Luda's upcoming album now has some official album work.  Thanks to WEMIX for this one.  THe album art is much different then most of the stuff you have been seeing around.  It is pretty neat and intricate.  I think the album is going to be full out the best work Luda has put out.  The songs are sick, and The Preview with DJ Drama was fantastic.  I look forward to the album dropping in November.  It will for sure be great, and be sure to check back here to get the review and low-down on it.  

In recent news, Ludacris has openly commented on his anger towards his tracks being leaked.  Many people have been able to download tracks from the album and give them a listen long before they are released.  Ludacris is a respectable man, and I respect him, and when he expresses his anger towards leaked tracks, it is something serious.  I normally don't download tracks early, rather I will listen to them online or on YouTube.  SO, please support the artists, and buy their CD's.  It is important to support your favorite musicians, and not download albums.  If you are one of those people that downloads the album or tracks before their release, please be sure to still buy the album when it is released! 

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