Wale brings it hard again on his most recent mixtape, Back to the Feature which features him working with the studio genius 9th Wonder.  The mixtape before this one, Mixtape About Nothing, really turned me onto Wale and really got me following him, and his most recent release has kept me up with that same interest level that the Mixtape About Nothing had.  Wale brought it hard not only with his lyrical flow, but with the beats, and all the sick nasty featured musicians.  I don't think I have ever seen so many features on a mixtape before, especially for someone who is relatively new to the music game!  We covered one of the singles a while back by Wale on his track, "Chillin'," which featured the ever-so-popular Lady Gaga (P.S. Also check out DJ Benzi's remix of the track "Chillin'," it has some pretty dope video work done on it, and I highly suggest it, CLICK HERE to check it out!).  I knew that when that song leaked, that this tape was going to be mad dope and something special.

One thing that is great about Wale is that he doesn't just focus on one sort of Hip-Hop, he has various ways of sending his message and conveying his music to the masses.  There was a ton of hype to this mixtape, and surprisingly, the tape did not let down whatsoever.  Another thing I loved about this tape was that it featured some musicians that are already all-stars in the music industry, and at the same time, it featured musicians who may not be huge right now, but definitely have the potential to become something big one day (i.e. Daniel Merriweather, Curren$y, etc...).  The tape as a whole really brought out the best in Wale, and his features really went along with the tracks they were on.  Each beat really fit with the musician he chose to work with on the track, which is something that is generally ignored by many musicians out there!  Anyway, peep the rest of the review below, and be sure to check out the tape, if you don't you'll be missing out!

D.C. Chillin'... That's what's up folks.  With songs like that, it is hard for me to believe that Wale won't make it big in the music industry!  I mean let's take a look at the features on this mixtape, shall we?  You got Joe Budden, Curren$y, Young Chris, Freeway & Beanie Sigel, Talib Kweli, Joell Ortiz, Big Sean, Ken Starr, Mike Posner, Daniel Merriweather, Memphis Bleek, Jean Grae, Royce Da 5'9, Dre (from Cool & Dre), K'Naan, and so many more!!!  The crazy part about this is that you got musicians in that list who are all from different backgrounds of Hip-Hop and Rap.  I mean Big Sean is a totally different musician then Talib Kweli, and yet Wale finds a way for both sounds to converge on his mixtape!  It's kind of an impressive thing, and I think Wale should get some serious credit for doing that.  Well, I am running out of things to say on this mixtape, it has been in serious rotation on my iTunes/iPod since I downloaded it last night, and I think you all should download it, otherwise you will be missing out on something truly special!  I give this mixtape an A, and I am sure that I won't be the only one giving it that score!  Peep the track listing below, the album artwork above, and the download links below!

Back To The Feature Track Listing:
  1. Wordplay (Feat. Curren$y & Tre)
  2. Cyphr (Feat. Young Chris, Freeway & Beanie Sigel)
  3. Chillin' (Catch vs 9th) (Feat. Lady Gaga)
  4. Tito Santana (Feat. Joe Budden)
  5. Minutes (Feat. Skyzoo)
  6. Life's A B*tch (Feat. Talib Kweli & Joell Ortiz)
  7. Night Life (Feat. Young Chris & Tre)
  8. Sweatin' Out Weaves (Feat. UCB)
  9. Hot Shyt (Feat. Peedi Peedi, Black Thought, Tu Phace & Young Chris)
  10. Wonder Why (Feat. Big Sean, Ken Starr & Mike Posner)
  11. Pot Of Gold (Feat. Daniel Merriweather)
  12. Sharp (Feat. Torae & Kingpin Slim)
  13. Warwick Avenue (Feat. Duffy)
  14. The Sun (Feat. Memphis Bleek)
  15. Rather Be With You (Vagina Is For Lovers) (Feat. J Cole & Curren$y)
  16. Goodbye (Feat. Jean Grae)
  17. Say It Again (Feat. Royce Da 5'9)
  18. Talkin' Shyt (Feat. Bub B & Dre)
  19. Nothing To Worry About (Feat. Peter, Bjorn & John)
  20. Rhyme 'N' Reason (Feat. Tre)
  21. Um Ricka (Feat. K'Naan)
  22. New Soul (Feat. Yael Naim)
Download Back To The Feature Below:

Check Out Wale & Lady Gaga In His Music Video For, "Chillin":

Check Back Here For More Wale Updates In The Near Future, Back To The Feature Out Now... Be Sure To Cop It And Give It A Listen, Stuff Is Mad DOPE!!!

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K. Scribe said... @ June 23, 2009 at 7:10 PM


yooo..my feelings are the same about this tape:

I did a review over at www.glasshousedc.blogspot.com, too..check it.


b said... @ October 3, 2009 at 12:50 PM

Minutes! sounds hummable, cool video, it was refreshing seeing him after a while

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