I really don't know how I feel about Charles Hamilton right now, but I am definitely feeling and diggin' his musician, SHow TuFli.  The dude is fresh, young, and has that flow that the music game has been missing for a while.  I was really nervous downloading his mixtape for various reasons, and it is officially the first mixtape I have ever downloaded of his.  The Fli Life is something that I have never heard before, and it is a tribute to Charles Hamilton.  The beats and tone of the songs are very "Hamilton'esque" and while that is not a bad thing (necessarily), I just have a hard time getting a feeling of who Mr. TuFli really is.  I think it is a really sick idea, and I know that this tape was his final one in the mixtape thing he had going (in which he payed tribute to some of the greatest musicians in the industry, like Eminem, Jay-Z, etc...), but as it stands, I have a hard time figuring out if he is just another Charles Hamilton, or are we really dealing with something unique and special here!?

  SHow TuFli has got what it takes to be great, and I am sure with the help of Charles Hamilton, he will craft his game over time!  Don't get me wrong, I really don't hate on many musicians out there (except for Soulja Boy and 50 Cent), and I am not going to hate on Charles Hamilton, but I really hope that Sonic gets his stuff straightened out, otherwise it won't just be his career he has to worry about!  TuFli definitely has what it takes, and you can get all the proof you want on this tape, it has it all!  Maybe you hate Charles Hamilton, but give the tape a listen and a shot!  This stuff is pretty dope, and if I had to give the mixtape an overall grade, I would give it a very solid -A!  This stuff was really dope, something that I am not used to hearing, and with the Hamilton beats, TuFli just kills it!  Anyway, peep the download below, and don't cheat yourself out on hearing some good, new, and fresh music!  I promise that you won't regret this download, it is really worth it!

The Fli Life Track Listing:
Breaking News V
This Fli Life (prod. Beat Assassins)
Don’t Even Wanna Talk (prod. Beat Assassins)
Sit Down (prod. Woodysproduce)
Open the Window (prod. Woodysproduce)
A Breather (prod. Woodysproduce)
Taking It All Away (prod. Beat Assassins)
Do Something (prod. Beat Assassins)
Look Good to Me (prod. by Woodysproduce)
In A Little Bit (prod. Beat Assassins)

(Link Provided By 2DopeBoyz)

More SHow TuFli Coming Your Way Real Soon, Be On The Lookout!

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Latin said... @ October 5, 2009 at 12:08 AM

really hope that Sonic gets his stuff straightened out, otherwise i may loose interest in him, no offence

hp 56 said... @ April 21, 2012 at 6:18 AM

Really great music. This new musician has something to offer that I haven't heard off yet from other musicians of our days. Let me print some of his songs and get familiarized with it too.

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