TGLRI know it is the worst feeling in the world to have a fantastic season and then succeed in the first round of the playoffs and then all that you worked for ends up being flushed down the toilet after one game. I have to say though, unlike my High School District Semi-Final game, the U-M basketball team hung with the #2 seed much better than we did with the future District Champions in our league. I remember the feeling after that loss, and I am sure that the Michigan players that got their team this far had that feeling ten times worse. Anyway, I watched the entire game, and I know that this won't make anyone on the team feel better, but you all played a heck of a game! I mean for you all to play the way you did against the number two seeded team, I was impressed, and anyone in the NCAA should definitely be worried about this young up and coming team next year. Congrats on a strong season, and I can't wait to see you all play next year (even though I am a huge MSU fan as well as a U-M fan!!!).

Again, Congrats To U-M, and Best of Luck To MSU Tomorrow Against USC... BEAT EM' BOYS!!!

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