Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Tenacious D, David Crosby and Graham Nash have all been recruited by The Beastie Boys for their upcoming "Get Out & Vote Tour." On top of that, The Beastie Boys have just recently announced that they are supporting Obama in this upcoming election. That is just one more musical artist to add to Obama's already large star studded supporter list.

On top of this, Springsteen and Billy Joel have announced that they will play in support for Obama on October 16th, 2008. Billy Joel, like The Beastie Boys is just one more name added to the Obama fan-list. Why don't we hear any of these types of things happening in the McCain ticket. Is it because it is un-maverick like to have support from musicians? Or does this widespread support from hollywood superstars make Obama elitist? I guess if he wins the election, he will let us know! Who knows, it may help to garner some support from the superstars of America, I am sure it is not a bad thing. There are less than a hundred days left until election day, make sure you go out and vote for who you think should be America's next President.

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