Well I guess it is that time again... Time to introduce you all to some pretty new musicians who are definitely going to be household names in the music industry one day.  In Section III, we will introduce you to a few new musical groups and musicians who you may or may not have heard of.  If you have read the blog before, then you know that we have supported the dynamic duo of Chester French.  All five of the musical acts (pictures featured above) have been making a splash in my iTunes Top 25 Most Played playlist, so I figured, "I should probably cover them on the blog!"

None of these musicians are the same, seeing as each of them brings a unique style to their musical game, and this goes for all of our future and past Incoming Class of '09 musicians.  The only reason we cover them is because what they bring to the musical industry is diversity in the sound of music that they create.  Charles Hamilton and Asher Roth have each respectively brought a new style to the music industry.  Likewise with KiD CuDi and Big Sean.  These musicians will be making it big in '09, and you should definitely keep a tab on their upcoming works and upcoming performances.  Anyway, it is getting rather late, but check back here in the next few days and check up with the Incoming Class of '09 section, because I promise that it will be ROCKIN' with some new musicians and some new music for all of your ears.

More Incoming Class of '09 News In The Coming Days!!!  Be Sure To Check Back Here!!!

- P.S.
Graphic above was made by me, so if you use it, give credit where credit is due!  Thanks!!!

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Johnny G From LiveaGL.com said... @ April 1, 2009 at 10:14 AM

I like the title for this post...Incoming Class of 09'...creative. Never really took in Chester French. I don't have them on my musical list. Looks like I have some reseaching to do.

TGLR said... @ April 1, 2009 at 11:11 AM

Yea, Chester French is pretty great. Check out their E.P.

or even check out the label we got on them right now, it has some news and you can check out their top song (in my very humble opinion!

I am really excited for '09 because of all these new musicians dropping albums and making rather large waves in the music industry.

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