While we were Tweeting (Follow Us), we got into a conversation with our boy Shashwat Sigdel, and he referred us to a Karmaloop TV interview with KiD CuDi. Due to the fact that KiD CuDi never got back to us to do an interview, we thought we'd just have to settle for this in depth talk to the fans, and not directly to us.

I learned a lot about CuDi in this interview, and think you guys are gonna gain a lot from watching it. He's cool, smart, real, and well-spoken. Here's my favorite part of the interview:
Don't get your deal and run off and go spend your whole budget on like 5 Timbaland beats just 'cuz you feel like you need Timbaland to make hit records. Do not do that. The first thing about being a new artist is establishing your own sounds.
New Yorkers: Watch out for CuDi's HBO Show shot on site in NYC this summer!!!

Their Words: Kid Cudi:

Pt. 2: Who Is The Lonely Stoner?

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