great of volume, I would be living the good life!  Well I don't really play video games, but for those who do, THEY would be living the good life.  Anyway, that's your Random Crap Post of the moment... you can check the article out at Game Politics

More Stuff Coming Your Way!


So we sort of forgot to continue this segment of the blog, so I figure I might as well pick up where I left off, and let you all know about my fourth All-Star to be in 09'.  He goes by the name CuDi... KiD CuDi that is.  He is straight out of Cleveland, and like Big Sean, signed to the G.O.O.D Music label.  I am telling you, Kanye has a heck of an eye.  CuDi features some amazing stuff, and arguably had one of the more prolific mixtapes of 08'.  He will make a huge splash in this coming year, and if his first album release is anything like his mixtape, A Kid Named CuDi.  He has this sort of pop and lock feel to him, and his voice is really suited for the rap game.  He has a smooth touch for the music game, and for sure has a talent and he will succeed in the music industry.  He is creative and features a sort of good vibe with his tracks.  Every track off his mixtape is a banger, so if you haven't given this guy a listen, I would advise going out and download the FREE mixtape.

Anyway, some more stuff about CuDi... He has this amazing flow when it comes to dropping a beat and rapping.  Why will he be successful?  Simple answer to that question: He features a strong talent for rapping and having a great flow.  Not only does the KiD rap, but he also can sing and harmonize with the best of them (I assume... just off of listening to some of his tracks).  So if you know of the CuD master, I will assume that you have either downloaded the album, or you heard him off of Ye's 808's & Heartbreak album when he was featured on the second track of the album, "Welcome to Heartbreak." He really as a gifted musician who will put out album after album, each having more success than the past.  When I think of CuDi, I think of Kanye West on a whole new level.  He is going to be the next Kanye West, and not in that sort of egotistical crap that everyone talks about.  Rather based off his flow and ability to spit straight fire lyrics.  The guy has talent, and Kanye spotted it himself.  Listening to the single, "Day N' Night," you can just tell that this KiD is going to be something special one day.

Be On The Lookout For KiD CuDi This Year, And Be Sure To Cop His Free Mixtape!!!


So we told you we would be back, and for our first post, we are going to make it hot.  I am sure you all have heard about Weezy's decision to make his next album be a "rock" based album, and while many thought that he would be releasing a Tha Carter III, Part II: The Rebirth, before anything else, those plans have been scratched and it has been confirmed by MTV that there will be no Part II to the Carter series.  However, there is one that that is staying the same, and that is the name of the album.  Rebirth will be the title of the new Weezy album, and he is sticking true to his statement of how it will be different.  "Prom Queen," the expected first single off the album has been leaked on the web, and I gave it a listen online.  It is really different, features some different sounding stuff, and I am still unsure as to how this whole rock thing fits Weezy.

Overall, "Prom Queen" is a solid song, the guitar and drums and the physical song is great.  The zinger on this track is that it features him singing and sort of rapping.  It is like a mesh between rapping and singing, it is a very interesting situation and sound.  Most artists are trying to do things that will make them standout, do something different, and to try some new stuff.  We have seen this already with Kanye's release of 808's & Heartbreak, and with recent reports of this rock album by Weezy, you can expect more artists to follow suit and try new stuff.  The music industry is a demanding market, and to sell more, new things must be tried.  Listening to the same old hip-hop and rap beats has gotten old for some musicians and trying something new keeps them fresh and let's them express themselves artistically.

Do I think Rebirth will sell as much as Tha Carter III?  Heck no... It is hard to follow up a release after the amount of success he had with C3.  However, if "Prom Queen" is any indication of what Rebirth will sound like, than I think the album will sell.  There will be plenty of haters who will say that this rock thing he has going on really doesn't suit him and that he is destroying his career.  I like it, gives me some fresh new stuff to listen to, and it also gives him an opportunity to get some other musicians from different genres working on the album with him.  I hope that Weezy looks to Kevin Rudolf for help with the album, seeing as he is the "rocker" who loves to feature hip-hop and rap musicians on his tracks.  It should be interesting to see how this turns out, but I think that people will be happy with the results of this album, and that his sales will be solid.  

Anyway, be sure to check back here for more Weezy news and more album updates!


Alright, so we are back to action, well at least I know for a fact I am... ICECrush might not be back for another week, I have to get in touch with him soon and figure it out, but we will be posting up on the blog a lot in the coming weeks; so be sure to check back here and leave some comments and some love.  Can't wait for the coming weeks, holla at us if you want us to post something up or cover something.


