Flo Rida free download sexyIt looks like Flo Rida is becoming the King of Remixes . This week's Remix of the Week is a double-header including Flo's "Sugar" ft. Wynter ("I'm Blue" Remix by Eiffel 65) and "Right Round" ft. Kesha ("You Spin Me Round" Remix by Dead or Alive).

When I first heard of Flo Rida, I thought of him as a mediocre artist with one popular song, "Low". It was amusing to dance to, but I mean it's a Bar Mitzvah song, let's get real. Then he came out with "Right Round", which I absolutely loved and his new song "Sugar", which I love as well.

While some of you may not appreciate Flo Rida's music, and don't get me wrong, I'm not the HUGEST fan, the reason his songs are so good is because he knows how to mix tracks. He knows how to pick hits from the past and to spice them up with solid rhymes, hot featured artists, and a good vibe.

I can still remember "I'm Blue" from when I was about 8 years old, and it really brought back awesome memories.


Enjoy the trax :)

Right Round ft. Kesha (Video):

Sugar ft. Wynter (Video):

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