So we completed the first four of our "Incoming Class" series.  Don't look now, but here come three more quality musicians who are going to blow your minds in 2009.  Our #5 guy on the list is B.o.B.  I don't know if any of you have heard of the guy, but he is someone you should all check out if you enjoy the Rap and Hip-Hop movements.  Unlike some of the other musicians we have covered on the bog, B.o.B is signed to Atlantic and Grand Hustle Records.  He graced the cover of XXL magazine, and has gained a lot of popularity since the release of his first single, "I'll Be In The Sky."

So what makes B.o.B such a great musician, and someone who stands out from the rest of the average players in 09'?  The answer is hard to find, but unlike most, he has this feel to his songs, this sort of special beat and sound that makes it something different.  He has some solid beats and his lyrical flow (like our last artists) is pretty solid.  I see him being successful in the music industry, and definitely making some damage with his first album.  Unlike other rookie musicians, he won't be a one hit wonder (i.e. Sh!tty Boy - a.k.a. Soulja Boy).  Like Kanye West, T.I. seems to have an eye for talent... seeing as he gobbled up B.o.B and will be possibly featuring a more of a T.I. sound to it.  I am a huge T.I. fan in case people don't really know, but B.o.B will have an opportunity to mold his music game around one of the greats.  T.I. should do as much as possible to work with his newly signed artist and mold him into a musician who can put out an album like Paper Trail.  Be on the lookout for B.o.B news on the blog, and be sure to cop his mixtapes for free by getting them HERE!!!

Pick Up The Adventures of B.o.B Sometime In 2009

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