I recently did an interview with one of the Clan members, so that will for sure be up within the next week or so.  So since I did ask some questions about both himself and the Clan, I figured I would post up the track listing along with the album artwork.  Normally, I don't post up fluff stuff, but I figured in preparation for my posting of the interview, I would give you some preemptive information on the upcoming Wu-Tang release!  Chamber Music is due out in the near future, be sure to check that out and keep coming back here for more information in the coming weeks!  Seems like it is safe to say that Wu-Tang is bringing it hard on this one, seventeen tracks, tons of RZA and Ghostface Killah, and a whole lot more... BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR MORE WU-TANG CLAN!!!

Chamber Music Track Listing:
1. Redemption
2. Kill Too Hard (Feat. Inspectah Deck, U-God and Masta Ace)
3. The Abbot (Feat. RZA)
4. Harbor Masters (Feat. Ghostface Killah, AZ and Inspectah Deck)
5. Sheep State (Feat. RZA)
6. Radiant Jewels (Feat. Raekwon, Cormega and Sean Price)
7. Supreme Architecture (Feat. RZA)
8. Evil Deeds (Feat. Ghostface Killah, RZA and Havoc)
9. Wise Men (Feat. RZA)
10. I Wish You Were Here (Feat. Ghostface Killah and Tre Williams)
11. Fatal Hesitation
12. Ill Figures (Feat. Raekwon, M.O.P. and Kool G Rap)
13. Free Like ODB (Feat. RZA)
14. Sound The Horns (Feat. Inspectah Deck, Sadat X and U-God)
15. Enlightened Statues (Feat. RZA)
16. NYC Crack (Feat. RZA)
17. One Last Question…

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hp photosmart d110 ink said... @ June 16, 2012 at 4:11 AM

So what mainly is the genre of this band or clan? It sounds like Chinese or Japanese but in the title of their tracks, it looks like a rap song. Anyway, I'll try to print out some of their songs to fully know.

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