He just isn't a President Elect anymore... He is the new PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES!  He has a lot coming his way in the next four years, and we need to stand together as a nation and as a people.  Tomorrow will mark American history, and Obama will have a long and messy list to clean up...  Hopefully he does a good job and does well in his first four years in office, and I wish him, his staff, and his family the best of luck in office.  Be sure to check out his inaugural ceremony on TV tomorrow and feel free to leave your thoughts about the ceremony.


Yeah so some people in this world are just downright crazy. Especially these Canadians from Montreal. What do they do up there?

Check it: http://montreal.en.craigslist.ca/mis/987858385.html


So no picture for this one, and we apologize for being inactive right now.  It turns out we will be inactive for a bit longer, seeing as both ICECrush and myself have a ton going on right now, don't expect us to be too active on the blog next week either.  I know, it will be three weeks without much going on, but stick in there because once we are back, were back for good, and we will be doing it big, for now, check some of my favorite other music blogs for news and updates!

We'll Be Back A.S.A.P... Check Back Here For More Updates At The End Of Next Week!


Well just a public announcement for all the readers out there... This past week has been a slow one, if you could not tell, and it is mainly due to us being extremely busy.  This past week was filled with a ton of stuff and I just didn't have enough time to get around to the blog.  If you were wondering if the decline in posting was due to us thinking about shutting down the blog, the answer is NO.  (Someone e-mailed me and asked me if we were shutting down and if we are, how much we would sell them the blog for)

Also, just a warning for all readers, don't expect a ton of posts next week either.  It is going to be just as busy as this past week.  I am on a hectic schedule and so is ICECrush and at this point, we won't be on our regular grind until a week from now.  So sit tight and just check back here every now and then and see if there are any updates.


So mixtapes are truly one of the greatest things in the music industry.  It really allows fans  to get their fix of music for free, and really gives the fans something.  We are going to countdown the best of the best that came out in 08', and while it is somewhat late to still be covering 08', we are going to do it anyway.  Let us know if your favorite mixtape didn't make the top ten, and why it should be there.

  1. Sky High: The Kanye Remix Project, Kanye West - This mixtape featured the type of work Kanye West fans were craving for.  While he did a sort of pop piece on 808's, and decided to sing instead of rap, this free mixtape really gives the fans what they wanted in 08'.
  2. Crash Landed, Charles Hamilton - This young up and coming rapper really showed the world what he can do on this mixtape, and for anyone who does not know Charles should really go ahead and give his mixtape a listen, I promise the up and coming rapper won't disappoint.
  3. Plain Pat & Emile Presents a KiD Named CuDi, KiD CuDi - Wow, it really is a tie for number two and three.  It is hard to say that Charles' mixtape was better than CuDi's and each really brought it hard on their own tapes.  These two really have a lot going for themselves in 09' and both their mixtapes are just samples of how good they will be once their albums drop.  Be sure to check out this mixtape, it was straight fire.
  4. Mick Boogie & Terry Urban Present: Viva La Hova, Coldplay - Well Boogie does it again in 08' with his hit mixtape Viva La Hova.  The mashing and melding that goes down on this mixtape is unreal.  The guy has clear cut talent and is for sure good at what he does.  Viva La Hova was one of the better mixtapes of 08' and was for sure a banger.  Has extreme replay value, unlike other mixtapes out there, and is a for sure pick up if you like Coldplay or Jay-Z.
  5. The Drought Is Over 6 (The Reincarnation), Lil' Wayne - Weezy brought it all out in 08'.  He featured a hit album, a solid group of mixtapes that were bangin' and for sure fan favorites.  This was for sure the Year of the Weezy, and fans have much to look forward from him in the future, considering he drops a butt load of mixtapes each year.
  6. Finally Famous - The Mixtape, Big Sean - Another young rapper put out a solid mixtape this year, and it is for sure something for rap fans to be on the lookout for in the future.  Big Sean landed a record deal with G.O.O.D. music, and this mixtape had some very good tracks on it.  Some say he is a Kanye West poser, but I don't see it.  He has some solid collab tracks on there and it is for sure worth a look at if you enjoy a solid mixtape.
  7. Don Cannon and DJ DRAMA Present The GreenHouse Effect Vol. 1, Asher Roth - Well he joins the other young up and coming rappers in the top ten mixtape releases of 08'.  He is for sure going to make a big splash on the rap scene, and while he has drawn comparisons to the likes of Eminem, he definitely has his own style.  He brings a lot to the rap game and is someone to keep an eye out for in 09', his mixtape is straight fire, so be sure to download it off his site.
  8. Pr33 Ringz, T-Pain - Well his album was a work of art, but the mixtape that came before the album release gave many fans hope that the album would turn out great.  This mixtape features some solid tracks that don't appear on the album and if your a T-Pain fan, it is a must have.  Be sure to pick up a copy of this, it is worth your while.
  9. Mixtape About Nothing, Wale' - It is hard to place Wale's mixtape all the way at #9, considering it was unreal.  Really, it was one of the best mixtapes of 08' but there were so may great ones released that this one falls all the way to the nine spot.  He features some solid tracks and will make a huge splash when his freshman album drops.  Be on the lookout for him in 09', I promise you that he will be one of the top new artists in the game.
  10. Mick Boogie Presents: 1988, Adele - The guy has released two top mixtapes and while his Adele mashup only hits #10 on our list, it is for sure something that people should download.  This mixtape features some good beats and with Adele's already amazing vocals, it is for sure one of the better mixtapes of 2008.  If you liked the Coldplay mixtape, I have a feeling you'll enjoy this one too!
Well that's all of the mixtapes in the top ten.  They are all awesome and it was very hard to rank which was better than which.  Be sure to grab the mixtapes and give them a listen, and leave a comment if you liked it.  Also, be sure to be on the lookout for the young up and coming rappers, I know that 09' is going to be a huge year, but don't tell me I didn't tell you so. 


