In case you all couldn't tell, we here at Tha Good Life Reviews like to talk about our views and ideas on politics.  In case you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, there has been an increase in fighting going on between Israel & the Palestinians (living in Gaza).  Personally, I wish the fighting would stop, but I know that that is too much to ask for at this point, and that the two sides will never achieve peace.

Okay, so here is my take on what has been happening the past couple of days, and I assume my comments will get some criticism or support from readers, seeing as this is a very controversial topic to discuss publicly.  If there is one thing that I have truly been sick of the past couple of days, it is reading and listening to people criticize Israel.  Yes, the people living in Gaza are being attacked and many innocent people are dying, but the fact of the matter is very simple, the Israeli government has no choice.  For years the Israeli's have felt the terror and abuse from it's neighboring land (Gaza), and it is time that they did something about it.  There was a cease fire at some point, but with Hezbolah and other Arab terrorists attacking Israel, the Israeli government decided to strike back.  I by no means think that the Israeli government is at fault here, and clearly something like this needed to be done.  As terrible as that sounds, war at this point was inevitable, and for innocent Israeli's to be dying every year due to terrorist attacks, it is about time that the Israeli government says, "enough is enough."

I also can't stand when people who do not know the whole story about the Arab-Israeli conflict try and tell me or knowledgeable people what the problem is.  People need to understand some things before they debate issues and figure out who to blame.  While I am not a qualified teacher, there are some facts that are just indisputable.  The Israeli's and Arabs have been fueding for a very long time, and throughout that time, the Palestinians have asked for their own land.  Upon these requests, the Israeli government has given them opportunities to get their own country, and each time they have rejected it.  The reason as to why they rejected... They Wanted All of ISRAEL, not just some of it.  The fact of the matter is that so many people are so uneducated on the topic and then go out there and say stupid things that make no sense and have no validity.  Yesterday, I am conversing with a friend, and he said that the Israeli's are terrorizing the Palestinians living in Gaza, and that the Israeli's are at fault for the current situation in Israel.  To say such a thing must be the most ridiculous statement.  If you are like my friend, and only listen to the news and hear the crap that some newscasters have been saying, you would say that Israel is truly at fault, but if you researched the current situation and were knowledgeable on the conflict, then a comment like that would never have been made.

In reality, everyone wants peace in the middle east.  I am not the type of guy that supports war, and in fact, I hate war and fighting in general.  This current situation is probably one of the only wars I will ever endorse and it isn't because of my religion, my race, my ethnicity or anything for the sort.  It is due to the mere fact that terrorists have been attacking innocent Israeli's for years and years and now Israel is doing something to stop the attacks from occurring.  The attacks on Gaza should be looked at as a retaliation, not as a first punch.  On top of all this, I just want to say that I do not support the killing of innocent bystanders, but if you know that there are terrorists that are attacking a country living in your area, than why are you living there in the first place!  If you wanted to stay safe and away from the attacks, you should have left Israel a long time ago.  Gaza was never a safe place once Israel gave it up, and the world needs to know that what Israel is doing is right.  I am sorry to sound harsh, or cruel, or anything like that, but when rockets are fired day in and day out on your country, you need to fight back, and at that same time, you may kill innocent people, but that is something you can't help, it is war.  Americans should know what war is like, take the Iraqi war, tons of innocent people are killed and were killed in that war.  Yet are we sitting at home and saying, "The Americans are jerks, they are just going into another country and killing innocent people."  While I am one of the few who does think of that when I hear an Iraqi news update, there are tons of Americans who don't.  And to all those Americans that don't, and are also saying that Israel has no right to attack Gaza, you need to take a step back and look at what your country has done in the past.

I hate to point fingers and say he did this, she did this, but the current situation has been caused due to one terrorist group.  Hezbollah/Hammas has endangered the innocent people who are living in Gaza, and if we are to blame anyone for this war, it is Hezbollah/Hammas, not the Israeli's.  Americans and people around the world need to stand with Israel on this one, and take out one of the worst terrorist groups around.  Hezbollah/Hammas has ties to many Arab countries including Iran.  We here at Tha Good Life Reviews send our condolences to all the families in Gaza who have been affected by the bombings, and we hope that the Israeli soldiers continue their fight against terror and eventually decimate Hezbollah/Hammas from the Gaza strip.  If you are a blog writer, I would advise you to take the time, do some research the on the subject, and write a little something.  We may just be a music blog, but those who read the blog can also learn something too!  Even if your side is Anti-Israel, it is still a side, and our voices need to be heard.  We here at TGLR stand by Israel and by the innocent people of Gaza, and hope that one day, there will be a Democratic Jewish Homeland in the Middle East that will not have to deal with the constant terrorism from bordering countries and terrorist groups.


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