Maino Tha MachineFor those of you that have not experienced Twitter, you better jump on the freakin' bandwagon already! Throughout my hardcore tweeting over the last few days, I have come across numerous awesome bros, some sweet blogs, and some really cool and interesting news stories.

One blog that I came across was Live A Good Life. It's a blog very similar to ours in name, and in focus. They cover hip-hop, shoes, movie reviews, random crap...the works. Our boy Johnny Goodlife runs train over there, and has brought a new music video to our attention.

We have been listening to Maino's song, "All The Above" for about a month now, and we have been extremely impressed. We haven't really heard much news about him though until now. Thanks to LiveAGL.com, we now how an awesome music video to associate with with Maino's fresh rhymes, dope background music, and T-Pain's electronically soothing melodies.

"This is [Maino's] story":

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