Asher Roth brings you his newest hit remix of D.O.A. originally recorded by Jay-Z. Asher Roth shows off his freestyle skills and further defines himself as a hot upcoming artist that's here to stay.


I'm still in awe at how great this song is! Kanye and Jay-Z spit their raps like they really care about the song, something I haven't heard in a while. And Rihanna brings her "Live Your Life" style pop chorus that shines above all. This song is the second hit of Jay-Z's upcoming album "Blueprint 3" which is set to be released September 11, 2009.


Mike Posner has taken hit songs such as "Halo" - Beyonce & "Over My Head" - The Fray and made them his own. But this is Mike Posner's best remix yet as he takes Jeremiah's "First Date Sex" (New York Entertainment's number 1 summer song), mixes up the beat, and raps at his traditional slow speed. New York Entertainment stated, "The only thing we’re disappointed in is the lack of remixes/covers/parodies as good as Mike Posner’s 'First Date Sex' ('I met Jay-Z, yeah I’ll tell you about if we have …')." Posner drops sick remixes and it's about time he earned some well-deserved credit.

"First Date Sex" - Mike Posner


New York Magazine Entertainment section has officially ranked the top 10 songs of the summer. These aren't those cheesy one-hit-wonders; these are hardcore, long-lasting songs that you'll be constantly listening to by next summer.

1) Jeremih - "Birthday Sex"
2) Drake - "Best I Ever Had"
3) Jay-Z featuring Kanye West & Rihanna - "Run This Town"
4) Tie: Black Eyed Peas - "I Gotta Feeling" and "Boom Boom Pow"
5) Mariah Carey - "Obsessed"
6) Young Money featuring Lil Wayne - "Every Girl"
7) Rob Thomas - "Her Diamonds"
8) Princeton - "Calypso Gold"
9) Fabolous featuring The Dream - "Throw It in the Bag"
10) Shakira - "She Wolf"


June 30, 2009, Fabolous released his long-awaited album Loso's Way. The songs are a new style in hip-hop/rap and people have been talking. I highly recommend buying his album. Here are some hits off his new album!


At TGLR, we first covered Super Mash Bros' first album "Fuck Bitches. Get Euros." Super Mash Bros has released their second album titled "All About the Scrillions" and it is Still Awesome.

For those of you that don't know, Super Mash Bros mashes up artists of all genres and matches beats with vocals to create the ultimate songs. Consider it Girl Talk's hot cousin. In this album, Super Mash Bros mashed "Like A Boss" - Lonely Island with "Can't Stop" - Red Hot Chili Peppers and it may be the coolest clip on this new album. After all their hard work and effort, Super Mash Bros deserves the title of best mashup artist. All others should bow down to the gods of mashups: Super Mash Bros.

Here's a little taste of what Super Mash Bros has to offer:

All About the Scrillions - Super Mash Bros


Two days ago, I attended a Mike Posner and Big Sean Concert at SOB's in New York City. It was incredible! The concert opened my eyes to the real talent both Mike Posner and Big Sean possess. Posner created new beats on the spot that matched his songs and his singing was impeccable. Compared to his recorded songs, the same songs he performed in concert were much better! He extended songs with new beats and by playing around with the choruses while still managing to entertain the audience at the highest level. Also, Posner got the crowd into it as he, unlike all the opening acts, had everyone clapping their hands and he even made everyone throw their f***** brains in the air! As Posner hopped around from the beat maker to the piano to the front of the stage, we all stood mesmerized by his greatness. Watch his videos below and see for yourself what you missed live!

Big Sean too was breathtaking on stage. He interacted with the audience and brought the crowd too life. Big Sean's band Finally Famous performed a few songs with him and it was nothing short of greatness. The combination of rock n roll with rap was perfect for the show. A musical friend of mine that attended the concert said the drummer was really good and his drumming freestyle stood out amongst the band members. Also, Big Sean's voice was easily heard over the band and this allowed for people to actually hear his lyrics and understand his background and lifestyle. Big Sean raps from the heart and this was exposed live in concert.

Here are some clips of the performances that took place at SOB's that night.


Just take a look at the young KanYe, and how he used to be... My he has grown over time, hasn't he!?  Not much to say here, just saw this over at 2DopeBoyz, and figured I would post it up for all of you to check out!

Interview With KanYeezy:

Mr. West Performing:

Yeezy Doin' His Thing:

K-West + JEEZY Jam Session:

Spotted Over @ 2DopeBoyz

More Yeezy Coming Your Way Soon!


I'm really diggin' this, and one main reason was because I got some real awesome early Nas tapes that no one really has around the web, so when I stumbled upon this video, I felt it was only right to post it up.  These old demo tapes that I got are rare and so dope, maybe too dope for one to handle by himself!!!  Anyway, pee the video below, and I will contemplate throwing up the two rare Nas demo tapes I got... Stuff is MAD CRAZY!!!

