I grew up listening to oldies, and thanks to both my friend and my family, I have been very diverse in my liking of music.  I was brought up on the essential oldie musicians, such as: The Beatles, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Pink Floyd, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Neil Diamond, and so many other musicians.  I would not really classify Nat King Cole as a, "oldie," but he for sure is someone I grew up listening to in the car.  There was always something about Nat that really spoke to me, and I can't tell if it is his musical style, or just that beautiful voice that blared out from his mouth the instant he began to sing.  I am sure I am not the only person to have this experience listening to Nat King Cole, as he really was a musician who had the voice of an angel, which sounded beautiful over musical notes.  Anyway, enough of me going on and on about Nat King Cole, let's get on with the review.

The mixtape starts off with a Nat King Cole classic, and Cee-Lo really throw his style and touch on "Lush Life."  The fact of the matter is that if Nat King Cole was alive today, I truly believe that the man would be doing work with Cee-Lo, Will.I.Am, and The Roots.  Those three musicians all seem like people that Nat King Cole would associate himself with.  The mixtape then moves onto "Straighten Up & Fly Right," where the once Black Eyed Pea, Will.I.Am, teams up with Natalie Cole on one of my personal favorite Nat King Cole tracks.  Natalie really does a great job on this one, and definitely captures the essence of the mixtape, which is to take the past, and bring it to the present, and to create an impression on the music industry that will last a lifetime.  Now the Cut Chemist is someone who I am truly unfamiliar with, but I may start looking into his musical works because I really liked the "Day In Day Out" track he did on the tape.  Track four featured a dynamic duo of Michaelangelo L'Acqua and the ever so popular Bebel Gilberto.  "Brazilian Love Song" was a track by Nat King Cole that never really grabbed me, so I was pleasantly surprised after giving the track a listen on the mixtape.  I still don't love the song, but I guess the mixing and mashing done on the track made it a lot better for me.  

Now one of my favorite Rap musicians who has been in the game for such a long time and recently put out an album entitled, Untitled; Nas and Salaam Remi really worked well on the track "The Game of Love."  I really loved the original song, and Nas' beats and rapping and musical style really took the track to a whole new level.  "Walkin' My Baby Home" is really what this mixtape is all about.  It's about taking the old and really making the old into a "fresh" new.  The Roots did jut that, transforming this oldie into a classic "newie" (if that even is a word).  The rest of the mixtape features a lot of big name musicians, all of who really put their taste and ideas into the mixtape.  In my opinion, Re: Generations was a huge success.  If they were trying to take the old Nat King Cole, and put him with musicians who they thought would work with him in today's world, then the producers of this mixtape were very successful.  They captured the oldies, and applied it with todays fast paced and ever growing musical industry.  I really do wonder what Nat King Cole would say if he was alive today and able to see this mixtape out... I guess we won't really find out anytime soon, seeing as his life has ended, and while this is the case, he has left the music industry and the world with a lifetime of classic hits and beautiful melodies.

Take note of this mixtape, because it will for sure be one of the TOP 10 MIXTAPES of 2009 (Click Here To View TOP 10 MIXTAPES of 2008).  Along with many other tapes, Re: Generations is one that will go down with some extreme replay value.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the different musicians and their respective genres to the late Nat King Coles musical works.  I have always found it interesting to listen to mashups and remixes of songs that were first released so long ago.  I mean take The White Stripes mixtape, Stars & Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined, as an example of someone who took Rock and Roll, and melded it together with some of today's biggest names in the Rap and Hip-Hop game.  You may be someone who just likes the original music, and doesn't really care for all these mixtapes and mashups, but as someone who appreciates music, both new and old, it is hard for me to pass up and not comment on a mixtape as beautifully done as Re: Generations.

Re: Generations
Track Listing:
1. Lush Life (Feat. Cee-Lo)
2. Straighten Up and Fly Right (Feat. will.i.am & Natalie Cole)
3. Day In Day Out (Feat. Cut Chemist)
4. Brazilian Love Song (Feat. Michaelangelo L'Acqua & Bebel Gilberto)
5. The Game of Love (Feat. Nas & Salaam Remi)
6. Walkin' My Baby Back Home (Feat. The Roots)
7. Hit That Jive, Jack (Feat. Souldiggaz & Izza Kizza)
8. Calypso Blues (Feat. Stephen & Damian Marley)
9. More and More of Your Amour (Feat. Bitter:Sweet)
10. El Choclo (Feat. Brazilian Girls)
11. Pick-up (Feat. Just Blaze)
12. Anytime Anyday Anywhere (Feat. Amp Fiddler)
13. Nature Boy (Feat. TV On The Radio)

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Interesting post. Nat King Cole sure is one of the best musician we ever had. I even had most of his songs in our attic. Anyway, since there is an option for me to print this post, allow me to print it, it's quite interesting.

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