Wow... I know I posted a few days ago that I was feeling the whole rock thing Weezy had going, but if the majority of the tracks sound like his recently leaked "Amazing Love," I am going to have to retract that statement.  This track is just awful.  Not only do the vocals stink, the music in the background isn't even that great, and the voice doesn't really fit well with it.  I told ya'll that this Rebirth rock album will be hit or miss.  Good thing the album doesn't drop until April 7th, so hopefully this was just a recorded track that won't end up appearing on the album.  As of right now, there are a few tracks that we can list for you that will and may appear on the album... We are hoping this one does not end up being on the final cut of the album... If Weezy is reading this, please don't put this on the album.  As I told ya'll about how I feel about leaked tracks, I gave this song a listen on the interwebs on some site, so I highly encourage you all to find it and give it a listen yourself, but DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT... Give some respect and honor to those who create music.

Confirmed Tracks:
"Prom Queen" <-- First Single

Rumored Tracks:
"Amazing Love"
"Hot Revolver"
"Yes (Feat. Pharrell)" (May Be For A Mixtape Or For Rebirth Has Not Been Confirmed What It Is Linked With)

More Lil' Wayne News When We Hear It
Pick Up Rebirth In Stores On April 7th, 2009

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Weezy Quotes said... @ November 14, 2011 at 12:36 PM

Dude Weezy is so much tighter now that he is out of jail. So much better.

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