So maybe you're not a Phish Phan, but you love Emo, Southern, Garage, Hard, Indie, and/or Blues Rock. Then I have the band just for you. Kings of Leon is an up and coming band, actually one of SickWitItYo's fav bands, from the South that everyone should really get to know. They are from Tennessee, but for some reason are really popular in the UK. The Brits just go crazy for them! Known for their last 2 releases, Because of the Timesnewest and Only By The Night, they are quickly gaining popularity in the US of A.

On Thursday, 1/29/09, these 3 Kings will be hitting the stage at Madison Square Garden in NYC. If you live around there and love these Southern "gentlemen", you can cop some tickets on eBay, b/c once again, these bad boys are sold out. Good luck getting tix, and if you go to the concert, tell us about it. It is bound to be a blast.

Kings of Leon (2) SOLD OUT FLOOR Tix @ MSG NY, 1/29/09

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