In case you all couldn't tell, we here at Tha Good Life Reviews like to talk about our views and ideas on politics.  In case you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, there has been an increase in fighting going on between Israel & the Palestinians (living in Gaza).  Personally, I wish the fighting would stop, but I know that that is too much to ask for at this point, and that the two sides will never achieve peace.

Okay, so here is my take on what has been happening the past couple of days, and I assume my comments will get some criticism or support from readers, seeing as this is a very controversial topic to discuss publicly.  If there is one thing that I have truly been sick of the past couple of days, it is reading and listening to people criticize Israel.  Yes, the people living in Gaza are being attacked and many innocent people are dying, but the fact of the matter is very simple, the Israeli government has no choice.  For years the Israeli's have felt the terror and abuse from it's neighboring land (Gaza), and it is time that they did something about it.  There was a cease fire at some point, but with Hezbolah and other Arab terrorists attacking Israel, the Israeli government decided to strike back.  I by no means think that the Israeli government is at fault here, and clearly something like this needed to be done.  As terrible as that sounds, war at this point was inevitable, and for innocent Israeli's to be dying every year due to terrorist attacks, it is about time that the Israeli government says, "enough is enough."

I also can't stand when people who do not know the whole story about the Arab-Israeli conflict try and tell me or knowledgeable people what the problem is.  People need to understand some things before they debate issues and figure out who to blame.  While I am not a qualified teacher, there are some facts that are just indisputable.  The Israeli's and Arabs have been fueding for a very long time, and throughout that time, the Palestinians have asked for their own land.  Upon these requests, the Israeli government has given them opportunities to get their own country, and each time they have rejected it.  The reason as to why they rejected... They Wanted All of ISRAEL, not just some of it.  The fact of the matter is that so many people are so uneducated on the topic and then go out there and say stupid things that make no sense and have no validity.  Yesterday, I am conversing with a friend, and he said that the Israeli's are terrorizing the Palestinians living in Gaza, and that the Israeli's are at fault for the current situation in Israel.  To say such a thing must be the most ridiculous statement.  If you are like my friend, and only listen to the news and hear the crap that some newscasters have been saying, you would say that Israel is truly at fault, but if you researched the current situation and were knowledgeable on the conflict, then a comment like that would never have been made.

