That is right, you heard it here first...Ben Folds is coming out with a new album in the upcoming future.  So you may ask, "How do you know?  It is not posted anywhere on the web..." And my answer to you is very simple, as I saw Ben Folds live this past week, and boy was it a treat.  He not only played those oldies and great tunes, but for those who were in attendance for the concert got to listen to new songs that have never been released before, and are due to be on the upcoming album.  He confirmed that he has been working on a new album (and as well, going through a current divorce.)  As you all remember, he got married during the time in which Songs For Silverman came out, and all the albums before that, were not as happy toned as that one.  This upcoming one will for sure not be like his last hit, and you should expect him to get back to producing the same type of music he did before SFS.  More news to come when we find out more!

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Jim said... @ February 1, 2008 at 3:49 AM

awesome news

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