Well, it is time for some more 50 Cent news!  As I am sure you can all remember, this past year Fitty and Kanye got into a little competition which consisted on whose September 11th (2007) release would sell more.  Fifty, as you all remember, claimed if he had lost, he would retire from making music.  Well, that never really happened, as his upcoming album will be entitled, Before I Self Destruct.  It would appear that his March 2008 release will be one of more seriousness and will contain less featured artists on the track list.  As of right now, we know that Timbaland & Rich Harrison are the producers of the album and as usual, it is with Shady Records.  So you have to be wondering, where does 50's future fit in here?  Well the answer is sort of complicated, mainly because the sources in which we received the quotes from sort of contradict one another.

In an interview with DJ Semtex, 50 was quoted, saying:
"Some people think I changed the title of my album from "Before I Self Destruct" to "Curtis", but what I did was, I changed albums. I had Before I Self Destruct, I recorded twelve songs under that actual topic, and then I created the material that is under Curtis, and I felt like this album should come out right now and Before I Self Destruct is gonna be my follow-up record, so I'm probably like three or four records away from completing my next album at this point. And I signed a five-album deal with Interscope, so this Curtis is my third album, Before I Self Destruct is scheduled to release February 4th, which will be the anniversary of Get Rich or Die Tryin' and my final studio recording album because the fifth album in my recording contract is a greatest hits album, so technically, I'm about three songs away from completing my music career."

Now this is not the first time Fitty has been heard crying, "Retire."  Then again, who is to say that he is not actually retiring?  It is not such a crazy thought considering he is already 32 years of age (but then again, Dion is 68, and still singing strong...), he has three already released albums, and is releasing a fourth at some point in 2008.  While he does say that "a greatest hits album" will be his last, there are statements stating that his career may be far from over.

"In contrast to Curtis, 50 Cent explained that you "should not expect to see guest appearances like you saw on Curtis". He also described Before I Self Destruct as an entirely different concept, which will setup "the next batch of records" in his career."

So there you have it, a totally contradictory situation...Which statement do you go for here?  I personally think he will stay (or retire and come back).  He may sound like he has his whole future planned out, but as of right now, I am going with that second statement.

Aside from the whole future of 50's career, we got one more thing to cover, kind of a big thing here...As you all remember and as I stated earlier in this post, 50 & Kanye each had their feud, but it would appear as though this, "feud" has "fused" as Fifty reported that Kanye West did in fact produce a track for his upcoming 2008 album (While this is nice and all, 50 told MTV that the produced Kanye track would not make onto the upcoming album).  Although that Kanye track may not make it on there, there is for sure a sign that the two sides are not as competitive as they were last year (but maybe that competitive streak in the two of them may heat up as the year progresses? Who Knows!?).  Thats all for now on Fitty, expect more info to drop off from here as we learn more about the upcoming 2008 release, and his possible future in the music industry.

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