So I am hanging out with a friend last night, and we are just sitting around listening to music, browsing YouTube and what not.  We then find ourselves listening to the dynamic duo above called The Knux. I don't know how people don't know where these guys are!  They are awesome, it is a nice medley of urban music with rock instruments.  Their musical style is similar to Wyclef Jean (in the fact that each use instruments and not just beats given off a drum).  I have only heard two songs by them, but each were really good.  I am expecting big things out of this group, similar to The Cool Kids who aren't really known by everyone, The Knux should get some popularity upon musicians and people around the world giving them a listen.  I don't know if they have an album coming out anytime soon, but if they do, be sure to check back here and get the low down on it!  You can check out the two songs I heard last night below, give them a listen, and I think you will be pretty darn impressed!

The Knux - Cappuccino:

The Knux - Bang! Bang!:

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