I love all types of music, Rap/Hip-Hop, Blues, Soul, Rock, Pop, etc., but while that is the case, I have never found a ton of R&B singers that I have truly fell in love with and could safely say I would listen to on a regular basis.  So far, my R&B list consists of the two biggest names in the music industry as of right now: "The King of Unreleased Material" Ne-Yo and Chris Brown.  After The-Dream's first release, I thought to myself, "Is this the first time this guy has released an album!?"  The answer was found on the web's ever-so-popular Wikipedia.  2007 marked the freshman release of Lovehate, and it was arguably one of the best albums of that year.  Meanwhile, here we are in 09', two years after his hit album, and on March 10th, he will look to "wow" the industry again with his beats and new tracks.  I have heard a few of the tracks on the web, and I have been pretty impressed with the quality and solidity of his flow and beats.  To tell you the truth, I thought that Lovehate might have been a fluke for the newcomer and that he would not put out another album as big and as good as his first.

To divulge a bit more about his upcoming March 10th release, Love vs. Money features a lot of the same stuff.  Picture Lovehate, but with some new concepts and ideas and lyrical schemes.  The thing that may push this album ahead of his freshman release is the people who will be featured on it.  He had Rihanna on his first release, and while that is a pretty big name, you can be sure that he is looking to get some even bigger names to hop on some tracks with him for his sophomore release.  His upcoming release will feature three more tracks (two more songs for everyone to enjoy) than his first release, leaving the album at fifteen total tracks (with no bonus material listed).  I told you that unlike the first album, Rihanna would not be the only big name to jump on the album, and as of right now, Kanye West, Lil' Jon and Mariah Carey will all be featured on the R&B album that is due out in 2009.  Ludacris and Fabulous recorded tracks with The-Dream for his upcoming release, but they failed to make the final cut on the album.  This does not mean they won't end up being released... If the album sells enough, he may decide to release a Deluxe Edition, which could possibly feature those tracks (seeing as many artists use their leftover tracks and slap them on the deluxe version).  

If you thought releasing one amazing album in 09' would be considered "doing it big" for a newer artist to the music industry, you were wrong.  The-Dream is doing it REAL BIG, and he has stated that both him and Kanye West will be doing an album together that is due out sometime in 2009.  The album will be titled, Love King, and I am sure it will feature Ye' doing his thing with the beats and his new singing stuff (or possibly switch it up and do part singing, part rapping... WHO KNOWS!!!), and it will more than likely feature a lot of the same stuff you'll see from The-Dream on Love vs. Money.  Anyway, check the interview below that The-Dream did, and get amped for a Ye' Dream album release that will be sure impress.  It looks like KanYeezy will not be hanging up the mic so soon, seeing as he will be releasing this collaboration album in 09' and rumor has it that he will release another album sometime in 09' (maybe towards the end of the year), or possible in early 10'.  Rumors have been circulating that the album will be called, Good Ass Job (pardon the French in the album title), and just like his past albums (excluding 808's & Heartbreak), follows the trend a person follows through their early adult life (i.e. College Dropout --> Late Registration --> Graduation --> Good Ass Job!!!???).  Well who knows what the Kan man has planned for the 09' and 10' year, but whatever it is, I am sure he will be going big, and setting a new bar for other artists to try and meet.


"Rockin' That Shit"
"Walkin' on the Moon (Feat. Kanye West)"
"My Love (Feat. Mariah Carey)"
"Put It Down" 
"Sweat It Out" 
"Take U Home 2 My Mama" 
"Love vs. Money" 
"Love vs. Money: Part 2" 
"Right Side of My Brain"
"Mr. Yeah"
"Kelly's 12 Play" 
"Let Me See the Booty (Feat. Lil' Jon)"
"Touch & Feel" 
"Nothing But Love"

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