Nas @ Rock The Bells 2009:

More Nas Coming Your Way Soon!


Mr. Hudson is the next big thing, and it isn't just me saying it... He has the whole music industry talking.  I mean aside from KanYe calling him the next Frank Sinatra (which is a very bold statement I might add), Mr. Hudson does have a lot of talent, and shows a new face to the G.O.O.D. Music label.  While it is a primary host for Hip-Hop/Mid-West rappers, it is now housing one of UK's finest in Mr. Hudson.  Hudson brings a ton to the table, and he has been working with a lot of his fellow G.O.O.D. Music label mates (KiD CuDi, KanYe West, etc.) and posses the ability to both have that Hip-Hop/Pop sound on every single one of his tracks.  "Supernova" was hot, and I had had the pleasure of listening to a few of his other songs.  Check out him performing his single live, and be sure to check out the music video under the live performance.

Mr. Hudson Performs "Supernova":

"Supernova" Music Video:


Drizzy Drake taking over the whole world right now, and there looks to be no end in site!  Check out his new music video for his hit single, "Best I Ever Had" and leave a comment.  Tell me what you all think about it, and please, please, please hit us u on what you think Drizzy's upcoming album will be like!  We will have a Drizzy Drake contest coming soon, it will prediction based, so stay tuned!!!

"Best I Ever Had" Music Video:

More Drake News Soon!!!


KiD CuDi & KanYe West team up for a crazy show in Iraelnd and truly rocked the show!  I wish I was able to go to this concert, the party looked poppin'.  Anyway, peep the video below, and check out some more stuff soon!

KiD CuDi's Album Dropping SOON!!!


It still blows my mind that MJ has passed away, it is pretty crazy, and it is something that truly just astounds me and is just something I can't really believe.  I don't think that a lot of people really realize how big of a person MJ was to the music industry and to our society as a whole.  Anyway, R.I.P. MJ, and check out the tribute videos below!

MJ Rehearsal:

Young Jeezy Pays Tribute To MJ:

Jay-Z Pays Tribute To MJ:

More Music Coming Your Way Soon


Check out this sick video of Jordan Looney spitting it freestyle with Looney and the Tunes. J Loonz shows his ability to take one song and spin it 360 degrees.


There has been a ton of news swirling around the music industry as of late, and with that, I thought it was necessary to cover it all in one big post!  Enjoy reading it, and please leave your remarks on the current news!

  • First off, I think that pretty much everyone out there knows about the passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  Even though that is the case, it is still necessary to cover everything, and pay our dues to one of the biggest musicians of my time, and one of the greatest musicians to ever grace the music industry!  I find it kind of difficult to accept the passing of MJ, since it seems so surreal and strange since he was only 50 years old.  Anyway, it is truly tragic, and I know many out there don't know his significance to the music industry, but we will do a full-fledged music tribute to the king once we get some more time on our hands.
  • The Game has done an interview with MTV in which he has apologized to 50 Cent, Interscope Records, & G-Unit.  Strange isn't it?  Well I guess the call that Michael Jackson made back in 2005 definitely had something to do with this, and that his recent passing may have spurred the whole thing.  As it stands, 50 Cent is not toying with the Game, and it would appear as though he is going to stay the immature musician he is, and not accept the apology.  Well whatever, I guess it will be his loss, when the two of them went in, they went hard!
“Jimmy always says, ‘Man, I told you guys not to break up the Beatles,’ ” Game said. “He says he told John Lennon the same thing a long time ago. But I was young, man. I was dumb. I did a lot of dumb things. I felt me and 50 clashed. I’m not gonna dis 50. I’m not gonna go back on the plane. He had his side, I had my side. I did what I felt was necessary for me and my career to have longevity and survive in hip-hop and music to be around when I’m Quincy Jones’ age — not just be Quincy Jones’ age, but be a Quincy Jones. Now, four albums in, I can honestly say from Banks to Buck to Dre to Yayo to whoever, if it would have kept going, endless paper. Millions of albums sold — because we were great together. Me and 50’s chemistry was like how Method Man was to Redman when they get in. You know when Method Man gets with Redman, it’s going down.”

True, the Unit, when they were a five-man squad (that’s with Game and Buck), were absolutely unstoppable. We’re still rocking that All Eyez on Us G-Unit Radio Part 5 mixtape.

