Fresh Kicks, Dope Shoes, Reebok PumpsAfter scouring the internet for a great deal on fresh kicks, I finally found a match. It's been a long time since I've gotten a pair of shoes, and I thought that if I found a dope pair of kicks I'd capitalize and cough up the bones.

The shoes I found are a limited edition pair of Reebok Pump Omni Lites. In December, 2008, Reebok teamed up with the Japanese brand Auduet and sneaker boutique Mita Sneakers to produce these rockin' soles. The Auduet x Reebok x Mita Pump Omni Lites are featured in "Gold Rush" and "Silver Rush" editions, and I went for the Silver. As you probably don't know, my last name is actually Silver, so of course I would go with the "Silver Rush" edition shoes. Someone even asked me today if I customized them. Apparently there were only 200 pairs of each made, but that can't be true because I copped them for only $47!!!

Bargain hunting is always the key. Please not that this is not a paid review, but rather a personal review of a legitimate site. These shoes retail for anywhere from $95 to $130, but for some reason A & B Sport Inc was having a phenomenal sale. The shoes were first on sale from $99.99 to $74.99, and then when I checked back a week later, they were only $59.99! What a steal! It's a good thing I held out. But wait, you just said $59.99. Well, by using the code ANYC at checkout you save another $15! Oh, and I almost forgot...FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING!!!

You may be a little skeptical of this offer, and trust me I was at first too. I searched around the web for a review of the site, to see if it was legit or not, and it was. I went ahead with buying the shoes and recieved them yesterday. This is the best shoe deal I've gotten in my entire life.

Yeah, but what about the shoe itself? Does it look cool? Is it comfortable. To answer your questions, YES they are freaking sweet!, and YES they are extremely comfortable. I'm rocking a size 10, and they fit great (I probably could have gotten a 9.5, but my ego wouldn't let me). For those of you that may be wondering if the pump actually works, it does indeed. You push on the pump and the tongue inflates on the inside giving you a snugger, more comfortable fit.

If you think I'm lying about this hard to believe deal, go check it out for yourself, or drop us a comment. We are a DoFollow blog, so as much as we would appreciate your comment, it helps you too.

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