Both Common and T-Pain recently publicly stated that the work Kanye put in to his upcoming fourth studio release is dang good. That is a fantastic thing to hear, especially when it is from two reliable artists who have done work with Mr. West before. T-Pain and Common each explained that Yeezy is showing a different type of Kanye West on the LP, and both agreed that the auto-tuner was a different type of musical style for West. T-Pain stated that Kanye did most of the work with the auto-tune work, but just kept him in mind. Common endorses Kanye exploring his creativity and thinks that the album will be killer. I think that the reason why this album will be so great is because it is so different then what we are all used to. Yes, Mr. West is a heck of a rapper, but he also has some singing ability, and it will be showcased in his upcoming release of 808's & Heartbreak.

UPDATE: As of right now, a snippet of Kanye's upcoming single entitled, "Heartless" has been leaked onto the web. I gave it a listen via YouTube, and to tell you the truth, I AM SUPER PSYCHED FOR THE RELEASE. He killed that track. I think that it could very well be his best single to come. If you can find it on the web, give it a listen and let us know what you think of it. It should be a doozy!

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