According to a report on QJ.net, the two gamer buddies were playing an unspecified PlayStation 3 title with the sound cranked up to 11.

A concerned neighbor called the local gendarmes in the belief that the sound of gunfire coming from next door was the real deal. Perhaps thinking that a full-scale war had broken out, a Danish SWAT team was activated. The cops used a megaphone to order the men to come out and surrender.

The noisy gamers wisely put their controllers down without a fight and were arrested on suspicion of mayhem. They were soon released after a search of their apartment uncovered no firearms.

Seriously... That's pretty messed up!  If I had a game system with that great of volume, I would be living the good life!  Well I don't really play video games, but for those who do, THEY would be living the good life.  Anyway, that's your Random Crap Post of the moment... you can check the article out at Game Politics

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