There has been a ton of news swirling around the music industry as of late, and with that, I thought it was necessary to cover it all in one big post!  Enjoy reading it, and please leave your remarks on the current news!

  • First off, I think that pretty much everyone out there knows about the passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  Even though that is the case, it is still necessary to cover everything, and pay our dues to one of the biggest musicians of my time, and one of the greatest musicians to ever grace the music industry!  I find it kind of difficult to accept the passing of MJ, since it seems so surreal and strange since he was only 50 years old.  Anyway, it is truly tragic, and I know many out there don't know his significance to the music industry, but we will do a full-fledged music tribute to the king once we get some more time on our hands.
  • The Game has done an interview with MTV in which he has apologized to 50 Cent, Interscope Records, & G-Unit.  Strange isn't it?  Well I guess the call that Michael Jackson made back in 2005 definitely had something to do with this, and that his recent passing may have spurred the whole thing.  As it stands, 50 Cent is not toying with the Game, and it would appear as though he is going to stay the immature musician he is, and not accept the apology.  Well whatever, I guess it will be his loss, when the two of them went in, they went hard!
“Jimmy always says, ‘Man, I told you guys not to break up the Beatles,’ ” Game said. “He says he told John Lennon the same thing a long time ago. But I was young, man. I was dumb. I did a lot of dumb things. I felt me and 50 clashed. I’m not gonna dis 50. I’m not gonna go back on the plane. He had his side, I had my side. I did what I felt was necessary for me and my career to have longevity and survive in hip-hop and music to be around when I’m Quincy Jones’ age — not just be Quincy Jones’ age, but be a Quincy Jones. Now, four albums in, I can honestly say from Banks to Buck to Dre to Yayo to whoever, if it would have kept going, endless paper. Millions of albums sold — because we were great together. Me and 50’s chemistry was like how Method Man was to Redman when they get in. You know when Method Man gets with Redman, it’s going down.”

True, the Unit, when they were a five-man squad (that’s with Game and Buck), were absolutely unstoppable. We’re still rocking that All Eyez on Us G-Unit Radio Part 5 mixtape.

“It is what KRS-One was with Scott La Rock,” Game added, describing his time with 50. “When you take Ralph Tresvant from New Edition and Bobby Brown goes this way, you might get a Bell Biv DeVoe, but you won’t get no ‘Candy Girl.’ You won’t get no ‘Mr. Telephone Man.’ You ain’t gonna get no ‘Hate It or Love It,’ you won’t get ‘How We Do.’ As a family, we had it. If we never [broke] up, I think Detox would have been out and we all would have been selling millions from Banks to Buck, Tony Yayo. I’m gonna apologize for my role.” - The Game, Interviewed On MTV
  • Q-Tip will be gracing the music industry once again with his unreal talents with the release of his unreleased LP entitled, Kamaal The Abstract, which was originally scheduled for a 2001 release.  More news to come on that when we hear about it, but for now, peep the track listing below, looks like we are in for another solid LP from the Tip-Man.
Kamaal The Abstract Track Listing:
1. Feelin’
2. Do U Dig U?
3. A Million Times
4. Blue Girl
5. Barely In Love
6. Heels
7. Reverber For Factory
8. Caring
9. Even If It’s So

  • With the economy falling, people have been losing jobs left and right, and the poor economical status seems to have hit many workers at the famed magazine company Vibe.  It is said that Vibe will be having to let go many staff members due to losing revenue and ad money with the falling economy and poor economical growth in many of their advertising industries (like the auto-industry).  More news on that coming soon, the economy needs to get better soon, otherwise more stuff like this is going to happen!
  • Ma$e seems to have seen the light (again?) and is planning on returning to music (again?).  With the recent passing of Michael Jackson, the famed Hip-Hop preacher has decided that he will be coming back to the limelight and will be taking the industry by storm!  Check out a few quotes from the famed musician below on the whole thing!
"Mike passed away and it just lit the fire in me -- it made me go in the studio and do something. I'm excited," he also stated, "I asked my nephew who is the hottest thing out there and he said, "Drake!' When I listened to his music I said, 'I'm going to jump on this joint.'" Ma$e has also stated that, "I've got things up my sleeves, I just need someone to play them." - HipHopDX

 With that being said, I think it is safe to say that we will be seeing more of Ma$e in the coming weeks/months!
Check Back Here For More Music Updates Coming To You Soon!!!

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Gothic said... @ September 30, 2009 at 1:43 AM

I heard that Vibe will be having to let go many staff members due to losing revenue and ad money with the falling economy and poor economical growth in many of their advertising industries !

sad for them

hp 60xl ink said... @ March 17, 2012 at 5:19 AM

Big music updates you have posted here. Too bad the King of Pop has died. Let me print this info out.

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