In an age where fashion is king, and where you're classified by the amount of ice you wear, or the number of ice creams you own, it seems as if T-Pain is the winner. With the purchase of his new BIG ASS CHAIN, it seems as if T-Pain has finally passed Lil' Jon with his 7.5 pound, 197 carat, $410k BIG ASS PURCHASE!

At first sight, T-Pain's new pendant seemed pretty cool, but after peepin' an angry letter addressed to T-Pain from our boys over at The Mad Bloggers, we seem to be set straight. I don't know about you, but I never really enjoyed Lil' Jon's pimp cup, and I can't seem to enjoy T-Pain's new purchase either. While I am a fiscal conservative, and do believe in economic freedom and consumer sovereignty, I do believe that some purchases are a bit over the top and frivolous. A 1 million dollar grand piano would be fully justified, but not a half-million dollar piece of jewelry. I hope T-Pain is donating some money to charity or something because this purchase seems just dumb. I mean it even seems like a hassle to wear. Who has the strength capacity to carry around an extra 7.5 pounds around his neck? Not me. I'm skinny as hell!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on T-Pain at all, and still respect him as an eccentric rapper and producer, but isn't his pounds and pounds of auto-tune already weighing him down? As I begin to explore rappers' monetary success, I begin to wonder how guys like T-Pain get discovered and make it big. Where's the cash for our boys like CDon and Julius The Myth? I have no problem with the amount of money that entertainers make, because ultimately we're paying for their (s)e(x)scapades, but how do these Emcees get discovered and taken to the next level? It just seems so tough. How did Soulja Boy get signed? Who thought it was a good idea to sign Jibbs? You think they came up with “The Soulja Boy” and “Do Your Chains Hang Low” themselves? Nahhht.

As we continue to write, expose, and promote, we just hope that our artists get a little more love, and that the guys we don't love as much finally get weeded out. There are some phenomenal musicians out there that are waiting to get signed, but just aren't handed the opportunities; and trust me they're trying. Take it from us: Don't hate, explore. Speak out and do some of your own promoting. Trust me, your help will not be forgotton.

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