With Soulja Boy's newest song, "Kiss Me Thru The Phone", he has earned a semi-redemption from me (ICECrush), but definitely not SoSickWitItYo. Don't tell him that I'm doing this post, he'd probably get mad at me, but shhh...he'll never find out (that's a lie lol).

Soulja Boy's first song, "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" was an the brain child of an idiotic, immature, terrible "artist" (to use the term loosely). When my friend first told me that she had a Soujla Boy song to send me I was like 'UGH I HATE SOULJA BOY'...and then I got addicted.

When I listen to "Kiss Me Thru The Phone", I hear a well thought out song with a calm, cool, and smooth R&B singer. It sorta sounds like something that Chris Breezy used to produce (as he probably won't be producin' anymore), just a little cheesier. Yeah, maybe Soulja Boy's lyrics are a little simple and ebonix-esque, but he produced a great track this time. It's an enormous step up!

If you watch the music video, you see a collected, civilized, Soulja Boy, giving you his all, singing his heart out. He is clean cut, isn't wearing sun glasses, and looks pretty good. Yeah maybe he's still a young "gangsta" wearing all of the chains, parkas, oversized earrings and jerseys, but he really surprised me on this one. He sorta looks like he could be Omarion or Mario.

Souja Boy, I give you props on this one, but don't expect me to give you any hot new reviews in the near future. Think of this as a gift. If you continue to produce solid tracks, I'll keep the solid reviews coming.

"Girl you know I miss you, I just wanna kiss you,
But I can't right now so baby

Kiss Me Thru The Phone - Soulja Boy Tell`em ft. Sammie:

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The Mixtape Monster said... @ March 25, 2009 at 10:04 PM

You know I love you guys, but I gotta....



ICECrush said... @ March 25, 2009 at 10:08 PM

Haha I'm sorry that's why it's a SEMI-Redemption.

had to give him a bit of love
SoSickWitItYo almost killed me when I did this post.

UGH I want my Page Rank back!!!

You Know Who said... @ March 26, 2009 at 6:22 PM

traitor!!! you know my hate for Soulja!!! lol
but whatever man...

i can't wait till his career bombs and he stops putting out music!

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