In reality, everyone wants peace in the middle east.  I am not the type of guy that supports war, and in fact, I hate war and fighting in general.  This current situation is probably one of the only wars I will ever endorse and it isn't because of my religion, my race, my ethnicity or anything for the sort.  It is due to the mere fact that terrorists have been attacking innocent Israeli's for years and years and now Israel is doing something to stop the attacks from occurring.  The attacks on Gaza should be looked at as a retaliation, not as a first punch.  On top of all this, I just want to say that I do not support the killing of innocent bystanders, but if you know that there are terrorists that are attacking a country living in your area, than why are you living there in the first place!  If you wanted to stay safe and away from the attacks, you should have left Israel a long time ago.  Gaza was never a safe place once Israel gave it up, and the world needs to know that what Israel is doing is right.  I am sorry to sound harsh, or cruel, or anything like that, but when rockets are fired day in and day out on your country, you need to fight back, and at that same time, you may kill innocent people, but that is something you can't help, it is war.  Americans should know what war is like, take the Iraqi war, tons of innocent people are killed and were killed in that war.  Yet are we sitting at home and saying, "The Americans are jerks, they are just going into another country and killing innocent people."  While I am one of the few who does think of that when I hear an Iraqi news update, there are tons of Americans who don't.  And to all those Americans that don't, and are also saying that Israel has no right to attack Gaza, you need to take a step back and look at what your country has done in the past.

I hate to point fingers and say he did this, she did this, but the current situation has been caused due to one terrorist group.  Hezbollah/Hammas has endangered the innocent people who are living in Gaza, and if we are to blame anyone for this war, it is Hezbollah/Hammas, not the Israeli's.  Americans and people around the world need to stand with Israel on this one, and take out one of the worst terrorist groups around.  Hezbollah/Hammas has ties to many Arab countries including Iran.  We here at Tha Good Life Reviews send our condolences to all the families in Gaza who have been affected by the bombings, and we hope that the Israeli soldiers continue their fight against terror and eventually decimate Hezbollah/Hammas from the Gaza strip.  If you are a blog writer, I would advise you to take the time, do some research the on the subject, and write a little something.  We may just be a music blog, but those who read the blog can also learn something too!  Even if your side is Anti-Israel, it is still a side, and our voices need to be heard.  We here at TGLR stand by Israel and by the innocent people of Gaza, and hope that one day, there will be a Democratic Jewish Homeland in the Middle East that will not have to deal with the constant terrorism from bordering countries and terrorist groups.



So this past week didn't end up going the way I wanted it to, I got a cold and am sick again!  So not that many posts today.  Anyway, I am going to post up Remix of the Week, and this ones is brought to you by 4Motta, and you can click on her page to see more of her videos!  Her mashup of both hit songs "Love Lockdown" and "Disturbia" is interesting and it fits well together.  I never thought that it would, considering they are two different types of songs, but heck, this mashup turned out pretty nice!  Anyway, check out the video below and leave a comment!

Artwork Made By Me!  Give Credit If You Use It!


So let's review the top albums, singles and musicians of 2008... Surely you will all have your own opinion, but regardless of that, we will choose who we think won what... Also, check back here for mock grammy winners as we predict who wins what and see how many we get right!  Should be fun!

Top Rap Album of 08': Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter III
Top Country Album of 08': Taylor Swift - Fearless
Top R&B Album of 08': Ne-Yo - Year of the Gentleman
Best Alternative/Rock/Pop Album of 08': Coldplay - Viva La Vida & Adele - 19
Best Rap Collab Track of 08': Swagga Like Us - Lil' Wayne & T.I. (Feat. Kanye West & Jay-Z)
Best R&B/Rap Collab Track of 08': Got Money - Lil' Wayne & T-Pain
Most Underrated Album of the Year: Raphael Saadiq - The Way I See It
Worst Release of 2008: Soulja Boy - iSouljaboytellem
Top Mixtape of the Year: Charles Hamilton - Crash Landed
Freshest Album of the Year: Kanye West - 808's & Heartbreak

Who To Keep An Eye On In 09': KiD CuDi, Charles Hamilton, Big Sean, Chester French, Asher Roth



So I finally got around to it, the Top 10 Albums of 08'!  Check them out and holla at me whether you think I am right or wrong.

Album #1 of 2008:
Lil' Wayne: Tha Carter III

Album #2 of 2008:
Coldplay: Viva La Vida

Album #3 of 2008:
T.I.: Paper Trails

Album #4 of 2008:
Kanye West: 808's & Heartbreak

Album #5 of 2008:
Akon: Freedom

Album #6 of 2008:
Jack Johnson: Sleep Through The Static

Album #7 of 2008:
Taylor Swift: Fearless

Album #8 of 2008:
Adele: 19

Album #9 of 2008:
Common: Universal Mind Control

Album #10 of 2008:
John Legend: Evolver


Wow... WHAT AN IDIOT!!! Check out this kid fail at an attempt to board in the water.  I am telling you, it is very funny!  This is the random crap post of the moment, be back later with more!