Kanye will be one of many popular musicians releasing their new albums on November 25th.  I have given 808's & Heartbreak  a lot of cover time here on the blog, and I will continue to until the album is dropped.  Kanye is one of my favorite musicians, so shout out to all the big Yeezy fans out there!  The picture above is in fact the album artwork for KanYeezy's upcoming release.  It features the artwork for the single "Love Lockdown" with a sidebar that features rectangles with different colors.  Kanye has not explained the album art, or as to why he chose to use pretty much the same artwork that was featured on first single.  

So this is the preview review, and I am going to just give you all a preview of what will end up being a huge review on Kanye's fourth studio album.  So far, a total of four full tracks have been floating around on the web.  As of right now, you have the two released singles ("Love Lockdown" & "Heartless") and two leaked tracks.  One was leaked by Kanye and it was dedicated to his late mother.  The track is called "Coldest Winter" and next to "Heartless" it could possibly be the second best track on the album.  He sings it with conviction and heart, and it is a truly dominant song.  Then you have "Robocop" which is alright.  It is a decent song, but I am not a huge fan.  Here is how I view how this album will go down, certain tracks are going to be straight fire, and certain tracks are just going to be bad.  I am truly loving the second single "Heartless" and the leaked track of "Coldest Winter."  I just never really loved "Love Lockdown" and "Robocop" is alright.  

The album will feature some big names, I would expect.  The confirmed ones are Lil' Wayne & Young Jeezy, and I assume that T-Pain, Kid Cudi, Michael Jackson (?), and possibly Lupe Fiasco (?) could make an appearance.  The style of the album is truly something different.  Kanye West is a big time rapper, and he is a huge name in the Hip-Hop industry.  He has classified this upcoming album as "Pop" and has stated that he has shied away from his "rapping" style and does more "singing" on 808's & Heartbreak.  It will be something different, and I think that it will be successful because of that.  Also, the entire album is sung with the Auto-Tune effect.  Many Yeezy and Hip-Hop fans have stated their dislike on the use of the device, while I am truly indifferent.  As you can tell from above, the Auto-Tune works well on some tracks, and on others, it just tanks.  The album will get mixed reviews once it comes out, and when it does hit the stores, we will be sure to have it, and review it for you!

Just to add a bit of more information to this already lengthy "Preview Review" (just imagine how long the actual review is going to be!)  Kanye has announced that following the release of 808's & Heartbreak that he will release another album in June of 2009.  That would mean that he will have released three albums in the past three years.  That is unreal for a musician to do, and it has not been like he has not made a bad release, so I am crossing my fingers that the upcoming release won't be a bust and will end up being a bigger success then what people are saying.  The thing that is great about this album is that Kanye West does not care whether it will get nominated for awards, and he isn't putting the album out for fan ratings or to impress anyone.  The album is from the heart and soul, and it is different.  I would suspect that the June 2009 album will have him doing more of the work we have seen in the past, and less singing.  He has not stated whether he will be singing or rapping, and whether it will be used with Auto-Tune or without.  I am sure many fans are hoping that the June release does not feature the Auto-Tune device. 


Track Listing:
"Welcome to Heartbreak"
"Love Lockdown"
"Say You Will"
"Real Bad News"
"Amazing (Feat. Young Jeezy)"
"Tell Everybody That You Know (Feat. Lil' Wayne)"
"Coldest Winter"

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rebuddle said... @ November 17, 2008 at 4:44 PM

worst piece of crap he has done, i loved all 3 of his others but this is by far terrible. He finally got it wrong , he can't sing so he should stop it and stick to beats and rhyming not singing. Common will take him down this year. HipHop since 1978 got lost somewhere in the shuffle of his big head

Anonymous said... @ November 18, 2008 at 11:22 PM

I take a pretty objective look at everything before I make any sort of judgement on it, having said that, fuck you Kanye West, your head is bigger than your talent, what happened to those sick beats you used to create? "the funnest thing to use"? Are you fucking kidding me?

Hopefully your new album is titled "re-registration" cuz you need to go back to school son.

ICECrush said... @ November 24, 2008 at 10:29 PM

Haha re-registration...that's a good one

Anonymous said... @ November 29, 2008 at 6:26 PM

how can you guys criticize him for trying out new things. thats what a fucking artist is. thats what being creative is.

theres a difference between pumping out the same shit year after year. and keeping your fucking craft real.
hes going through some shit right now and his art reflects those changes in his life. if he kept up the pop beats "gold digger" wouldnt he be betraying what hes feeling in his life right now.
shit changes guys thats part of life. art is the same. its who we are, and as things change so does are craft.

dont know a musician for being real. you should not all the fake as people that have to make up shit to compensate for their shallowness.


granted it might not be as good as the previous albums, yet

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