50 Cent just keeps racking up a strong list of people who he has challenged.  It all started with his infamous beef with The Game, who was once part of the Gay-Unit.  After a few years, Kanye West came into the picture with a record sales competition that ended with Ye' being a winner, and Fiddy having to admit to how crappy his Curtis album was.  After that came some BUCKED up stuff.  Young Buck (like The Game) was kicked out of Gay-Unit, and him, Game, and Fiddy duked it out by releasing diss songs and other material that made the other look bad.  In our minds, Buck won the beef, but only due to the help from The Game... Young Buck didn't have a shot with out The Game's tough support.  And then we come to today, a new era in beef for the man that goes by "50 Cent."

Ya'll know my hate for the guy, I have done numerous posts explaining as to why I don't like him and the reasons why he is just a crappy rapper and an overall bad person.  Anyway, he has recently been starting stuff with some other musicians in the music game, this time targeting the officer turned rap star Rick Ross and the million dollar music maker that goes by the name of Lil' Wayne.  Fiddy started the shots at Ross, and the Boss responded with a track directed right back at Fiddy.  On another track, Fiddy took some more shots at Rickity Ross, and within that track, he takes another jab at Weezy F. Baby, talking about how he had not responded to his last comment.  50 Cent is a moron...

Moving on, Lil' Wayne was genius not to respond to Mr. Cent's comments.  I am going to give my fifty cents on Fiddy, and what he is doing right now is just dumb.  Before I Self Destruct will end up bombing, and will more than likely do worse than Curtis does.  Anyway, check out how this whole scenerio works out, I am almost positive that 50 Cent and Soulja Boy are the two most hated musicians in Hip-Hop right now, 50 Cent may actually go down as one of the most hated musicians, one who will only be sticking to his Gay-Unit pack and always pushing people away instead of welcoming them in.

On January 30th, 2009 50 Cent released "Officer Ricky (Go Head, Try Me)" in response to Rick Ross' disparaging remarks days earlier on "Mafia Music." 50 also took shots at DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne on the song. At the end he claims Ross is "an appetizer. Where you at, Wayne?" He continued to egg Wayne on. "You awfully quiet. You called Em out...You got to pass me to get to him."

It will be interesting to see if Wayne shoots back a response, but I truly hope he doesn't.  We all know that if it is a record sales competition Curtis wants, Wayne or Ross would destroy him.  Wayne should just keep focusing on his Rock album which will be different and may completely suck, but it will for sure be better than anything 50 Cent puts out. 

Be On The Lookout For More Beef Stuff In The Coming Days, Check Back For More Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne, Kanye West, The Game, Young Buck, & 50 Cent Information In The Near Future

50 Cent On Rick Ross Beef... Takes Shot @ Weezy:

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