It's the moment we've all been waiting for. No not the new Yeezy CD, better. PHISH REUNITES!!! As many of you probably already know, Phish is uniting for 3 back to back to back shows on 3/6/09, 3/7/09, and 3/8/09 at Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA. Hampton may seem like a crazy place to reunite, but it is their favorite place to play, so die hard Phish Phans buy your tickets now. According to the Phish website however, additional shows will be added.

Tickets were released October 18th, but sadly sold out in under a minute. Fortunately I was able to cop a pair for the opening Friday night show, and due to the fact that I live in NY, actually won't be able to go. This full GA concert will be INCREDIBLE, INSANE, OUT OF CONTROL, and yeah you could get trampled. I am currently offering my tickets on eBay, and if you would like to buy, go for it. Don't worry I'm not just advertising, I wanted to tell you about the shows. Some may yell at me because I have tickets, and I LOVE Phish, but getting to VA just doesn't seem possible.


PHISH PHANS (2) Fri Night Tix @ Hampton VA on 3/6/09!!!

P.S. This is ICECrush and it's great to be back.

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