“It is what KRS-One was with Scott La Rock,” Game added, describing his time with 50. “When you take Ralph Tresvant from New Edition and Bobby Brown goes this way, you might get a Bell Biv DeVoe, but you won’t get no ‘Candy Girl.’ You won’t get no ‘Mr. Telephone Man.’ You ain’t gonna get no ‘Hate It or Love It,’ you won’t get ‘How We Do.’ As a family, we had it. If we never [broke] up, I think Detox would have been out and we all would have been selling millions from Banks to Buck, Tony Yayo. I’m gonna apologize for my role.” - The Game, Interviewed On MTV
  • Q-Tip will be gracing the music industry once again with his unreal talents with the release of his unreleased LP entitled, Kamaal The Abstract, which was originally scheduled for a 2001 release.  More news to come on that when we hear about it, but for now, peep the track listing below, looks like we are in for another solid LP from the Tip-Man.
Kamaal The Abstract Track Listing:
1. Feelin’
2. Do U Dig U?
3. A Million Times
4. Blue Girl
5. Barely In Love
6. Heels
7. Reverber For Factory
8. Caring
9. Even If It’s So

  • With the economy falling, people have been losing jobs left and right, and the poor economical status seems to have hit many workers at the famed magazine company Vibe.  It is said that Vibe will be having to let go many staff members due to losing revenue and ad money with the falling economy and poor economical growth in many of their advertising industries (like the auto-industry).  More news on that coming soon, the economy needs to get better soon, otherwise more stuff like this is going to happen!
  • Ma$e seems to have seen the light (again?) and is planning on returning to music (again?).  With the recent passing of Michael Jackson, the famed Hip-Hop preacher has decided that he will be coming back to the limelight and will be taking the industry by storm!  Check out a few quotes from the famed musician below on the whole thing!
"Mike passed away and it just lit the fire in me -- it made me go in the studio and do something. I'm excited," he also stated, "I asked my nephew who is the hottest thing out there and he said, "Drake!' When I listened to his music I said, 'I'm going to jump on this joint.'" Ma$e has also stated that, "I've got things up my sleeves, I just need someone to play them." - HipHopDX

 With that being said, I think it is safe to say that we will be seeing more of Ma$e in the coming weeks/months!
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The upcoming LP looks sick nasty, and the trailer really leaves you guessing and wondering about what is to come August 2009!  You may have seen this video in theaters while waiting to see Transformers 2.  Be sure to leave your comments and get ready for CuDi's upcoming '09 Summer Debut Release!!!

More CuDi News Coming Your Way Soon!


Well this isn't a very big music video drop post, but definitely one that needed to be posted up on the site!  Two of the biggest musicians in the music game dropped mixtapes this past week, that being said, I decided to let the two big names musicians share a music video post on the site!  Peep their respective music videos below, and be sure to leave a comment on your opinion of them!  

Jay-Z's "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)" Music Video:
Jay-Z's most recent single really has the making of it all!  Not to mention, the dude has had tons of other musicians jumping onto his track like swine flu on staff members (where I am working).  Anyway, be sure to peep the music video above, it sure is great, and if you don't have the track yet, then buy it on iTunes/Amazon, it is truly a sick song, and you'll be missing out if you are not rotating it in the car on your way to work!

Kanye West's "Street Lights" Music Video:

KanYe is one creative dude, I don't think there is anyone in the music industry who would disagree with that statement.  That being said, I think it is safe to say that this music video was pretty great!  I think the song itself doesn't get enough attention, along with the whole 808's & Heartbreak LP, but that is just one humble mans opinion.  Ya'll need to peep the music video above, it is truly a creative piece of art, and should be viewed by all out there!  Be on the lookout for more stuff coming your way soon!

More KanYe West & Jay-Z News Coming Your Way Soon!!!


The LP now has some artwork, and let me tell ya, this is shaping up to be pretty dang dope!  I don't know about you all out there, but I am getting pretty amped for the Chef's upcoming release of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II... and may I remind all of you that we still have an interview that has to be typed up (and should be finished while I am in quarantine due to my swine flu-like symptoms!).  Anyway, peep the artwork above, be sure to check back here for the track listing, and any other information we get on the upcoming release, and hopefully for the interview, all coming at you real soon! 

Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II... Coming To You All Real Soon!


Eminem has done it again, and with this music video, it marks a turn in the Eminem chapter.  This is one of the first singing tracks I have really heard Eminem do, not to say that he is singing the whole time, but there is some heavy singing for a hardcore rapper.  Anyway, peep the music video below, some pretty dope video footage, I believe I recognize some of it from D-Town, correct me if I am wrong!

Eminem: "Beautiful" Music Video:

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Well seems as though the pig flu has struck just about everywhere in the world, and it has finally reached my place of work (or at least many think it has, I don't buy it!) and I have been infected!  I don't believe for one second that I am one of the many who have a case of the swine, but the place I am working is treating it as though I do have it, so looks like instead of taking my hiatus this summer, I will have some time to do some posts and get healthy (let's hope!).  I am well on my way to recovery, seeing as it is only day two (going on day three), and I feel pretty healthy!  Anyway, be on the lookout for some sick posts, and some updates on music and some other stuff!  SWINE '09!!!