Dre has been out of the game for a while, and fans have been awaiting the release of Detox for a every long time.  The news that Detox will be his final album and that he will not be doing anymore LP's has gotten many fans uppity and jumpy over trying to preview the songs that will be featured on his last and historically final album.  Now you know my stance on leaked tracks and how I feel about it, but what you did not know was that artists should really just start embracing it.  There is nothing that the musicians can do at this point, seeing as people from the inside have been leaking the tracks.  The only possible way to stop a leakage is by being the only one working on a project and not letting anyone help out with it.  There are just too many connections and somewhere along the lines, someone gets their hands on a track and leaks it, whether it is unfinished or unmastered.  Artists should just do this stuff themselves, think of it like 'extra singles'.  The leaked tracks off of Detox have the Doctor up in a furry.  I don't blame him, if I was releasing my last LP of my musical career, I would want to go out with a bang, something that no one had heard before.

Anyway, the thing with leaked tracks is that it allows people to really get amped for what the musician releases.  If anything, musicians should just start releasing more mixtapes with tracks that won't be featured on the album.  This way, fans get to have their fix before the album drops, and the amount of leaked tracks on blogs and sites would stop because they would just be covering mixtapes all the time.  I think that people should not DOWNLOAD leaked tracks, rather, give them a listen and preview them.  It kills the industry when people listen to leaked tracks and own them and circulate them, but just to listen to them is fine.  I think that musicians should allow fans to preview tracks off the album but not download it.  Anyway, that's my take on it, be on the lookout for some more Dre and Em' news soon.

Album Artwork Above Is Not Confirmed For Detox, We Think It Is User-Made, But It Looks Pretty Sick Narsty, So We Threw It On Up For All Of Ya'll

More Dr. Dre & Eminem Album News Coming In The Very Near Future

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