So we sort of forgot to continue this segment of the blog, so I figure I might as well pick up where I left off, and let you all know about my fourth All-Star to be in 09'.  He goes by the name CuDi... KiD CuDi that is.  He is straight out of Cleveland, and like Big Sean, signed to the G.O.O.D Music label.  I am telling you, Kanye has a heck of an eye.  CuDi features some amazing stuff, and arguably had one of the more prolific mixtapes of 08'.  He will make a huge splash in this coming year, and if his first album release is anything like his mixtape, A Kid Named CuDi.  He has this sort of pop and lock feel to him, and his voice is really suited for the rap game.  He has a smooth touch for the music game, and for sure has a talent and he will succeed in the music industry.  He is creative and features a sort of good vibe with his tracks.  Every track off his mixtape is a banger, so if you haven't given this guy a listen, I would advise going out and download the FREE mixtape.

Anyway, some more stuff about CuDi... He has this amazing flow when it comes to dropping a beat and rapping.  Why will he be successful?  Simple answer to that question: He features a strong talent for rapping and having a great flow.  Not only does the KiD rap, but he also can sing and harmonize with the best of them (I assume... just off of listening to some of his tracks).  So if you know of the CuD master, I will assume that you have either downloaded the album, or you heard him off of Ye's 808's & Heartbreak album when he was featured on the second track of the album, "Welcome to Heartbreak." He really as a gifted musician who will put out album after album, each having more success than the past.  When I think of CuDi, I think of Kanye West on a whole new level.  He is going to be the next Kanye West, and not in that sort of egotistical crap that everyone talks about.  Rather based off his flow and ability to spit straight fire lyrics.  The guy has talent, and Kanye spotted it himself.  Listening to the single, "Day N' Night," you can just tell that this KiD is going to be something special one day.

Be On The Lookout For KiD CuDi This Year, And Be Sure To Cop His Free Mixtape!!!

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